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Today is Thursday 23rd of March 2017, 4:14:27pm
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The Bullet
Women Rise Up Against Gender Violence in the Caribbean
On March 11, survivors of violence against women and their allies and supporters held marches in six Caribbean countries. Started by two Barbadian women, Ronelle King and Allyson Benn, the movement had the hashtag #LifeInLeggings. In Jamaica, one of the groups marching was the Tambourine Army, a movement of activists dedicated to eradicating sexual violence against women and girls. Some of the Tambourine Army are survivors themselves of sexual violence.

By Justin Podur interviews Joan Joy Grant Cummings - Thursday 23 Mar 2017, 2:00am

 In The News Today 

CLC sees skills training, infrastructure and child care as budget highlights
The Canadian Labour Congress says today's federal budget takes positive steps on a few key issues for working Canadians and their communities.
canadianlabour.ca | 23 Mar 2017, 6:00pm

Budget shows vast majority of new housing funds delayed more than five years
The federal government's 2017 budget pledges more than $11 billion for affordable housing, but backloads almost all the spending until after the next election, with just $20 million of the new money slated for this year.
www.thestar.com | 23 Mar 2017, 5:00pm

Canada, Not Just the NDP, Needs a Socialist Alternative
If it isn't already clear that the planet cannot sustain robber-baron free-market economics and that the growing inequality between the wealthy and impoverished is about to ignite a powder keg of discontent -- it should be. The American election showed us the same old centrism doesn't cut it anymore for the millions who've been short-changed by Wall Street.
thetyee.ca | 23 Mar 2017, 4:00pm

Every attempt to manage academia makes it worse
The problem is a well-known one, and indeed one we have discussed here before: as soon as you try to measure how well people are doing, they will switch to optimising for whatever you're measuring, rather than putting their best efforts into actually doing good work.
svpow.com | 23 Mar 2017, 3:00pm

Austerity Has Failed: An Open Letter From Thomas Piketty to Angela Merkel
The never-ending austerity that Europe is force-feeding the Greek people is simply not working. Now Greece has loudly said no more. As most of the world knew it would, the financial demands made by Europe have crushed the Greek economy, led to mass unemployment, a collapse of the banking system, made the external debt crisis far worse.
www.thenation.com | 23 Mar 2017, 2:00pm

Carbon dioxide levels now rising at record speed
Carbon dioxide levels measured at NOAA's Mauna Loa Baseline Atmospheric Observatory rose by 3 parts per million to 405.1 parts per million (ppm) in 2016, an increase that matched the record jump observed in 2015.
climateandcapitalism.com | 23 Mar 2017, 1:00pm

Plan for rising seas, new federal project tells Atlantic Canadians
Sea level rise is quickly becoming an expensive consequence of climate change: by 2020, sea level rise and storm surges could cost Canada as much as $5.4 billion per year, increasing to $48.1 billion per year by 2080, according to a 2016 report from Natural Resources Canada.
www.nationalobserver.com | 23 Mar 2017, 12:00pm

Radical Yes
The Radical Independence Campaign (RIC) has begun preparations to make a renewed, radical case for Scottish independence. Given the election of Trump, the chaotic handling of Brexit by an unelected Tory leader, and the ongoing crisis of the global economy, we believe our message is needed more than ever.
radical.scot | 23 Mar 2017, 11:00am

U.S. 'forces G20 to drop any mention of climate change' in joint statement
Financial officials from the world's biggest economies have dropped from a joint statement any mention of financing action on climate change, reportedly following pressure from the US and Saudi Arabia.
www.independent.co.uk | 23 Mar 2017, 4:00am


FilmSocial: Poverty and the Welfare State, Then and Now

Ken Loach’s award winning newest film I, Daniel Blake (2016), brilliantly exposes the discipline, humiliation and frustration which people who rely on welfare benefits are subjected to in contemporary Britain. To coincide with its Toronto release, we are showing Cathy Come Home (1966), Loach’s first great film on this subject, made exactly 50 years earlier.

Cathy Come Home is the story of Cathy, a working class woman who loses her home, husband and her child as result of an inflexible British welfare state. Ken Loach’s hard hitting realist drama takes on the social problems of poverty and homelessness in mid-sixties London. At the time of its launch, one critic described the film as “an ice-pick in the brain of all who saw it.”

Half a century on, poverty and homelessness persist in cities all over the world. These problems are acute in Toronto, the “inequality capital of Canada.” Campaigns against regressive government policies that adversely affect the working poor and homeless are urgent and growing.

What does Cathy Come Home tell us about capitalism, poverty and the welfare state, back then, and now?

Discussant: John Clarke, from the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP)

filmsocial-to.com/schedule | JPG poster | PDF poster

8:00pm, Thursday March 23, 2017
Eative's Film Cafe 230 Augusta Ave, Toronto.

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