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Austerity Against Democracy
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Bullet #1372: Time to Fix Hydro 'Mistake'

by Paul Kahnert | February 22, 2017

Hydro in Ontario is a mess and rates are skyrocketing. The high number of people who have trouble paying or can't pay their Hydro bills is growing by the day. Businesses are leaving the province and/or refusing to locate here because of high Hydro rates. A group that is especially being ignored is small and medium business including farmers. On 19 November 2016, Premier Kathleen Wynne said she made a 'mistake on Hydro' and took 'responsibility for it.' But it wasn't just an accident that Hydro rates skyrocketed.

What's New: The 2012 student movement in Quebec: fair shares, commodification and saucepans

by Clara Lea Dallaire-Fortier | February 21, 2017

In 2012, a policy to increase university tuition fees, and a large student mobilization against it, led to a broad debate on education, accessibility and public institutions in Quebec. Tuition fees in Quebec are below the Canadian average and its institutions are relatively underfunded. In other provinces, the debate on the public education system had no repercussions and the basis of the student struggle was perceived as foreign to their societal priorities. In Quebec’s debate on public education, citizens influenced by the rise of neoliberalism were at odds with the values of others who thought the increases undermined notions of collectivity.

What's New: State of Power 2017

| February 21, 2017

This sixth annual State of Power report examines the cultural processes that are used by corporations, military and privileged elites to make their power seem 'natural' and 'irreversible'. It also explores how social movements can harness creativity, art and cultural forces to resist and to build lasting social and ecological transformation.

Bullet #1371: Trump's Economic Policies Are No Answer To Our Problems

by Marty Hart-Landsberg | February 20, 2017

President Trump has singled out unfair international trading relationships as a major cause of U.S. worker hardship. And he has promised to take decisive action to change those relationships by pressuring foreign governments to rework their trade agreements with the U.S. and change their economic policies. While international economic dynamics have indeed worked to the disadvantage of many U.S. workers, Trump's framing of the problem is highly misleading and his promised responses are unlikely to do much, if anything, to improve majority working and living conditions.

LeftStreamed: Global Intern Strike!

February 19, 2017

On February 20th, young people across the world will come together to push for an end to the exploitative and exclusionary practice of unpaid internships. Decentralised actions will take place in a range of cities, to call on employers and leaders to ensure that quality intern opportunities are paid and accessible to all - regardless of their socioeconomic background.

What's New: A Call for Solidarity Against All 'Wars on ____'

by The Alitaptap Collective | February 18, 2017

Build walls. Make war. The siren call of hate rises to a seemingly unstoppable beat. As we entered a new year, we looked with increasing concern at events in the Philippines. As of January 2017, over 7,000 were killed in a ‘War on Drugs’ that is no less than a war on the poor - many too destitute to even bury their own dead.

What's New: Of productivity in France and in Germany

by Thomas Piketty | February 18, 2017

At the start of 2017, with the elections in France in the Spring and then in Germany in the Autumn, it may prove useful to return to one of the fundamental issues which plagues discussion at European level, that is the alleged economic asymmetry between Germany with its reputation as prosperous and France which is described as on the decline.

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A World to Win:
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7:30pm, Monday February 27, 2017
Carrot Common, Room 212, 348 Danforth Ave, Toronto.

Free Admission, but donations appreciated! Coffee/Tea provided.

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: Iceland, A Different Kind of Election Result

Carrot Common Neighbourhood Conversation Circles Theme: dissent, advocacy and a citizen’s responsibility

Topic: Iceland, A Different Kind of Election Result: Lessons Learned from Pirate Party’s Direct Democracy
a wide-ranging conversation with Ryerson University professors and authors Dr. John Shields and Dr. Bryan Evans.

For Further information, please contact: Organizer and Facilitator: Khan Rahi | or Call (416) 406-5517
6:30pm, Monday February 27, 2017
Jack Purcell Community Centre, 320 Jack Purcell Ln, Ottawa.

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Forum: Beyond Capitalism

Beyond Capitalism
A free public forum featuring: Hassan Husseini and other guests on the need for a new kind of political organization in Ottawa.

Solidarity Ottawa is a new membership-based organization in Ottawa, aiming to raise big political questions, highlight key struggles, and build successful local organizing against capitalism and its negative impacts on the lives of people and communities.
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