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Pursuing a Just World Order, Crisis for the Left

Delhi, India — 11 November 2010.

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Leo Panitch: “Pursuing a Just World Order, Crisis for the Left”

Part of the Delhi University symposium on “Globalization, Justice and Democracy.”

This one day symposium, which followed the three day International Conference on “The Global Crisis and Hegemonic Dilemmas” (8-10 Nov.2010 in New Delhi), was more oriented to counter-hegemonic strategies for radical social change. In this talk, Leo Panitch, drawing on his book In and Out of Crisis (with Greg Albo and Sam Gindin), addresses a lack of ambition on the left which has been more debilitating than its lack of capacity in the current global economic crisis, and outlines the kinds of immediate demands for radical reforms as well as longer term socialist strategic orientation that is needed today. [transcript (pdf)]

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