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Austerity Against Democracy

New SP publication: Austerity Against Democracy
by Greg Albo and Carlo Fanelli

Free Transit

Free Transit

In and Out of Crisis

Ideas for the Struggle
by Marta Harnecker

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What's New: The 2015 Federal Budget: Not a real seniors' budget

by John Anderson | April 28, 2015

The recent April 21 federal budget has been touted by many as 'the seniors' Budget' and many have praised the 'wins' in the budget for seniors. However, is this really the case? I would submit that most seniors benefitted very little from this budget. First of all, let's look at what was not in the budget for seniors.

Mike Constable cartoonWhat's New: Wynne Budget

by Mike Constable | April 27, 2015

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Bullet #1110: Iran's Nuclear Deal: Escape from Crisis

by Araz Bağban | April 27, 2015

Iran reached a preliminary agreement with the P5+1 or E3+3 (five permanent members of the UN Security Council, namely China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, plus Germany) group on its nuclear program in Switzerland after long negotiations.

What's New: Billions Forgone: The Decline in Alberta Oil and Gas Royalties

by Jim Roy | April 26, 2015

Alberta introduced new royalty formulas in 2009, expecting to collect an additional $2-billion per year in royalties. The result, however, was not what was expected. Instead of collecting an additional $10-billion over the following five years, total royalties collected went down by $13.5-billion. What caused this $23.5-billion difference between expectations and reality? Was it bad luck, bad management, or bad information?

LeftStreamed: Green Cities Against Neoliberal Urbanism

April 26, 2015

This forum, part of the 'Capitalism vs. Ecology' series, looks at the track record of neoliberal urbanism and its deregulation of greenbelts, expansion of capital developments, resulting housing inequalities, and green-washing of planning and urban design. Recorded in Toronto, 12 April 2015.

LeftStreamed: The Greek Crisis: Syriza vs Europe

April 25, 2015

A panel discussion on Greece and the fight against austerity, moderated by Michal Rozworski. Presentations by Ingo Schmidt, Peter Prontzos and Natassa Romanou. Recorded in Vancouver, 10 April 2015.

What's New: Budget 2015: A tale of austerity past, present and future

by Michal Rozworski | April 24, 2015

I've been banging the drum of 'slow-motion austerity' for a while and little in the 2015 federal budget suggests any change from the pattern of death by a thousand cuts. This budget is another is a series of unspectacular austerity budgets. Taken together, however, the cuts rapidly add up and budgets become more remarkable for the tenacity with they've made us pay to get to the present.

Bullet #1109: The Armenian Genocide: An Open Wound

by Sungur Savran | April 24, 2015

On April 24, 1915, hundreds of Armenian intellectuals, politicians and community leaders were rounded in Istanbul by the Ottoman state, to be subsequently sent to exile from which most never returned. This was the signal that set off a chain of events that ended in a tragedy the like of which has rarely been witnessed in the annals of modern history.

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How Israel was absolved of Deir Yassin and all other massacres April 14, 2015

The Russian Left after Maidan April 14, 2015

Ukranian Parliament bans communist symbols and legitimises nazi-collaborators April 14, 2015

The Green Party might have just made the funniest campaign video ever April 14, 2015

Autocrats United Against Yemen April 14, 2015

Students occupying finance minister's office April 14, 2015

Syriza: escaping the prison of the politics of the past April 14, 2015

Paramedic Services in Canada: Structure, Privatization, Unionization and other issues April 14, 2015

What English Media Isn't Reporting About Quebec's Printemps 2015 Mobilizing April 14, 2015

Cuba and the Battle for the Summit of the Americas April 14, 2015

US-Venezuela relations at the Summit April 14, 2015

Maduro Welcomes Obama's Reversal on Venezuela being a Threat April 14, 2015

Act on Climate March: Halifax April 13, 2015

The struggle for Syria April 13, 2015

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7:00pm, Tuesday April 28, 2015
People's Co-op Bookstore, 1391 Commercial Drive, Vancouver.

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Forum: Corporate Offensive: Continental Perspectives

A Panel Discussion of Continental Crucible: Big Business, Workers and Unions in the Transformation of North America, 2nd edition, 2015

* Napoleón Gómez Urrutia, President and General Secretary of the National Union of Mining Metal, Steel and Allied Workers Union of Mexico (SNTMMSRM), continues to lead his union from exile in Vancouver, Canada. He is the author of Collapse of Dignity, a book about corporate greed and miners’ struggles in Mexico.

* Jim Sinclair was President of the B.C. Federation of Labour from 1999 to 2014 and has long been active in international solidarity work. He was the editor of Crossing the Line: Canada and Free Trade with Mexico (1992).

* Richard Roman is co-author of Continental Crucible and many articles on workers, unions and the Mexican state.
10:30am, Tuesday April 28, 2015
255 Front St., Toronto.

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Protest: Confront Barrick Gold

Every year, Barrick Gold gathers with their major shareholders and board of directors at their Annual General Meeting in downtown Toronto. And every year, we gather to support campaigns for justice, accountability, and a future for communities directly impacted by their mines.

This company is responsible for the deaths, rapes, and abuse of people who have the misfortune of living next to their mines, and the destruction of these peoples' environments. Meanwhile, Barrick's Advisory board and board of directors includes some of the most prominent and corrupt political figures of our time.

This year, we will be joined by Jethro Tulin, executive officer of the Akali Tange Association and Porgera Alliance. For the past decade, Jethro has been leading an international campaign against Barrick for killings and rapes by mine security. Just this month, teamed up with US-based lawfirm EarthRights International, to win fair compensation for 14 victims of abuse at the mine. But their struggle continues, as there are far more victims and the community seeks the long-term solution of resettlement.

Come for music, speeches, street theatre, and food... but most of all, come to support and amplify the voices of communities affected by Barrick around the world. | Facebook event
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