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What's New: The Importance of Being Autonomous

by Jackson Petsche | April 5, 2014

In a letter to Walter Benjamin, Theodor Adorno once wrote, "l'art pour l'art is... in need of a defense." This strange and somewhat cryptic remark is interesting coming from a Marxist critic who made several criticisms of "l'art pour l'art" or art for art's sake.

Bullet #964: The Emergence of the New Left Party in Slovenia

by Gal Kirn | April 4, 2014

Only a few years ago anyone advocating socialism in the Slovenian public media was seen either as an old nostalgic decrying 'good old times' and Josip Broz Tito, or as a leftist extremist, who in the political spectrum does not sit far away from the extreme right-wingers.

What's New: Economies in Transition

| April 3, 2014

The world's economy has gone through massive changes over the past quarter century or so. As we've analyzed them in this special issue of Canadian Dimension, these changes include the transition from state socialism to state capitalism in Russia and China and their incorporation into a world of global capitalism.

What's New: Tens of thousands First Nation children died in residential schools

by Dene Moore | April 3, 2014

The death records of tens of thousands of First Nations children who died during the time residential schools were operating in Canada have been handed over to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Several provincial governments gave up the records to the commission, which will now cross-reference the information with student lists to determine who among the children died while in the care of the church-run schools and where they might be buried.

What's New: Remember When -- The League for Social Reconstruction

| April 2, 2014

Prolonged economic crises are breeding grounds for radical ideas and movements. Canada during the Great Depression of the 1930s, one of capitalism's worst crises, was no exception to this rule. It was during the grip of the Depression that the predecessor of the NDP, the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF), would emerge with its labour-oriented, democratic socialist vision, making gains in the polls and forming the official opposition in various provinces across the country.

Bullet #963: Austerity, the Hard Right and the French Election: Two Views

| April 2, 2014

Barely two years after assuming office François Hollande finds himself to be the most unpopular French president in history. This past Sunday his Parti socialiste suffered serious defeats in local and municipal elections as French voters either abstained or supported parties of the Right.

What's New: What's really going on in Venezuela?

| April 1, 2014

This is what's really going on in Venezuela since January 2014.

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A School on Fighting Austerity
Solidarity Against Austerity presents:

A School on Fighting Austerity

Join activists and organizers from across Ottawa – Gatineau, and speakers from Quebec and Ontario for a day of presentations, discussions and debates about the realities of austerity and how to fight against it

Panels on:
* Global Austerity, Global Resistance
* Learning From Our Past
* Fighting Austerity Today
* Beyond Current Struggles

Speakers include: Jeremie Bedard-Wien, Natalie Mehra, J. C. Parrot, Ben Powless, Rosemary Warskett, Dave Bush, Kelly O'Sullivan, David McNally. | PDF poster
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