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Austerity Against Democracy
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What's New: How John Berger taught us to see

by Colin MacCabe | January 3, 2017

He has asked, as Bob Hope did, for no celebrations of a birthday where 'the candles cost more than the cake.' There can, however be no doubt that glasses will be raised across the world on 5th November for his 90th birthday by those who have worked with John Berger.

Bullet #1350: Basic Income: Progressive Dreams Meet Neoliberal Realities

by John Clarke | January 2, 2017

Up until now, the concept of Basic Income (BI) has enjoyed a greater history of being proposed than of being implemented. We may well be approaching a period, however, when this changes. The Ontario Government is holding consultations on setting up a BI pilot project. The Legislature in another Canadian Province, Prince Edward Island, has agreed to test out a version of BI. Pilot projects are also impending in Finland, the Netherlands and Scotland.

What's New: What’s Left Of The Left?

by Himal Kotelawala | January 1, 2017

To say that the Sri Lankan leftist movement is on its last legs would be... generous, at best. Having all but abandoned all pretence of their once venerated Marxist/Trotskyist ideology, it is by no means a stretch that many hardcore leftists of old are now in bed with right-wing capitalist political parties and chauvinistic demagogues in a desperate and last-ditch bid for survival.

LeftStreamed: Unions and Climate Change

January 1, 2017

How do we build a trade union movement that promotes solutions to the climate crisis and responds to the attacks on workers' rights and protections? The ecological and social implications of climate change have - or should - become a central parameter for all discussions of work and capitalism. The unrelenting build-up of greenhouse gases has led to the jarring conclusion, drawn by climatologists, ecological militants and union activists, that an exit from reliance on fossil fuels for energy needs to occur with some urgency.

What's New: Fighting poverty and more in northwest Toronto

| December 31, 2016

On this week's episode of Talking Radical Radio, Scott Neigh speaks with Dwight Gordon. He is a member of Jane Finch Action Against Poverty, a group based in northwest Toronto that is active on anti-poverty issues and much more. In Toronto, the neighbourhood in the city's northwest around the intersection of Jane Street and Finch Avenue has what might be described as a 'bad reputation.'

What's New: The Ghost Ship is Our Triangle Fire

by Alexander Billet and Adam Turl | December 31, 2016

America hates its artists. America hates its young working-class people. Thirty-six people are dead. They are victims of an art and music economy that doesn’t work for the majority of artists and musicians. They are dead because art has become financialized. They are dead because gentrification is taking away our right to the city - and pushing artists and young workers to the margins - especially (but not only) artists of color.

What's New: NUMSA congress declaration: 100 points

| December 30, 2016

Delegates analysed the crisis facing workers around the world and the special South African crisis of rocketing unemployment, deepening poverty affecting especially millions of the black and African working class and the highest level of inequality in the world. Delegates affirmed the historic decision of the 2013 Special National Congress to end Numsa’s support for the African National Congress, build a new independent, democratic workers’ federation, a United Front and a revolutionary socialist party.

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