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Austerity Against Democracy

Austerity Against Democracy
by Greg Albo and Carlo Fanelli

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What's New: Alberta wildfires: Pachamama’s revenge?

by Richard Fidler | May 10, 2016

With each day the bad news spreads. A gigantic wildfire now covering some 4,000 km2 is spreading through northeastern Alberta and into Saskatchewan -- devastating much of Fort McMurray, the city in the heartland of the tar sands. Some 90,000 residents have been displaced and thousands of homes, many local industries and businesses, destroyed.

What's New: Let's Get Serious About Inequality and Socialism

by Michael D. Yates | May 10, 2016

Thanks to the presidential candidacy of Sen. Bernie Sanders, economic inequality and socialism have become topics of political debate, capturing the attention of both the electorate and the media. Sanders has correctly perceived public dismay and disgust with the rapidly growing divide between the 1% and the rest of us. He has also accurately observed that, especially among the legions of young people who are his most ardent enthusiasts, the word "socialism" no longer has a deeply negative connotation.

What's New: DiEM and Co.

by Mario Candeias | May 10, 2016

The European Crisis is leading to rampant chauvinism, racism, and disintegration. Driven by this dynamic Europe is governed by state-of-emergency politics. Austerity, an intensified dismantling of labour and social rights and an inhuman, militarized border regime are being implemented in authoritarian ways, while asylum law is being whittled away.

What's New: New on Real Peoples Media

| May 9, 2016

(Re)Occupied: #OccupyINAC and British Columbia’s 1975 Militant May; Every Mohawk a Suspect; Behind the Scenes at #OccupyINAC; May Day and the Woodland Epoch of History.

What's New: A Radical Broadband Internet and Cultural Policy for Canada

by Dwayne Winseck | May 9, 2016

This post responds to last weekend’s announcement by Canadian Heritage Minister Melanie Joly of a top-to-bottom review of Canadian broadcast, arts and culture policy. It’s also informed by the CRTC's #TalkBroadband review where it is wrestling with the vital question of whether universal, affordable basic telecoms services should be expanded to include broadband internet access and, if so, at what standards of speed, quality and affordability, and who should pay for it all?

What's New: Overturning a World

by Stathis Kouvelakis and Frédéric Lordon | May 9, 2016

After a month of occupations, France's Nuit Debout movement is beginning to confront crucial questions about its political goals and how to move forward. Among other issues, debates have developed over horizontalism, how to broaden the movement’s base, and its relationship to established trade unions. Both the future of the “El Khomri law” -- which seeks to severely weaken France’s labor code -- and the fate of the country’s left more generally are at stake.

What's New: Crowds and Party

| May 8, 2016

On this show Aaron Bastani and James Butler interview Jodi Dean, author of Crowds and Party.

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Hearts and Mines

Hearts and Mines:
The U.S. Empire's Culture Industry

Socialist Register 2016:
The Politics of the Right

Continental Crucible: Big Business, Workers and Unions in the Transformation of North America

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7:00pm, Tuesday June 7, 2016
Imperial Pub, 54 Dundas St E., Toronto.

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Book launch: Canada Since 1960: A People's History

Canada Since 1960: A People's History
Canadian Dimension magazine (CD) is this country’s oldest Left publication. In this new book — Canada Since 1960: A People's History — 25 authors evaluate how CD discussed diverse subjects over a span of 50 years: 50 Years of Class Struggle; 50 Years in Indian Country; 50 Years of Art & Culture; 50 Years of Making Socialism; 50 Years of Rebelling Youth; 50 years of Anti-Racism, Human Rights and Immigration advocacy! And much, much more!

Presenters: Greg Albo, Himani Bannerji, David Hugill, Bryan Palmer, Dennis Pilon, Elise Thornburn | Facebook event
June 1 - June 2, 2016
University of Calgary, Calgary.

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: CAWLS 3rd Annual Conference

CAWLS 3rd Annual Conference will be held 1-2 June 2016, at the University of Calgary.

The Congress theme, “Energizing Communities” seeks to engage our collective interest in how communities are organized, how they respond to social change and how we build alliances with like-minded groups. In both the developed and developing worlds, “energizing communities” includes examining workers in the commodity sectors, the role of the environment within the class struggle, and how labour builds alliances with other groups, including Indigenous communities.

We invite you to look at those panels’ calls for papers:
* Strategies for Temporary Foreign Worker organizing
* Building Solidarity in Care Work
* Moving Beyond the Low Wage Economy: Strategies, Policies and Politics for Decent Work and Wages
* Fractures and Alliances Construction Work and Workers
May 14 - June 25, 2016
Trinity Square Video, 401 Richmond West, Toronto.

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Public Exposures: The Art-Activism of Condé + Beveridge (1976-2016)

The Art-Activism of Condé + Beveridge (1976-2016)
This multi-gallery survey spans the career of the political-art duo, from their rejection of the New York art scene in the 70s and move to Canada, where they've collaborated with unions, communities and artist-run centres, to a recent work about climate change and hockey. They originally adopted the staged-photo format to protect unionists who feared identification by management, but soon found the strategy allowed them to push their social justice message further. They've devoted their life's work to exploring the intersections of wage labour and creativity.

Exhibition runs May 14 – June 25, 2016
Opening Reception at Trinity Square Video (401 Richmond St W. Suite 121), Saturday May 14, 2-4 PM |
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