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May Day: Workers' Struggles, International Solidarity, Political Aspirations

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Austerity Against Democracy
by Greg Albo and Carlo Fanelli

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What's New: Out of the Castle and Into the Street: Art Under Trump

| January 22, 2017

Here we are. Inauguration Day for Donald Trump. We are through the dystopian looking glass. And now 'resistance' isn’t just something that would be nice if it happened. It is a necessity. From working people, from students, from community members, and yes, from artists. By any means necessary. Trump took the White House for two reasons. 1) The failure of the Democratic Party. And 2) The mobilization of bigotry.

What's New: The People’s Inauguration Manifesto

Solidarity Halifax | January 22, 2017

On the occasion of the inauguration of Donald Trump in the US, and in the lead-up to the Women’s March On Washington which is taking place on Saturday January 21st (with solidarity rallies in communities across North America, including here in Halifax), Solidarity Halifax has issued the 'People’s Inauguration Manifesto.'

What's New: The Economic Consequences of a Trump Presidency

| January 22, 2017

Economist Heiner Flassbeck says the worst way to pursue public spending would be through the failed model of public-private partnerships.

Bullet #1359: Women's March on Washington

| January 21, 2017

January 21 is set to be the day of one of the largest protests in recent U.S. history, the Women's March on Washington. The widely-publicized protest is expected to dwarf the numbers at Trump's inauguration, as three times more busses are registered for the Women's March than for the inauguration.

Bullet #1358: A Critical Week for the World Social Forum

by Pierre Beaudet | January 20, 2017

It all began right here in Porto Alegre in 2001 when this city in the south of Brazil became a major site of popular mobilization. Influenced by the Workers' Party (PT), unions were, along with popular movements, at the forefront of a proactive political effort that included the support of the left within the Catholic Church, inspired by liberation theology.

What's New: Building a Mass Socialist Party

by Sam Gindin | January 19, 2017

We desperately need a mass socialist party. But the dictum 'build it and they will come' won’t get us very far. Such a party has preconditions. It demands grounding in dramatic and sustained uptakes in the level of popular struggles and, above all, the generalization of institutionalized, vibrant bases of working-class support.

What's New: Charges dropped in Sarnia against Aamjiwnaang Anishnaabe land defenders

| January 19, 2017

A group of environmental activists who chained themselves to Enbridge Line 9 equipment left a Sarnia courtroom Friday without criminal convictions in what’s being billed as a precedent-setting victory for pipeline demonstrators across Ontario. Vanessa Gray, 24, of Sarnia, along with Guelph residents Sarah Scanlon, 30, and Stone Stewart, 29, had been facing charges of mischief endangering lives and mischief over $5,000 after they occupied an Enbridge site on Mandaumin Road and allegedly manually shut down a valve there on Dec. 21, 2015.

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A World to Win:
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: What's the Matter with America?

Department of Politics and Public Administration, and Phyllis Clarke Memorial Lecture present:

Thomas Frank, founder of The Baffler magazine, author of “What’s the Matter With Kansas?” and “Listen Liberal,” and past columnist for The Wall Street Journal and Harper’s Magazine speaks on Donald Trump’s election and what it means for the USA.
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