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Austerity Against Democracy
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What's New: How Will We Reach an Ecological Civilization and Who Will Build It?

by Chris Williams | November 11, 2015

We are now officially living amid the sixth great extinction, according to scientists, but the global economy has still not shifted to prevent climate change's existential threat to human civilization and much of the biosphere. Will transnational corporations and the political leaders that cater to them realize that it is in their own interest of self-preservation to address the problem of global climate change by halting the unrelenting use of fossil fuels?

Bullet #1184: Will Justin Trudeau Change Canadian Policy in the Middle East?

by Gregory Shupak | November 10, 2015

The election of Canada's Liberal Party is likely to mean a shift away from the hyper-belligerent tone Stephen Harper's Conservative Party used on issues pertaining to Middle East policy, but few concrete changes can be expected to take place. All signs point to the incoming government continuing to play a key supporting role in U.S.-led imperialism in the Middle East.

What's New: The True Costs of Driving

by Joe Cortright | November 9, 2015

Car owners don't come close to covering the price of maintaining the roads they use. A report published earlier this year confirms, in tremendous detail, a very basic fact of transportation that’s widely disbelieved: Drivers don’t come close to paying for the costs of the roads they use. Published jointly by the Frontier Group and the U.S. PIRG Education Fund, “Who Pays for Roads?” exposes the myth that drivers are covering what they’re using.

What's New: Letter to the Italian Left

by Oskar Lafontaine | November 9, 2015

After the defeat of the Greek government, led by Syriza, before the Eurogroup, many on the European left are wondering what chance does a leftist government, or a government in which a left-wing party is a minority partner, have to carry on a policy of improving the social situation of workers and employees, pensioners and retirees, and of small and medium-sized companies in the framework of the European Union and the European treaties.

What's New: Uncertainty, Austerity and Resistance

| November 8, 2015

Portugal's recent election has left the country with an uncertain future. While the incumbant, austerity-supportiing Portugal Ahead coalition (formed of the Social Democratic Party and the People's Party) won the largest number of seats, it fell well short of a parliamentary majority - and, with no minority government having survived a full term in Portugal since the 1974 Revolution, the next few years are hard to predict.

LeftStreamed: Climate Crisis and Climate Realism

November 8, 2015

Mass migration, civil war, banditry, imperial military adventures – all these are current responses to the climate crisis. These and other impending dislocations from climate change intersect with the already-existing crises of poverty and violence in “catastrophic convergence” that demands immediate action and longer-term social change. Christian Parenti, journalist and professor at New York University, discusses these and other questions that draws from his current research into economic and environmental history.

What's New: Bringing ‘The Emancipation of Labour’ Back In

by Peter Waterman | November 7, 2015

This is a response to the paper of Sam Gindin, first published as “Bringing Class Back In,” Global Labour Journal. Gindin is a treasure of the international labour and socialist movement and of international labour studies. He contributed to a compilation on the left and utopias that I am indebted to. His union experience, his knowledge of labour history, his critical attitude toward contemporary trade unionism – all of these are to be warmly welcomed.

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4:00pm, Sunday November 29, 2015
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: 100% Possible March for Climate Solutions

On November 29, the eve of the UN climate summit in Paris, join the 100% Possible march for climate solutions and justice in Ottawa. The 100% Possible march, as part of a global day of action, will send a clear message to our newly elected government that climate action is a top priority for Canadians.

Nothing short of a 100% clean economy by 2050 will solve the climate crisis, so that must be our goal.
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