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Austerity Against Democracy

New SP publication: Austerity Against Democracy
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Free Transit

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What's New: March for Jobs, Justice, and the Climate

| July 11, 2015

Two days before the Climate Summit of the Americas begin in Toronto, over 10,000 people converged on Queen's Park to demand climate action. It was a "diverse coalition of individuals and groups from across Canada, including labor unions representing Alberta oil workers, First Nations on the frontlines of extraction projects, racialized communities from climate-impacted regions, environmental groups, anti-poverty, worker and faith groups, health workers, scientists, students, migrant justice groups, and others."

What's New: The Alternative to Austerity

by The Left Platform of Syriza | July 11, 2015

In this critical moment, the Syriza government has no other choice than to reject the blackmail of the 'institutions' who seek to impose an austerity program, deregulation, and privatization.

Mike Constable cartoonWhat's New: A Road Warrior haircut

by Mike Constable | July 11, 2015

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What's New: On Michael Löwy's Ecosocialism

by Kamran Nayeri | July 11, 2015

In its most general sense ecological socialism (ecosocialism) is a political movement for solution to the present day crisis of society and nature. While there is an increasing number of younger people who begin their political life as ecosocialists, in terms of theory and methodology ecosocialism finds its origins in various shades of socialism, in particular those that identify themselves as Marxist.

What's New: What's Really Warming the World?

| July 10, 2015

Researchers who study the Earth's climate create models to test their assumptions about the causes and trajectory of global warming. Around the world there are 28 or so research groups in more than a dozen countries who have written 61 climate models. Each takes a slightly different approach to the elements of the climate system, such as ice, oceans, or atmospheric chemistry.

What's New: The Social Construction of Race

by Brian Jones | July 10, 2015

The first friend I ever had was a little boy named Matt. We were maybe four or five years old. Matt came to me one day with a very serious look on his face and gave me a little talking-to. He explained to me: “Brian, you're brown. And I'm peach.” I don’t remember saying anything back, but I think in my mind I was like “Okay. . . ? Well these Legos aren’t going to build themselves.”

What's New: Québécois solidarity with Greece

by Richard Fidler | July 10, 2015

Greece's battle for relief from its European financial creditors has attracted substantial sympathy and solidarity in Quebec, especially among those fighting the austerity blitz of the Couillard government. On July 5, Greek voters resoundingly rejected the ultimatums of the European Central Bank, the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund (aka the Troika), opening the way for the country's left-wing Syriza-led government to pursue a course toward regaining economic sovereignty and relief from neoliberal austerity.

What's New: Saving Greece, saving Europe: the unnecessary crisis

by Peter G. Prontzos | July 9, 2015

Is it fair to condemn the people of a country to economic misery because of the sins of their leaders, especially when the problems are also the result of global political and economic forces beyond their control? More specifically, should that nation's legitimate debts be forgiven? What kind of example would that set?

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Climate Change Changes Everything July 30, 2015

World Jewry increasingly critical of Israel July 30, 2015

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7:30pm, Monday August 10, 2015
McNabb Community Centre, 180 Percy, Ottawa.

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Public forum: The Battle Against Austerity

Lessons From Greece

Speakers: Leo Panitch and Richard Fidler

The meeting will provide an opportunity to learn about the recent events in Greece and take up the debate surrounding Syriza's fight against austerity

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