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Austerity Against Democracy
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Bullet #1277: After 'Brexit': A Social-Democratic Re-Founding of Europe?

by Ingar Solty | June 30, 2016

In light of 'Brexit' and within 24 hours after the publication of the final results in the British referendum on EU membership, Sigmar Gabriel, Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) chairman, German vice-chancellor and Minister of Economic Affairs in the Merkel government, and Martin Schulz, EU Parliament President, published a new strategy paper analyzing the origins of the deep legitimacy crisis of the European Union amid the Europe-wide rise of the nationalist Right and outlining political pathways to overcome this legitimacy crisis in order to prevent the EU's disintegration.

What's New: Promoting decent work in supply chains?

Benjamin Selwyn | June 29, 2016

Governments, business leaders and labour unions are gathering to discuss decent work in global supply chains. We interview Sussex Lecturer Benjamin Selwyn about why this is so important.

Bullet #1276: Who Earns Minimum Wage?

by Angella MacEwen | June 29, 2016

Minimum wages have been getting a lot of attention lately. And for good reason. Workers earning minimum wage often struggle to get enough hours, don't have predictable schedules or advance notice of shifts, and many don't even have access to unpaid sick days.

What's New: Bad Investments: Trading Away the Right to Energy Democracy

| June 28, 2016

The recent release by Wikileaks of documents relating to the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) - currently being negotiated in secret in Geneva - has brought a new round of scrutiny not only to the TiSA, but also to the sweeping effort to re-write international trade and investment rules of which it constitutes just a part.

What's New: Five keys to understanding the Spanish election

by Oscar Reyes | June 28, 2016

A stalemate, but the political landscape has still changed. Spain went to the polls on Sunday 26 June with polls suggesting that Unidos Podemos would overtake the traditional social democrats of PSOE, and that the electoral maths might even favour a progressive government led by Podemos’s Pablo Iglesias. That didn’t happen. The best prediction of the 26 June election results turned out to be what happened on 20 December, the inconclusive ballot that led to this month’s re-run.

What's New: The Left Needs to Develop an Alternative Plan for Europe

| June 27, 2016

Economics professor Costas Lapavitsas says Britain's vote to leave is a direct result of the EU's lack of democracy. The question of the referendum touched upon a real, deep class divide in Britain, which came to the fore on this question.

What's New: Where do we go from here?

by Ethan Young | June 27, 2016

From June 17-19, 2016, 3,000 activists and supporters of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign met in Chicago to discuss the future of the movement. Taking this 'People’s Summit' as his starting point, activist and writer Ethan Young advocates for a strong left and a 'united front' with other progressives in order to shake up the system: 'The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid phenomena appear.'

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Hearts and Mines

Hearts and Mines:
The U.S. Empire's Culture Industry

Socialist Register 2016:
The Politics of the Right

Continental Crucible: Big Business, Workers and Unions in the Transformation of North America

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August 9 - August 14, 2016
UQAM, Montreal.

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: NCS People’s University

NCS People’s University
This summer at the World Social Forum (WSF) Montreal will host tens of thousands of people and hundreds of groups and movements from around the world who are involved in struggles for justice and changing the world... and the People’s University of the Nouveaux Cahiers du socialisme (NCS) will be there!

The NCS People’s University grows out of the joint efforts of some 40 people active in trade unions, in feminist, environmental and other social movements, and in the academic world in Quebec. It is a collective intellectual and political endeavour aimed at supporting efforts to build a strong movement for radical change. The People’s University is neither academic nor bookish in its approach. We believe that knowledge and political capacities are enriched by the interplay of theory and practice grounded in the fight to change the world.

By registering for the World Social Forum you are also registering for the NCS’ People’s University. You can register online at | Program.pdf

August 9 - August 14, 2016

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: World Social Forum 2016

World Social Forum 2016
The goal of the WSF 2016 is to gather tens of thousands of people from groups in civil society, organizations and social movements who want to build a sustainable and inclusive world, where every person and every people has its place and can make its voice heard.

Whether or not you think you will be present in Montreal from the 9th to 14th of August 2016, you can participate in the WSF 2016 by simply registering. This entails the creation of an account that allows you to access to a social network, keeps you in touch with participants, NGOs as well as the WSF collective who, like you believe in the construction of a better world.

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