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Linda McQuaig is Right: Keep the TarSands in the Ground!

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Free Transit

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Bullet #1172: Can Autoworkers Save the Climate?

by Lars Henriksson | October 13, 2015

At the UN Climate Change Conference COP 19, the even-more-depressing-than-usual climate summit that took place in Warsaw in 2013, one small ray of light made it through the dark corporate clouds that were otherwise suffocating even the slightest effort to address the ongoing environmental disaster. On the last day of the conference, an unusual alliance was formed as environmental organizations and trade unions together walked out of the venue under the banner of 'Enough Is Enough'.

What's New: Why is peace a threat to Turkey's rulers?

by Alan Maass and Tom Gagné | October 12, 2015

The horrific bombing of a peace march in Ankara is the latest escalation of a deadly war on the Kurdish movement and the left in Turkey. Whoever is directly responsible for this mass murder, the U.S.-backed government of President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an and his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has blood on its hands.

Bullet #1171: The Search for a Political Practice: Venezuela 2000-2015

by Chris Gilbert | October 12, 2015

It is common to understand the diverse 'processes' in Latin America - in the period marked initially by Zapatismo in the mid-1990s and later by the emergence of left or popular governments in Venezuela, Bolivia, and Ecuador along with center-left governments in Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina - within the theoretical framework of a return or recuperation of the left following the fall of the East Bloc. This kind of formulation has a number of problems.

What's New: Will Canada Finally Tackle the Climate Challenge?

| October 11, 2015

Environmental Defence and Équiterre have launched an updated comparison looking at the federal parties’ main climate policies. Only six weeks after Canada's federal election, national governments will gather in Paris for United Nations talks to finalize a global climate change agreement. Recent polls show that Canadians are looking for greater leadership from the federal government on climate change.

LeftStreamed: Linda McQuaig is Right: Keep the TarSands in the Ground!

October 11, 2015

At the beginning of the federal election campaign, Toronto Centre NDP candidate and respected author Linda McQuaig stated a simple fact: "a lot of people recognize that a lot of the oil sands oil may need to stay in the ground if we're going to meet our climate change targets." This sparked a corporate media backlash, accusing her of being ideologically-driven, anti-Alberta and anti-jobs.

What's New: Mental Health, Capitalism and Activism

by Alexandra Fox | October 10, 2015

What are the links between activism, capitalism and mental health? As the threat of environmental destruction grows and activism turns to individualistic forms of protest, the collective agency that activists feel with respect to their ability to create change has decreased. It is becoming increasingly clear that burnout, depression, guilt, trauma, existential crises and anxiety are common among activists. How does our current treatment for mental health further exacerbate the challenges and isolation that activists feel?

What's New: Why This Election Matters to us at YYZ

by Toronto Airport Workers’ Council | October 9, 2015

We'll get straight to the point, as airport workers we must vote in the upcoming federal election. Not only because it is our democratic right and duty as Canadians, but because this election could have a direct impact on our working conditions due to many of us being federally regulated workers. This means its Ottawa, not Queen's Park, who is in charge of administering many of our labour standards at YYZ.

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Transforming Provincial Politics:
The Political Economy of Canada's Provinces and Territories in the Neoliberal Era

Socialist Register 2015:
Transforming Classes

Continental Crucible: Big Business, Workers and Unions in the Transformation of North America

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7:00pm, Tuesday October 20, 2015
Bahen Centre, Room BA1180, 40 St. George St., Toronto.

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Symposium: Surplus3: Labour and the Digital

Surplus3: Labour and the Digital
A symposium celebrating the publication of Nick Dyer-Witheford’s Cyber-Proletariat: Global Labour in the Digital Vortex (Pluto Press/Between the Lines)

Please join us as we explore a conceptual vocabulary for grasping the contested intersection of labour and the digital in contemporary capitalism. Marking the publication of Nick Dyer-Witheford’s book, Cyber-Proletariat: Global Labour in the Digital Vortex, the Surplus3 symposium will open with 3-minute talks by ten guest presenters, each of whom will speak to one concept. These flash talks will be followed by a presentation by Dyer-Witheford and a collective conversation with our guests moderated by Alison Hearn.

Surplus3: Labour and the Digital will be followed in early 2016 with a freely distributed publication of the same title, designed by Chris Lee, and featuring work by Public Studio.

Moderator: Alison Hearn; Guests + concepts:
Marcus Boon: depropriation | Brett Caraway: connective action | Nicole Cohen: hustle | Deb Cowen: logistics | Nick-Dyer-Witheford: Cyber-Proletariat | datejei cheko green: intersectional solidarity | Carla Lipsig-Mummé: climate@work | Sarah Roberts: in/visibility | Kamilla Petrick: acceleration | Indu Vashist: indigenisation | Yi Wang: the wage

A Letters & Handshakes event in partnership with the Digital Labour Group (University of Western Ontario) | Facebook event
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