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Austerity Against Democracy

New SP publication: Austerity Against Democracy
by Greg Albo and Carlo Fanelli

Free Transit

Free Transit

In and Out of Crisis

Ideas for the Struggle
by Marta Harnecker

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Bullet #1123: Record Profits, Record Stock Buybacks: Another Looming Crisis?

by Sam Gindin | May 28, 2015

Has the economy recovered or is it about to sink into another crisis? Do the shenanigans in finance that we regularly read about play a role in developing a stronger capitalism or do they cover up failures that will soon blow up in their faces? These can be mind-numbing questions, but they're questions that activists, in particular, can't ignore.

What's New: Best Practices in the Transformative Organizing Model

by Steve Williams | May 27, 2015

At the beginning of 2015, many feel as though we in the United States are at the cusp of a new movement for social transformation. In September 2014, more than 400,000 people, led by poor and working class communities of color on the front-lines of climate change, took to the streets of New York to demand real solutions to the climate crisis. From Oakland to Ferguson to Brooklyn, many thousands have come together to demand police accountability and confront the racist violence of the criminal justice system.

What's New: The United States Reengages Cuba: The Habit of Power

by Louis A. Pérez, Jr. | May 27, 2015

Expectations soared on December 17: "Sweeping changes," exulted the New York Times, "ushering in a transformational era." "A truly historic moment," pronounced the Huffington Post. Archbishop Thomas G. Wenski of Miami rejoiced over the "game changer" announcements, and the Brookings Institution predicted "seismic change" in the offing. A "bold new policy," proclaimed the Chicago Tribune. Maybe ...

What's New: Impérialisme au XXIe siècle, Empires et confrontations

| May 26, 2015

En 1914, l'histoire contemporaine basculait avec la Première Guerre mondiale. Celle-ci lançait le monde entier dans un conflit d'une violence sans précédent. Cette guerre interétatique aux accents de lutte de classes voyait s'affronter différentes puissances impérialistes dans une rivalité qui allait en éliminer plusieurs. C’est à cette époque que le marxisme s’est d’abord intéressé, avec une attention particulière, à la question de l'impérialisme.

What's New: The abuses of the World Social Forum: Towards the end of the process?

by Mimoun Rahman | May 26, 2015

The World Social Forum (WSF) was born following the emergence of the anti-globalisation movement in the 1990s, including the Zapatista uprising against NAFTA in 1994, the campaign against the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) in 1998 and the great mobilisation in 1999 in Seattle against the WTO summit, with nearly 50,000 participants from around the world.

Bullet #1122: Polarizing Development: Introducing Alternatives to Neoliberalism and the Crisis

by Thomas Marois and Lucia Pradella | May 25, 2015

Neoliberal economic policies, with their emphasis on market-led development and individual rationality, have been exposed as bankrupt not only by the global economic crisis but also by increasing social opposition and resistance. Social movements and critical scholars in Latin America, East Asia, Europe and the United States, alongside the Arab uprisings, have triggered renewed debate on possible different futures.

Bullet #1121: From FAILURE20 to COP21

by Asbjørn Wahl | May 24, 2015

Climate change is going on. Extreme weather conditions, storms, floodings, landslides, droughts and ice melting are reported ever more regularly from many parts of the world. Millions of people are losing their livelihood, their homes, their jobs -- and many also their lives. The successive reports of the United Nation-IPCC have increasingly called for urgent action in order to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases.

What's New: Hijacking the Anthropocene

by Ian Angus | May 23, 2015

What can lobbyists do when science contradicts their political messages? Some simply deny the science, as many conservatives do with climate change. Others pretend to embrace the science, while ignoring or purging the disagreeable content. That's what the Breakthrough Institute (BTI) is doing with one of the most widely discussed issues in 21st century science, the proposal to define a new geological epoch, the Anthropocene.

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Israel seizes 790 Palestinian firms in Jerusalem May 28, 2015

Cyprus at the Crossroads May 27, 2015

Canada Helps Block UN Plan To Rid World Of Nukes, Citing Israel Defence May 27, 2015

'Scottish Syriza' to stand at next Holyrood election May 27, 2015

Public-Sector Jobs Vanish, Hitting Blacks Hard May 27, 2015

Five Key Facts About Barcelona's New Activist Mayor May 27, 2015

Immigrant Workers: Strengths for Unions May 27, 2015

Obama's failure on Saudi-Qatari aid to al-Qaeda affiliate May 27, 2015

Syriza's Left Platform call not to pay next IMF tranche May 26, 2015

Pentagon report predicted West's support for Islamist rebels would create ISIS May 26, 2015

Countries around world are revoking freedom of assembly May 26, 2015

Catalonia: Barcelona, epicentre of the change May 26, 2015

Netanyahu thanks US for blocking push for Middle East nuclear arms ban May 26, 2015

Bill C-51 violates Universal Declaration of Human Rights May 26, 2015

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12:30pm, Thursday May 28, 2015
Queen's Park, Toronto.

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: Keep Hydro Public - Mass Demonstration at Queen's Park

The provincial government plans to sell Hydro One and further privatize our local electrical utilities. Premier Wynne did not run on a hydro privatization campaign and has no mandate for a sell-off.

Ontario residents are gathering at Queen's Park on Thursday, May 28th to tell our government to Keep Hydro Public.

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