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What's New: Transportation Alternatives

| August 21, 2014

Transportation Alternatives' mission is to reclaim New York City's streets from the automobile and to promote bicycling, walking, public transit. With 100,000 active supporters and a committee of activists working locally in every borough, T.A. fights for the installation of infrastructure improvements that reduce speeding and traffic crashes, save lives and improve everyday transportation for all New Yorkers.

What's New: Our City Matters

| August 21, 2014

We want a city with decent jobs, affordable housing, schools that work for our kids and transit that is fast and reliable. The people of Toronto are willing to invest in a city that works well, and one that doesn't leave any our neighbours behind -- because poverty hurts all of us. Torontonians deserve to have new leadership that is tough, respected and willing to fight hard and smart for the interests of all families.

What's New: Baristas Rise Up

| August 21, 2014

In Halifax, Nova Scotia, coffee shop workers at several workplaces have started to come together to try to transform the low wage, precarious work of baristas into something better by forming unions with the SEIU Local 2.

What's New: First Canada-wide Peoples' Social Forum opens this week

by John Bonnar | August 20, 2014

A press conference was held at Bezpala Brown Gallery in Toronto to highlight the historic gathering of thousands of activists and progressive organizations in the first Canada-wide Peoples' Social Forum from August 20-24. Speakers at the press conference included: David McNally, Vanessa Gray, Raul Burbano, and Carol Baker.

What's New: The Peoples' Social Forum

by David P. Ball | August 20, 2014

Will the largest gathering of activists in years succumb to the left's culture of complaint, self-victimization, and fracture, or can platforms for renewed organizing and real strategizing emerge from a weekend in Ottawa?

Bullet #1023: Reflections on the Maidan Protests and the Pro-Autonomy Political Movement in Eastern Ukraine

| August 20, 2014

The following interview was conducted by Roger Annis for Truthout with Daniel Grigor'ev, a social researcher at the Moscow-based Institute for the Study of Globalization and Social Movements and a graduate of Moscow State University.

What's New: Social Movements and Neoliberalism

by Laurence Cox | August 19, 2014

"Fight, fight! Water is a human right!" This was one of the many slogans heard on the streets of downtown Detroit on 18 July, when angry citizens staged a march to protest the decision by the city's Water and Sewerage Department to shut off the water supply of some 15,000 households with overdue water bills.

What's New: TTCriders supports investing public dollars into good jobs

| August 19, 2014

Any investment of public dollars should go toward supporting good green jobs for Ontarians. Government investments into public transit should offer Ontarians, and Torontonians, the possibility of meaningful, well-paid work. Good jobs help build a brighter future for our province.

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A Missouri city erupts against police murder August 13, 2014

Andrea Howath Admits Elements Of Ontario NDP Platform Alienated Labour August 13, 2014

After Imperial Mines disaster, time to question business as usual August 13, 2014

Hundreds of Thousands March in 'Day of Rage' Against Israel August 13, 2014

Canadian grassroots actions for Gaza pave way for change of consciousness August 13, 2014

Sid Ryan speaking at Protest for Gaza August 13, 2014

Gaza and the Silence of Mainstream African-American NGO's and Churches August 12, 2014

Tariq Ali tells the BBC why there is so much anger about its biased Gaza reporting August 12, 2014

Reflections on the Maidan and Pro-Autonomy Political Movements in Ukraine August 12, 2014

Largest Pro-Gaza Protest In History Just Reached 150,000 August 12, 2014

Catastrophic Tailings Spill at Mount Polley Mine August 12, 2014

Understaffing, deregulation to blame for Mount Polley tailings pond disaster August 12, 2014

Palestinian flag raised over Glasgow in support of people of Gaza August 12, 2014

Native American Indians Take a Stand For Gaza August 12, 2014

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2:00pm, Saturday August 23, 2014
Nathan Phillips Square, 100 Queen St West, Toronto.

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: 19th Annual Toronto-Cuba Friendship Day

This year we are celebrating Cuban Culture and Sport, from 2 to 8 pm. We are featuring the Cuban Band - Grupo Moncada, direct from Cuba. As well we have Pablo Terry's Sold de Cuba band, Salsa lessons, Cuban Food, Sugar Cane juice, a beer garden and information tables, including about the Pan American Games in 2015. The official Cuban Flag Raising ceremony will be at 3 pm.
August 21 - August 23, 2014
University of Ottawa, Ottawa.

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People's University: Rattling the Cage

Rattling the Cage
In the framework of the People's Social Forum, the Nouveaux Cahiers du socialisme, in collaboration with the magazine Canadian Dimension, presents the 5th annual People's University: Rattling the Cage.

Join Leo Panitch, Clayton Thomas Muller, Judy Rebick, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, Linda McQuaig, Maude Barlow and many others! | Facebook event | PDF poster
August 21 - August 24, 2014
University of Ottawa, Ottawa.

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: Peoples Social Forum

Build together, Win together! The Future is Ours!

A grassroots, historical gathering of progressives from Québec, Canada and First Nations, The Peoples' Social Forum wants to stimulate debate, discussion and further our sense of community and collective action.

The Social Forum March to Parliament Hill: Many members are gathering at 2pm at the Canadian War Museum. The Ottawa & District Labour Council encourages Ottawa area locals to come out with a strong contingent of members, and to bring local union flags. The March will commence at 3:00pm to the Hill until close around 6:00pm. | | Toronto caravan | Facebook event
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