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Bullet #1078: Thomas Sankara and Burkina Faso's 'Black Spring'

by Ernest Tate | February 9, 2015

A press report in 1983 that a popular uprising in Upper Volta, a small and poor land-locked country in Western Africa had led to an obscure, but charismatic army officer becoming head of state was truly inspiring news for all those looking for some kind of breakthrough against imperialism in that part of the world.

LeftStreamed: Environmental Justice, the Tar Sands, and Indigenous Rights

February 8, 2015

Tar Sands extraction projects, located primarily in Treaty 6 and 8, have radically damaged and contaminated a huge area of land in so-called Alberta, and poisoned the Athabasca watershed. Moderated by Greg Albo. Presentations by Keith Stewart, Heather Milton-Lightening and Lana Goldberg. Recorded in Toronto, 1 February 2015.

What's New: French Militarist History Cannot Be Delinked from Attacks in Paris

| February 7, 2015

Professor Sabah Alnasseri from York University reminds us that French history and foreign policy includes massacring, criminalizing and dehumanizing Algerians fighting for independence.

What's New: Build a mass socialist party

| February 7, 2015

Nick Wrack, secretary of the Independent Socialist Network, speaks here to TUSC Conference 2015 about how the fantastic campaign for 100 General Election candidates should be used to build support for a new mass socialist party. He also deals with the amendment put forward by the ISN for TUSC to adopt a clear "no immigration controls" policy.

What's New: SYRIZA, From Hope to Event?

by Peter Bratsis | February 6, 2015

Barely one week ago, Syriza secured a landslide victory in the Greek elections. Its electoral slogan was 'Hope is Coming'. The promise to end austerity and the obvious futility and failure of the then existing political trajectory in Athens carried Syriza to become the first radical left, anti-capitalist, party to win national elections in Europe.

Bullet #1077: The Fight Against Street Deaths in Toronto

by John Clarke | February 6, 2015

The twin agendas of urban redevelopment and austerity have increased the scale of the homeless crisis in Toronto. Over 4,000 people cram into the emergency shelters every night and many more try to survive out on the streets. This situation raises the question of what lengths the agenda of austerity can be taken to. If people are allowed to freeze to death for lack of basic shelter then we have moved beyond reduced entitlement and arrived at a situation of reckless and lethal social abandonment.

What's New: Marxist Economists, Academics and Philosophers Sworn In to the Greek Cabinet

| February 5, 2015

The newly minted prime minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, has appointed a new cabinet. He has also formed a coalition with the Independent Greeks, a right-wing anti-austerity populist party that has a visceral dislike for Germany, as Dimitri Lascaris reported yesterday. They have stated that Greeks are owed reparations from Germany for their occupation of Greece during World War II. Now the question is: how is all this going to play out when SYRIZA has to manage the Greek budget?

What's New: Palestinian civil society condemns Canadian government disinformation

| February 5, 2015

The Palestinian BDS National Committee, the largest coalition of Palestinian civil society organisations that leads the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement, has condemned the Canadian government's ramped up disinformation campaign and repressive measures against the BDS movement for Palestinian rights. Canada and Israel signed a series of cooperation agreements recently, one of which included an unprecedented commitment to work jointly to counter the continued growth of BDS.

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Greece to stop privatisations as Syriza faces backlash on deal February 28, 2015

Burdens of a State Manager February 28, 2015

The Vampire Squid Strikes Again: The Mega Banks' Most Devious Scam February 28, 2015

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Casting Shadows February 28, 2015

As the Rich Get Richer, Unions Are Poised for Comeback February 28, 2015

Libya: The battlefield of the New Arab Cold War February 27, 2015

A view from Athens: why the left shouldn't put all its faith in Syriza February 27, 2015

RCMP claim of B.C. anti-pipeline extremists shocks native, environmental leaders February 27, 2015

The pursuit of Edward Snowden February 27, 2015

Golden Dawn and the 'Dark Forces' February 27, 2015

Renationalise the railways. Cut military spending. February 27, 2015

Stagnant wages for over 80% of Canadian workers February 27, 2015

Canadian Spies Collect Domestic Emails in Secret Security Sweep February 27, 2015

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1:00pm, Sunday March 1, 2015
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham Street, Toronto.

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Forum: TRANSITogether: Building A Movement

TRANSITogether: Building A Movement
The election of John Tory creates new openings and challenges for the public transit movement in Toronto, as does the large vote for Ford in the city’s inner suburban areas. How are we to understand this moment, and how do we move forward as a transit movement? These are some of the questions posed at this forum. Invited is any one interested in public transit as well as organizations seeking to build, expand and defend the public transit movement. The forum will include speakers, small group discussions and a summary session.

Organized by TTCriders and the Free and Accessible Transit Campaign of the GTWA | Facebook event | PDF poster
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