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Austerity Against Democracy
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What's New: Bob White tribute

| February 26, 2017

This tribute video was produced for the CLC convention where Brother Bob White retired. He served as leader of the CLC from 1992 to 1999. White represented the interests of 2.2 million Canadian workers and was always a strong advocate of social justice issues and fair trade practices, not only for Canadians but workers around the world.

Bullet #1375: Western Sahara: An Albatross on African Union’s Conscience

by Nizar K. Visram | February 26, 2017

At the 28th Summit meeting of the African Union (AU) held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on 30 January 2017, Morocco's re-admission to the continental body generated heated discussion. At the end of the day the Kingdom of Morocco managed to win over sufficient member states on its side and it was allowed to join the fold unconditionally. Morocco left the Organization of African Unity (OAU), precursor to the AU, in 1984 after the OAU recognized the right to self-determination and independence for the people of the Western Sahara.

Bullet #1374: The Canadian Left and the Quebec Question: The Dilemma That Won’t Go Away

by Pierre Beaudet | February 25, 2017

In September 2015, a fine document emerged from Canadian progressives around the Leap Manifesto. It expresses a broad will to transform the land around a wide platform of social, democratic and environmental transformation, away from the neoliberal ‘model’ that we endure and fight. The Manifesto started by identifying violence against the Indigenous Peoples and the non-response from the Canadian State facing climate change as a crime.

What's New: Remembering Bob White

by Herman Rosenfeld | February 24, 2017

With great sadness, I learned of the death of Bob White. In 1978, he became the leader of the Canadian section of the UAW about a year and half after I started working on the line at GM. Little did I know what an amazing leader and pioneer in working class history he would turn out to be. White, a youthful immigrant from Northern Ireland, came from the shop floor to become the plant chairperson.

What's New: Workers strike against poverty wages at York University

by Justin Podur | February 24, 2017

In the basement of McLaughlin College at York University, a strike vote was being held for 250 food service workers. Volunteers sat at ballot boxes in a corner of the big cafeteria, while workers stopped to vote and to chat. The multiethnic workforce, unionized by UNITE HERE Local 75, looked a lot like the composition of York's student body; York students work jobs like these, and have family members and friends with jobs like these.

What's New: Beware of the New U.S. Protectionist Plan, the Border Adjustment Tax

by Martin Khor | February 24, 2017

A new and deadly form of protectionism is being considered by Congress leaders and the President of the United States that could have devastating effect on the exports and investments of American trading partners, especially the developing countries. The plan, known as a border adjustment tax, would have the effect of taxing imports of goods and services that enter the United States, while also providing a subsidy for US exports which would be exempted from the tax.

Bullet #1373: Bob White, Union Organizer, Union Leader

by Sam Gindin | February 23, 2017

When I last visited Bob at his nursing home in Kincardine, a nurse politely pulled me aside to tell me that he no longer talked much but remained quite sociable. The deterioration in his condition was sad to hear, but I remarked that his retention of social skills was no surprise. ‘As a union organizer he had a natural sociability’. She lit up and excitedly whispered to a nearby nurse: ‘That explains it!’. ‘Explains what?’ I asked. ‘Well, the one thing he keeps telling us is: 'You know, all of you work really hard but don't get paid enough; you should get a union'.’

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7:30pm, Monday February 27, 2017
Carrot Common, Room 212, 348 Danforth Ave, Toronto.

Free Admission, but donations appreciated! Coffee/Tea provided.

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: Iceland, A Different Kind of Election Result

Carrot Common Neighbourhood Conversation Circles Theme: dissent, advocacy and a citizen’s responsibility

Topic: Iceland, A Different Kind of Election Result: Lessons Learned from Pirate Party’s Direct Democracy
a wide-ranging conversation with Ryerson University professors and authors Dr. John Shields and Dr. Bryan Evans.

For Further information, please contact: Organizer and Facilitator: Khan Rahi | or Call (416) 406-5517
6:30pm, Monday February 27, 2017
Jack Purcell Community Centre, 320 Jack Purcell Ln, Ottawa.

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Forum: Beyond Capitalism

Beyond Capitalism
A free public forum featuring: Hassan Husseini and other guests on the need for a new kind of political organization in Ottawa.

Solidarity Ottawa is a new membership-based organization in Ottawa, aiming to raise big political questions, highlight key struggles, and build successful local organizing against capitalism and its negative impacts on the lives of people and communities.
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