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Austerity Against Democracy

New SP publication: Austerity Against Democracy
by Greg Albo and Carlo Fanelli

Free Transit

Free Transit

In and Out of Crisis

Ideas for the Struggle
by Marta Harnecker

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Bullet #1135: Democratic Rebellion: Some Lessons From the Municipal and Regional Elections in Spain

by Mario Candeias | July 1, 2015

Barcelona and Madrid are won. With Ada Colau and Manuela Carmena, two women will now occupy the mayoralties of both metropolises. Barcelona en Comú and Ahora Madrid were the names of the municipal connective platforms. Barcelona en Comú won the most seats in the city and can form a left-wing majority with both leftist parties for Catalonian independence, the Republican Left of Catalonia.

What's New: The Making of the Migration Crisis

by Harsha Walia | June 30, 2015

The unprecedented scale of global migration and migrant deaths are deliberate, not coincidental. Leading up to World Refugee Day on Saturday, the United Nations unveiled a devastating and damning report on the scale of global displacement. The UN's Refugee Agency data reveals a total of 59.5 million people are displaced around the world. With one in every 122 people being internally displaced or seeking asylum in a new country.

What's New: No to Blackmail and to Austerity – Yes to Democracy

| June 30, 2015

On 5 July, the Greek people are called to make a decision of historical importance; a decision that will not only determine the future of the country, but the future of Europe as a whole. The institutions of the Troika are not only trying to destroy change in Greece, they are trying to undermine us all. Now is the time to raise our voices against this blackmail by the European elites.

What's New: Trade Union Energy Democracy Bulletin

| June 29, 2015

A new TUED working paper titled Power to the People: Toward Democratic Control of Electricity Generation shows how “another energy is possible, and absolutely necessary.” The paper documents how and where energy democracy is expressing itself - and argues that public renewable power can drive the energy revolution the world needs. Union leaders from different sectors have welcomed the report.

What's New: Syriza, the Troika and the ironies

by Michael Roberts | June 29, 2015

The ‘impossible triangle’ for the Syriza government was 1) reversing austerity 2) staying the Eurozone; and 3) Syriza staying in power. The Troika prepared to break that triangle. What the Troika wanted was a Greek government carrying out a full programme of austerity (running a government budget surplus in the middle of a depression) and structural reforms. When Syriza wanted to change those conditions, not only did the Troika not concede, it actually tried to impose even harsher ones on Syriza.

Bullet #1134: Spain: 'Popular Unity' Councils Sworn In Amid Huge Enthusiasm

by Dick Nichols | June 29, 2015

The squares in front of scores of town halls across the Spanish state were jam-packed with enthusiastic crowds on June 13. Tens of thousands had gathered to celebrate the inauguration of progressive administrations elected in a leftward swing in the May 24 local government elections for Spain's 8144 councils.

What's New: Marxism in the Post-Globalization Era

by Boris Kagarlitsky | June 28, 2015

It would be strange, to say the least, to speak about Marxism as a progressive or even influential theoretical school in Eastern Europe after the collapse of the Soviet bloc in 1989-1991. Marxist ideas have come to be associated with the repressive practices of the totalitarian Stalinist era, the failed Soviet economy and the conservative, nostalgic views of the older generation and a small segment of youth that failed to integrate into the market economy. Naturally, this attitude to Marxist theory was typical for the former communist countries that rapidly transitioned from a Soviet-style managed economy to neoliberal capitalism.

LeftStreamed: Nuclear Precipice: Ukraine, Russia, and patterns of U.S. Hegemony

June 28, 2015

What is the background of the ethnic conflict in Ukraine? Can the Ukraine situation lead to a Russia/U.S. confrontation involving nuclear weapons? According to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, the world is again at a precipice with threats of nuclear war. Recorded in Toronto, 12 June 2015.

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Gardiner East vote shows that Toronto is not yet ready to be an urban leader June 15, 2015

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11:00am, Saturday July 4, 2015
Greek Embassy, 80 MacLaren Street, Ottawa.

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Rally: Support Greek workers as they say ‘NO’ to the European Union’s austerity

Seven years after the 2008 international economic crisis, Greeks are taking the international lead in saying ‘NO’ to the austerity governments and banks have imposed on the rest of us to make us pay for their greed. (Greeks are suffering from a more extreme version of the austerity championed in Canada by Stephen Harper, provincial premiers, and the 1%.)

This Sunday, Greeks have a referendum to determine whether to reject the European Union’s plan for deepening the austerity that has plunged their country into a depression.

Opponents of austerity world-wide have already rallied to show their support for the leadership of the Greek left in the international battle against global austerity. Now the residents of Ottawa-Gatineau have a chance to add their voices to the international chorus of support for Greeks in opposing the austerity of the world’s 1%.

Join us for a Rally and March on Saturday July 4th at 11 AM to show your solidarity with the NO (‘OXI’ in Greek) position in Sunday’s Greek referendum.

Called by the Workers Action Group of Solidarity Against Austerity (SAA).
10:45am, Saturday July 4, 2015
Consulat Général de Grèce à Montréal, Montréal.

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Rally: No to Blackmail, Solidarity with the Greek People

Along with other actions of solidarity with Greece, on the occasion of the referendum in Greece, Québec solidaire, the Solidarity Committee with the Greek People, Alternatives and the Montreal metropolitan Regional Labour Council (FTQ) are organizing this coming Saturday July 4th at 10:45am, a solidarity action in front of the Greek Consulate at 1002 Sherbrooke West in Montreal, corner McTavish, facing McGill University.

The Greek government has called upon its people to decide by means of a referendum to be held next Sunday whether to accept or reject the austerity terms proposed by the « Troika ». We, the organizers of this solidarity action, call upon all to respect thefundamental right of the Greek people and the decision that will emerge from the referendum. The only possible solution to the crisis in Greece must be based on respect for the people’s choice.

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