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Austerity Against Democracy
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What's New: On Melting Ice: Inuit Struggle Against Oil and Gas in the Arctic

by Chris Williams | October 24, 2016

The Inuit in the Canadian Arctic are engaged in a centuries-old fight to retain their culture and reestablish self-determination and genuine sovereignty. In particular, Inuit in the autonomous territory of Nunavut are resisting what American Indian studies scholar Daniel R. Wildcat has described as a 'fourth removal attempt' of Indigenous people, coming on the heels of failed efforts at spatial, social and psycho-cultural deletion.

What's New: transform! newsletter October

| October 24, 2016

Conference Report - Writing Feminism into Marxism; The limits of Corbyn’s Labour: social democracy and the radical left; Hegemony or Negotiated Consensus?; Europe Deserves Better: Building Alliances Toward a New Model of Development.

LeftStreamed: The Building Storm Against the TPP

October 23, 2016

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is the one of the most recent of the neoliberal trade agreements being proposed. The final proposal was signed off in February 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand by 12 countries – Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the USA, and Vietnam, after 7 years of negotiation. It awaits ratification in each country. It is a companion agreement to the existing NAFTA agreement, and the CETA and TTIP agreements that Canada and the U.S. are respectively negotiating with the EU.

What's New: Fighting for free public transit in Canada's largest city

| October 22, 2016

On this episode of Talking Radical Radio, Scott Neigh speaks with Stefan Kipfer and Herman Rosenfeld. They are active with Free Transit Toronto, an activist network focused on a long-term vision of high quality and completely free public transit, as well as on supporting short-term organizing that seeks winnable immediate reforms that move in that direction. The ability to get from place to place is very important, and it's not an easy thing for a lot of people, particularly in a large and expensive city.

What's New: Portuguese budget restores the meaning of ‘left’ in Europe

by Goffredo Adinolfi | October 22, 2016

The government led by socialist António Costa and supported in parliament by the radical Left Bloco de Esquerda (BE) and Partido Comunista Português (PCP) presented the 2017 budget law Friday night. We are only at the beginning of an obstacle-strewn path, and yet, in spite of everything and contrary to all predictions, the majority continues to hold. Portugal’s government is now probably one of the few in Europe to give a practical meaning to the concept of the left.

Bullet #1318: The Future of the Euro Area

by Frederic Heine and Thomas Sablowski | October 21, 2016

The unequal development of the countries of the euro area since the outbreak of the crisis is causing increasing friction that threatens to tear the monetary union apart. Contrary to what many critics of the monetary union suggest, responsibility for this development lies not alone with its internal structure, but is rather a general feature of capitalist development.

What's New: The art of protest

by Nina Power | October 20, 2016

The relationship between art and protest has never been a stable one. It is also a relation that perhaps suffers from being posed in the abstract. Who could say what work artists would have made outside of a context of political turmoil, war and social unrest? And yet at the same time we often feel uneasy at demanding that art always be political, that it always respond to whatever historical events are emerging around it: can’t art also be an escape from violence, commentary, taking a stand?

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Hearts and Mines:
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7:30pm, Monday October 24, 2016
Carrot Common Meeting Room, Rm 212, 348 Danforth Ave, Toronto.

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: Confronting the State: Dissent and Advocacy in Healthcare

A far-reaching conversation with Dr. Philip Berger, Medical Director, Inner City Health Program, St. Michael’s Hospital

Dissent, advocacy and a citizen’s responsibility have historically played a pivotal role in bringing about social and political changes. We are delighted to have Dr. Berger share with us 40 years of experience, which show how health care workers can confront and remedy inequities and unfairness in the health care system.

Monthly thematic Conversation Circles are organized by volunteer labour, supported by the Seeds of Hope Foundation, to generate discussion on issues of interest to wider Danforth neighbourhood under thematic topics. For Further information, please contact: Organizer and Facilitator: Khan Rahi | | (416) 406-5517
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