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May Day

May Day: Workers' Struggles, International Solidarity, Political Aspirations

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New SP publication: Global Issues
by Sam Gindin

Austerity Against Democracy

Austerity Against Democracy
by Greg Albo and Carlo Fanelli

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What's New: David Harvey on post-neoliberalism, Trump, infrastructure, sharing economy, smart city

| November 20, 2016

Conversation between Evgeny Morozov and David Harvey; Barcelona, Nov 14, 2016. Part of The Barcelona Initiative on Technological Sovereignty (BITS).

LeftStreamed: Bursting at the Seams

November 20, 2016

A short video on the crisis of brutal overcrowding in Toronto's homeless shelters and a call to action. This video had it's premiere outside the building where Toronto's Mayor John Tory lives in somewhat better circumstances.

What's New: Trump and the End of Neoliberalism?

| November 19, 2016

Neoliberal globalization, the economic order which has reigned for the last forty years, has been premised on free trade, with the United States government playing a key role in managing global capitalism. Donald Trump has promised to bring a halt to the export of jobs and much of the free movement of labor in the form of immigration. So does that spell the end of neoliberalism? Political economist Leo Panitch weighs in.

What's New: Ideas for the Struggle: required reading for activists in these challenging times

by Steve Williams | November 19, 2016

Ideas for the Struggle should be required reading for all organizers, political activists and would-be revolutionaries in these troubling and challenging times. Knocking on doors of people we don’t know. Facilitating meetings where strangers gather to share their problems and find solutions together. Crafting campaigns and taking action with others to demand change. Helping people find their own power. Evaluating all of that work, and doing it all again. This is the work of an organizer, and that’s what I’ve done for more than 20 years in the city of San Francisco.

What's New: Ideas for the Struggle: Organizing for Socialism in the 21st century

by Marta Harnecker | November 19, 2016

The recent popular uprisings at the turn of the 21st century that have rocked numerous countries such as Argentina and Bolivia – and, more generally, the history of the multiple social explosions that have occurred in Latin America and the rest of the world – have undoubtedly demonstrated that the initiative of the masses, in and of itself, is not enough to defeat ruling regimes.

What's New: Winnipeg: Building movement against Pallister PC agenda

| November 18, 2016

The Progressive Conservatives return to the Legislative Assembly this Monday when leader Brian Pallister is sure to continue his agenda of budget cuts and privatization. There is a pressing need to build movements and campaigns that can effectively challenge the PCs. A small step is to join an information rally at 12pm this Monday on the legislative building steps prior to the Throne Speech.

Bullet #1332: Solidarity With the People of Syria! Build the Antiwar Movement!

by Richard Fidler | November 18, 2016

David Bush's article 'Syria and the Antiwar Tradition,' in the November 3 issue of The Bullet, is a commendable attempt to debate what antiwar activists in Canada and other 'Western' countries should be saying and doing about the current war in Syria. In that country, the rebel cities that rose up four years ago in revolt against the brutal Bashar al-Assad dictatorship are now under a genocidal siege, bombed and assaulted from the air by Assad's military, aided and abetted by Russian fighter jets and bombers.

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Socialist Register 2017:
Rethinking Revolution

A World to Win

A World to Win:
Contemporary Social Movements and Counter-Hegemony

Hearts and Mines

Hearts and Mines:
The U.S. Empire's Culture Industry

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7:00pm, Tuesday December 13, 2016
Steelworkers' Hall, 25 Cecil Street, Toronto.

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twinkle starForum: The Rise and Fall of Cheap Nature

The Rise and Fall of Cheap Nature
The Rise and Fall of Cheap Nature: Work, Power, and Capital in Making and Transcending Planetary Crisis

* Jason. W. Moore - Sociology, Binghamton University

With commentary from:
* Adrian Smith - Department of Law and Legal Studies, Carleton University
* Tania Hernandez Cervantes - Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University

Organized by: Centre for Social Justice. Co-Sponsors: Global Labour Research Centre, Faculty of Environmental Studies, Departments of Politics and Geography at York University, Socialist Project | Facebook event
7:00pm, Friday December 9, 2016
Greek-Canadian Dem. Hall, 290 Danforth Ave, Toronto.

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Forum: Trump's Election – Causes and the dangers ahead

Trump's Election – Causes and the dangers ahead
The election of Donald Trump marks an extremely dangerous shift, that threatens peace, democracy and sovereignty abroad, and labour, civil, social, and equality rights in the U.S. Facing this onslaught, working people in Canada and the U.S., and especially the trade unions, must organize to defend hard-won rights and standards, and to mobilize broad-based unity and mass independent political action in the streets to stop Trump and the ultra-right in their tracks. Unity of the Canadian labour and people’s movements with our counterparts in the U.S. will strengthen this fight in both countries.

* Herman Rosenfeld, Member, Socialist Project
* Liz Rowley, Leader of the Communist Party of Canada | Facebook event | PDF poster
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