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Austerity Against Democracy
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What's New: Protests paralyze Catalonia as pro-independence groups debate election alliances, strategy

by Richard Fidler | November 15, 2017

Hundreds of thousands of Catalans demonstrated November 11 calling for immediate freedom for leaders of pro-independence parties and social movements jailed by the Spanish government. In Barcelona alone, the municipal police estimated 750,000 marched, while large demonstrations were held in other cities and towns across Catalonia.

Bullet #1512: A Just Transition From Climate Change and Unemployment

by Joseph Mathunjwa | November 14, 2017

The global economy is facing numerous structural challenges. With the looming fourth economic revolution characterized by even more technological development and mechanization, the future of productive labour is bleak. Most unskilled and semi-skilled workers are likely to lose their jobs. Even some skilled workers are not spared from this emerging catastrophe, as numerous job categories - such as brick-layers - are increasingly becoming redundant.

Bullet #1511: Reinventing the World Social Forum?

by Boaventura de Sousa Santos | November 13, 2017

The World Social Forum (WSF) met for the first time in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 2001. This was an event of extraordinary importance. It signaled an alternative form of globalization to the globalization being promoted by global capitalism, at a time when capitalism was increasingly assuming it is most exclusive and antisocial version: neoliberalism. This was not its first signal, but it was unquestionably its most consistent one.

LeftStreamed: Impasses: Beyond Social Democracy

November 12, 2017

Session 2 was moderated and introduced by Colin Leys (Queen's Unversity). Presentations by: Frances Fox Piven (CUNY Graduate Centre), Hilary Wainwright (Red Pepper magazine) and Frank Deppe (University of Marburg). Recorded in Toronto 6 October 2017.

What's New: The Structure and Content of Das Kapital

by Deepankar Basu | November 11, 2017

Karl Marx’s magnum opus, Das Kapital, presents an analysis of the long run dynamics of a mature capitalist economy. The analysis is conducted at two primary levels of abstraction - ‘capital in general’ (where competition between individual capitals is abstracted from) and ‘many capitals’ (where the phenomenon of competiton between individual capitals is introduced) - and the presentation is organized into three volumes. In terms of structure, the analysis in the first two volumes is located at the level of ‘capital in general’, and the analysis in the third volume is located at the level of ‘many capitals’.

Bullet #1510: New Mass Resistance as Spanish State Jails Catalan Ministers

by Dick Nichols | November 10, 2017

Judge Carmen Lamela of Spain's National High Court – direct descendant of the fascist Franco-era Court of Public Order – took the war of the Spanish state against the Catalan pro-independence government to a new level of judicial violence on November 2. It was not enough that the two leaders of the Catalan mass pro-independence organizations the Catalan National Assembly and Catalan cultural and language association Omnium Cultural, were already in jail.

What's New: Capitalism and sexual assault

by Sharon Smith | November 9, 2017

All those fighting for women’s liberation are aware that sexual assault and domestic violence are among the most damaging manifestations of women’s oppression, the world over -- they are inextricably linked to women’s low social status and the sexual objectification and dehumanization of women’s bodies. Yet legal and law enforcement systems, university administrators, and so-called 'conventional wisdom' in capitalist society are all predisposed to disbelieving women when they say they have been raped or sexually assaulted. In contrast, feminists and socialists are predisposed to believing women who make accusations of rape and sexual assault.

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A World to Win

A World to Win:
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Hearts and Mines:
The U.S. Empire's Culture Industry

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7:30pm, Wednesday January 24, 2018
CSI Annex, Room #4 (3rd flr), 720 Bathurst St, Toronto.

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The Capitalism Workshop: Work and Organizing in Digital Media

Work and Organizing in Digital Media
While many laud the benefit of digital technologies for the production of digital media—more access, more voices, more ways to tell a story, for example—paying attention to the experiences of workers in digital media demonstrates intensifying struggles underway. This talk presents research on digital journalists’ working conditions, both among self-employed/freelance journalists and those employed in digital-first news outlets. I attend to the social and power relations shaping the use of digital technologies and examine the implications for workers, including forced entrepreneurialism, low pay, exploitation of copyrights, overwork, automation, measurement and surveillance, and deepening inequalities based on gender and race. I examine various forms of collective organizing among digital media workers and discuss the challenges and opportunities they hold for democratizing digital media in contemporary capitalism.

Nicole Cohen is an assistant professor at the University of Toronto. She is the author of Writers’ Rights: Freelance Journalism in a Digital Age (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2016) and has published research on a range of issues in the political economy of communication, including social media, collective organizing and activism among media and cultural workers, and the transition to digital journalism. She is part of the international collaborative research project Cultural Workers Organize and is on the advisory boards of the Canadian Intern Association and Shameless magazine, a feminist magazine for teens.

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