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Socialist Project Constitution

Adopted August 2003

1. Name
The formal name of the organization is “Socialist Project”.

2. Political Orientation
The Socialist Project is committed to the analysis and principles contained in the Political Statement.

3. Membership
(a) Membership in the Socialist Project is based upon the following criteria:

(i) agreement with the political statement;
(ii) being active in the work of the Socialist Project;
(iii) payment of dues; and
(iv) not being a member of an organization with a similar mission.

(b) Membership is determined in Local Sections by a Membership Committee of the Local Section and as approved by the Local Section at its meetings.

4. Decision-Making
(a) The highest decision-making body of the Socialist Project is the General Assembly, which will meet at least twice a year.
(b) The General Assembly determines the general organizational development and political orientation of the Socialist Project.
(c) Local Sections are the basic organizational units of the Socialist Project. Local Sections have autonomy to work out priorities and organization consistent with the framework established by the Assembly, through its plans.
(d) The Provincial Assembly will be coordinated by the Chairs and Liaisons elected by the Local Sections.
(e) Decisions will be taken by democratic vote on motions presented by members in regularly scheduled Sectional Meetings and General Assemblies.

5. Local Sections
(a) Local Sections should establish a Steering Committee, subject to election once a year, with the following responsibilities:

(i) a Chair to co-ordinate the meetings of the Local Section;
(ii) a Secretary-Treasurer to keep minutes and records and maintain finances;
(iii) a Membership Secretary to monitor dues collection and membership information;
(iv) a Liaisons Officer to co-ordinate with other Sections and local groups; and
(v) two members-at-large.

(b) Local Branches should hold meetings of members at least once a month.
(c) Local Branches will control finances, dues, and membership according to the resolutions passed by the General Assembly.
(d) Local Branches will determine political priorities and organizational development in work plans consistent with decisions of the General Assembly.

6. Affiliation
Local Sections of the Socialist Project are approved by decision of the Provincial Assembly.

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