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Reportback from Ecosocialism Conference 2013

Toronto — 4 May 2013.

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Taking place at New York's Barnard College, the Ecosocialist Conference drew some two hundred activists around the slogan “System Change not Climate Change.” It was endorsed by numerous progressive organizations and individuals in the U.S. and Canada, and featured speakers from a wide spectrum of organizations and perspectives. This day-long conference (April 20th) included workshops on “Race, Gender, and Environmental Justice”; “Agriculture and Food: Sustainable or Profitable?”; “Fossil Fuel Divestment,” and many other topics. The conference aimed to build a more collaborative left that could serve as the radical wing of the green movement and advance a program for “fighting global warming and its chief cause, capitalism.”

Moderated by Greg Albo. Presentations by:

Organized by the Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly. For more information on these themes, visit climateandcapitalism.com.

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