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Bullet #1041: Climate Convergence Moves Us Forward, But Challenges Us to Create a Strategy

by Dan La Botz | September 30, 2014

The Global Climate Convergence with its more than one hundred workshops, its large plenary sessions, and its miles-long mass march of more than 300,000 people, the largest climate protest in American history, represents a turning point for the environmental movement.

What's New: Le capitalisme au Canada et la 'révolution' Harper

| September 29, 2014

Le Canada subit une véritable «révolution de droite» menée par le gouvernement conservateur de Stephen Harper qui, contre l'État-providence, cherche à démanteler les programmes sociaux et à affaiblir la classe travailleuse.

What's New: Labour panel pans Glavine's healthcare union idea

| September 29, 2014

Solidarity Halifax member Larry Haiven speaks out on CBC against the NS Liberal government's announcement to impose union choice in the public healthcare sector.

What's New: One Million Climate Jobs

| September 29, 2014

We face a climate crisis and an economic crisis in Britain and across the world. We have people who need jobs and urgent work that needs to be done to shift to a low-carbon economy. The Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union group has led the UK campaign for a million climate jobs, linking to similar campaigns in other countries.

Bullet #1040: Beyond 2015: Is Another Development Possible?

by Benjamin Selwyn | September 28, 2014

As we near 2015, the United Nations will probably set new objectives on behalf of the global community to supersede the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The MDGs are held largely by the UN, the World Bank and many anti-poverty campaigners, which I label here the anti-poverty consensus, to have been a success. According to the UN, The First MDG -- the objective of halving world poverty between 1990 and 2015 -- was achieved already in 2010.

What's New: On the Left or in Russia?

by Stephen Velychenko | September 27, 2014

All governments face people living beyond their borders, both foreign and native-born, who are either detractors or advocates of its policies. Vladimir Putin's government is no different from any other in this respect. What is odd about the Russian case is that radical leftists are among those who support the Russian ruling class and its decidedly capitalist and imperialist government.

What's New: Transports en commun gratuits?

by Yvan Giguère | September 27, 2014

Malgré la bonne volonté des petits gestes que nous pouvons faire chaque jour pour améliorer l'environnement, il faudra bien que de grands gestes soient aussi faits pour que l'on puisse constater un tant soit peu des changements vérifiables et concluants pour vivre dans un monde moins pollué.

Mike Constable cartoonWhat's New: Cable Guy Tory

by Mike Constable | September 27, 2014

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Canada, At War For 13 Years, Shocked That 'A Terrorist' Attacked Its Soldiers October 23, 2014

One City and COPE liven up the Vancouver election campaign October 23, 2014

The 'great indigenous divide': Winnipeg stares into an ethnic chasm October 23, 2014

As Casualties Mount, Scientists Say Global Warming Has Been 'Hugely Underestimated' October 23, 2014

Union Democracy, Student Labor, and the Fight for Public Education October 22, 2014

Tables turned -- Israel on the run October 22, 2014

Foreign scientists call on Stephen Harper to restore science funding, freedom October 22, 2014

From the sexist bargaining table to the picket lines October 22, 2014

Ebola, Capitalism and the Idea of Society October 22, 2014

After repelling ISIL, PKK fighters are the new heroes of Kurdistan October 22, 2014

Why did Britain's political class buy into the Tories' economic fairytale? October 21, 2014

Why the NDP's childcare proposal has irritated all the right people October 21, 2014

The smoking gun... Harper's plan to privatize Canada Post October 21, 2014

Tens of thousands take to UK streets in pay protest October 21, 2014

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7:00pm, Monday October 27, 2014
OISE Auditorium, 252 Bloor Street West, Toronto.

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Forum: U of T Divest from Israel's War Crimes!

Learn more from the campaign organizers and an impressive panel of speakers which includes four divestment activists from the U.S., Canada, and Palestine to discuss the importance pressuring UofT to divest.

Speakers include:
* Hazem Jamjoum, Haider Eid, Nahida Gordon and Shourideh Molavi.

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