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Free Transit

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In and Out of Crisis

Ideas for the Struggle
by Marta Harnecker

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Books: Revolutionary Activism in the 1950s and 60s

review by Doug Williams | July 30, 2014

Ernest Tate's new two-volume memoir is a significant accomplishment. In recounting the savor and substance of daily life devoted to the socialist cause, it not only offers a fascinating account of revolutionary militancy in mostly backward times, it sets a discomfiting example for weekend activists, armchair revolutionaries, academic Marxists, and veterans of the political upsurge of the 1960s.

What's New: SAIA York Statement on Gaza

| July 29, 2014

We are writing to express our deep sadness, outrage, and condemnation at the massacres and collective punishment being wrought on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip since Israel's "Operation Protective Edge" was launched on July 8.

Bullet #1016: Low Income Transit Passes: Consolidate and Struggle to Make it Free

by Herman Rosenfeld | July 29, 2014

The passing of a resolution to "develop a Policy Framework for Toronto Transit Fare Equity for consideration by the end of 2015" by Toronto City Council on July 8th, 2014 is a step forward. It reflects a series of struggles by low income people, social activists working in community movements, social agencies, transit activists and allies.

What's New: World War One: The main enemy was at home

by Karl Liebknecht | July 28, 2014

Today marks 100 years since the Serbian campaign that started World War One. Here we republish the Spartacus League's illegal anti-war leaflet from May 1915. Its author Karl Liebknecht was the most famous anti-war figure in Germany, having been the sole parliamentary deputy to vote against further war loans in December 1914.

What's New: On "Environmental catastrophism"

by Sam Gindin | July 28, 2014

The most critical question confronting anyone concerned with the environmental crisis is the political one: how to build a social force able to do something about it. The most important division among social activists is between those who believe that personal recycling, technical fixes, market incentives and green jobs can solve the environmental crisis, and those who argue the solutions are necessarily much more radical, extending to a challenge to capitalism itself.

What's New: Slander abounds in depictions of autonomy fighters in eastern Ukraine

by Roger Annis | July 28, 2014

Imperialist governments and media as well as countless other commentators abound with portrayals of the pro-democracy, pro-autonomy forces in eastern Ukraine as "Russian-backed separatists" and worse. On the 'worse' range of the spectrum, terms such as 'fanatics', 'thugs' and even 'fascists' are tossed about.

Bullet #1015: Fatal Advice for the NDP

by J. F. Conway | July 27, 2014

Murray Mandryk, the political columnist for Saskatchewan's capitalist press, once again gives the NDP free political advice regarding the dangers of toying with left-wing ideas. He represents a long tradition in Canadian political commentary -- the capitalist media have repeatedly warned the CCF and the NDP about the electoral folly of being too left-leaning.

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UN tells Israel to halt attacks targeting civilians in Gaza July 17, 2014

Is There Room for South Africa's Middle Class in Numsa's United Front and Movement for Socialism? July 17, 2014

Young American Jew Stands up for Palestine July 16, 2014

Worldwide protest against Israeli attack on Gaza July 16, 2014

Hundreds defy protest law in Cairo march for Palestine July 16, 2014

NDP's anti-Palestine sentiment is part of a much wider problem July 16, 2014

Israeli jets destroying Gaza water and sewerage systems July 16, 2014

Québec solidaire dénonce l'agression militaire israélienne en cours à Gaza July 16, 2014

The secret war on Asia's workers July 16, 2014

Israel's incremental genocide in the Gaza ghetto July 16, 2014

COSATU Statement on Israel bombings of Gaza July 16, 2014

Mobilise public opinion on the streets to free Palestine July 15, 2014

The night it became dangerous to demonstrate in Tel Aviv July 15, 2014

Bolivia rejects Israeli attacks against the Palestinian people July 15, 2014

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6:00pm, Wednesday July 30, 2014
Yonge-Dundas Square, Yonge and Dundas, Toronto.

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Solidarity With Gaza: End the assault on Gaza! Break the siege!

Israeli forces have now killed more than 1,000 Palestinians (including over 170 children), wounded over 6,000 and displaced over 200,000 people in Gaza. Protests are being organized in cities around the world to respond to Israeli war crimes and to call for an immediate military embargo on Israel.

As they did during Israel's attack on Gaza in 2008-09 that killed over 1400 Palestinians, the Canadian government is once again giving its full, uncritical support to Israel. Canada has supported Israel's illegal siege on Gaza since it began over 7 years ago - never calling on Israel to end the blockage to allow food, medicine, building supplies and other necessities into Gaza. Canada continues to engage in free trade, particularly arms deals, with Israel. Canada is deeply complicit in the crimes being committed in Palestine.

The Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid is calling on all people of conscience to take action against Israel's war crimes and Canadian support for these massacres.

Join us on the streets! Bring flags, banners, noisemakers and your voices!

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