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Austerity Against Democracy
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Bullet #1423: Let’s Rebuild a Democratic Global Trade Union Movement

by Zwelinzima Vavi | May 30, 2017

Greetings to my brother and comrade, President of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists (CBTU), Rev. Terrence L. Melvin. Revolutionary salutes to my big brother Bill William Lucy, the former President of CBTU and leading member of the AFL-CIO and AFSCME now trying to enjoy his well deserved retirement. Reporting back provides an opportunity to assess whether the beliefs we held dear when we were younger are still relevant today, and are still capable of guiding our actions for the project to liberate the working class and the whole of society from the yoke of oppression.

What's New: Parkdale tenants take action on affordable housing with rent strike

by Katie Douglas, Pro Bono | May 29, 2017

At the beginning of May, a group of tenants in Parkdale, a Toronto neighbourhood that is home to many newcomers and low?income residents, went on a rent strike. The tenants are protesting proposed rent increases as well as what they claim are serious maintenance issues in their units. In a recent news release, a spokesperson for the group said that the landlord of three of the six buildings has begun issuing eviction notices to the striking tenants because they did not pay their May rent.

Bullet #1422: Quebec Solidaire Congress: United Front Against Austerity and For Independence

by Richard Fidler | May 29, 2017

As expected, the 500 delegates to the congress of Québec solidaire (QS), held in Montréal on May 19-22, voted to work toward a fusion with Option nationale, debated and adopted the remaining part of the party's draft program with few major amendments, and elected a new leadership headed by 'co-spokespeople' Manon Massé and Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois. Most of these achievements, however, were overshadowed by the debate on a proposal by some of the outgoing leadership that the party attempt to negotiate an 'electoral pact' with the Parti québécois.

What's New: Western Wars, Arab Revolutions with Vijay Prashad

| May 28, 2017

In this episode of The Ossington Circle, Justin Podur talks with Vijay Prashad about his book, Death of a Nation and the Future of the Arab Revolution, with a particular focus on the Syria war and the peace process in Astana.

LeftStreamed: Dump Hydro Privatization, Build Public Power

May 28, 2017

Hydro in Ontario is a mess and rates are skyrocketing. The high number of people who have trouble paying or can't pay their Hydro bills is growing by the day. In short, deregulation and privatization did not deliver on its promises of 'lower rates,' or create 'greater efficiencies.' Smart Meters did not save consumers any money. In fact, Hydro deregulation has been a complete disaster for Ontario's businesses, citizens and its economy.

What's New: The Promises and Limitations of Radical Local Politics

by Michael D. Yates | May 27, 2017

Steve Early has worked as a labor journalist, lawyer, organizer, or union representative since 1972. For 27 years, Early was a Boston-based national staff member of the Communications Workers of America. He has published many books and articles about labor-related issues. His work has appeared in The Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, The Nation, The Progressive, CounterPunch and many other newspapers and magazines. His most recent book, Refinery Town: Big Oil, Big Money, and the Remaking of An American City, describes the building of a what is very likely the most successful progressive political organization, The Richmond Progressive Alliance, in the United States, in Richmond, California, a blue collar city long dominated by Chevron Corp.

What's New: Brazil: We need direct elections now

Joao Pedro Stedile interviewed by Joana Tavares | May 27, 2017

The Globo network has become the main party of the Brazilian bourgeoisie. It protects the interests of capital, uses its force of manipulation of public opinion and coordinates with the ideological sectors of the bourgeoisie, which include the Judiciary Power, some prosecutors, and the press in general. They know that Brazil and the world are going through a serious economic, social and environmental crisis, caused by capitalism.

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8:30am, Thursday June 1, 2017
Ted Rogers School of Management, 55 Dundas Street W, Toronto.

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Book launch: Unions and the City: Negotiating Urban Change

Unions and the City: Negotiating Urban Change
This panel invites Toronto labour leadership to respond to a comparative book on labour strategy and political action in Toronto and New York City, titled Unions and the City: Negotiating Urban Change (Cornell ILR Press, Spring 2017). The book discusses how local unions in four sectors (hospitality, film, green energy and child care) seek to advance organizing and collective bargaining goals through the reregulation of their respective sectors. Union strategy is evaluated according to whether it succeeds in achieving narrow trade union goals while also addressing broader class demands and social justice criteria.

Roundtable Discussion Moderated by Ian MacDonald. Panelists:
* Sarah Ryan (CUPE National)
* Rick Ciccarelli (Labour Education Centre)
* Lis Pimentel (UNITE HERE Local 75)
* John Cartwright (Toronto and York Region Labour Council)
* Bob Hall (IATSE Local 873)

Facebook event | PDF poster
May 30 - June 2, 2017
Ryerson University, Toronto.

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Congress: Socialist Studies 2017

This year, the Society for Socialist Studies turns fifty, and we look forward to welcoming colleagues to our annual conference at Congress 2017, hosted by Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario from May 30 – June 2 2017.

The theme of the Conference is ‘Liberation Here and Now: Continuity and Change in Socialist Studies at 50 Years and Beyond.’ Diverging from the Congress theme, ‘From Far and Wide: The Next 150’, we call upon participants to fundamentally trouble Project Canada, to celebrate past and future resistances and solidarities, and to engage in dialogue on how to get to a decolonized praxis and collective liberation here and now.
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