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What's New: One Million Climate Jobs: A Challenge for Canadians

| August 9, 2016

The Canadian Labour Congress has recently adopted its COP21 Statement, emphasizing that climate change is already affecting production and consumption patterns in many sectors of our economy. The warnings by the IPCC that the current pace of emissions is already consuming the entire global carbon budget is a clear indication that market forces on their own are not in a position to provide the kind of transition that will prevent catastrophic climate change.

What's New: Campaign to revoke the Jewish National Fund of Canada’s Charitable Status

by Yves Engler | August 8, 2016

The campaign to revoke the Jewish National Fund of Canada’s charitable status is growing. In recent weeks it’s gained an important political endorsement, high profile intellectual backing and raised funds for a legal challenge. Recently, Green Party leader Elizabeth May joined 28 other party members in sponsoring a resolution to the Party’s August convention calling on the Canada Revenue Agency to revoke the JNF’s charitable status.

Bullet #1290: Wall: Sky Darkens for Sunshine Premier

by J. F. Conway | August 8, 2016

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall had already broken one promise even before he called the election: 'We didn't make a lot of election promises, but we made one significant one – to keep Saskatchewan strong' – unless, of course, you embrace that old bromide, 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.' The post-election sky of the Sunshine Premier has darkened as the spectre of economic collapse haunts him.

What's New: Eleven signs that BDS continues to grow despite Israel’s war of repression

by Palestinian BDS National Committee | August 7, 2016

The Palestinian-led, global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement was launched eleven years ago as a nonviolent and effective means for progressive people and organisations across the world to support the struggle of the Palestinian people for our rights under international law.

LeftStreamed: Palestinian Solidarity Struggles

August 7, 2016

The state of Israel was just served notice by Black Lives Matter (BLM) in a big way. The human rights movement pummeled Israel for its decades long oppression of the Palestinian people in its new platform. In a show of solidarity between black Americans, who have bravely struggled against centuries of discrimination in the U.S., Black Lives Matter has reached out to their Palestinian brothers and sisters by embracing the Palestinian call for justice and freedom.

What's New: Stadium Pow Wow

A Tribe Called Red | August 6, 2016

'Stadium Pow Wow' is A Tribe Called Red's first summer single of 2016. The energetic anthem continues to showcase Tribe's unique style of music to the world. Featuring Black Bear, 'Stadium Pow Wow' is ready to take on the world.

What's New: A New Intifada in Kashmir?

| August 6, 2016

From March 18, 2013: Arundhati Roy and Sanjay Kak on the World's Most Densely Militarized Area. Discussing India’s military involvement in Kashmir, Roy says: 'It's such a morally reprehensible thing to be living in a country that is doing this to a people and everyone is keeping quiet about it. ... What they are doing to people is terrible.'

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