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May Day: Workers' Struggles, International Solidarity, Political Aspirations

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Austerity Against Democracy

Austerity Against Democracy
by Greg Albo and Carlo Fanelli

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What's New: Dissent presents a series of socialist feminist highlights

| March 8, 2017

Trickle-Down Feminism (2013); Feminist Organizing After the Women’s March: Lessons from the Second Wave (2017); Women and Black Lives Matter (2015); Sexual Equality and Socialism (1997); Capitalism’s Crisis of Care (2016); Feminism and Class Consolidation (1989)...

What's New: Women Are At A Breaking Point: IWD Strike Is Today

by Alexandria Neason | March 8, 2017

Organized by the International Women's Strike, the strike will include women withholding paid and unpaid labor, abstaining from gendered housework such as childcare, or, for some, simply wearing red in solidarity. IWS' strike is happening in tandem with A Day Without a Woman, a sister event organized by the women behind January's mammoth Women's March. That event has also called for participants to avoid spending money at businesses, with exceptions for small, women and minority-owned businesses.

Bullet #1379: Against the Blacklisting of Activists and Writers

| March 7, 2017

The cancellation of a lecture by journalist Rania Khalek, who was invited to speak on the University of North Carolina (UNC) - Chapel Hill campus by Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) on February 27, 2017, raises important issues of tactics and strategy within movements for social change. The signers of this statement hold a range of views on Syria. Some agree with Khalek; others disagree - in some cases quite vehemently.

What's New: International Women’s Day 1917

by John Riddell | March 6, 2017

One hundred years ago today, on or about March 6, the Petrograd Interdistrict Committee distributed the following leaflet regarding International Women’s Day (IWD). Although the origins of IWD were in the United States, German Social Democrat Clara Zetkin proposed in 1910 the annual celebration of the holiday on March 8. The holiday was first celebrated on this date in 1911 in Germany and several other European countries.

What's New: Why the system will still win

by Perry Anderson | March 6, 2017

The term ‘anti-systemic movements’ was commonly used 25 years ago to characterise forces on the left in revolt against capitalism. Today, it has not lost relevance in the West, but its meaning has changed. The movements of revolt that have multiplied over the past decade no longer rebel against capitalism, but neoliberalism -- deregulated financial flows, privatised services and escalating social inequality, that specific variant of the reign of capital set in place in Europe and America since the 1980s.

What's New: Ours to own, not theirs to profit

Michal Rozworski | March 5, 2017

It seems the public sector is under attack from all directions these days. Despite historically low public financing costs, despite proven efficiency and innovation, the public sector gets a bad rap in the public eye--something all manner of politicians from hardened right-wingers to cosmpolitan neoliberals take advantage of, letting markets further seep into the very functioning of health, education and other basic services.

What's New: Statement Against the March 4 'March for Freedom'

by Solidarity Halifax | March 5, 2017

The organizers of our counter-protest today have rightly named the so-called 'March for Freedom' a 'thinly-veiled anti-Muslim' rally. M-103 is a motion in Parliament that names Islamophobia as something that needs to be condemned. The backlash against M-103 that emphasizes 'all religions' is eerily similar to the slogan 'All Lives Matter'. These alternatives attempt to erase the issues of violence at hand. The point of course is that Muslims are facing hatred daily, and to fight this targeted discrimination, it must be named - hatred against Muslims is Islamophobia.

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A World to Win

A World to Win:
Contemporary Social Movements and Counter-Hegemony

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Hearts and Mines:
The U.S. Empire's Culture Industry

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7:30pm, Tuesday April 4, 2017
Carrot Common, Room 212, 348 Danforth Ave, Toronto.

Free Admission, but donations appreciated! Coffee/Tea provided.

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Conversation Circle: Toronto’s Poor, A Rebellious History

Toronto’s Poor, A Rebellious History a wide-ranging conversation with the co-author Gaetan Heroux (with Dr. Bryan Palmer) exploring the history and the profile of poverty in Toronto and the struggles against it.

Given the current economic uncertainty and hard times that people living on the margins and the young people are facing, we are delighted to have the chance to share Gaetan and Bryan’s perspectives discussed in their remarkable book, documenting and demystifying poverty in Toronto. Gaetan and Beric German, Co-founder of Toronto Disaster Relief Committee, will lead the conversation and share their respective knowledge and years of anti-poverty grassroots organizing experiences across the city.

Monthly thematic Conversation Circles are organized by volunteer labour, supported by the Seeds of Hope Foundation, to generate discussion on issues of interest to wider Danforth neighbourhood.
6:00pm, Tuesday April 4, 2017
City Hall, Council Chambers, 100 Queen st. W, Toronto.

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Forum: Toronto's Climate Challenge

Toronto's Climate Challenge

JIM BAXTER, Director of Environment and Energy Division, City of Toronto on TranformTO's climate action plan coming out at the end of April 2017. Plus workshops!

Free, please register online. Hosted by ClimateFast |
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