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Today is Friday 31st of October 2014, 12:58:31pm
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 What’s New 

What's New: What's Your Che Factor?
Welcome to the Che Factor: the quiz that measures how closely your choices match up with Che Guevara's. Your answers are not necessarily right or wrong, just how closely they correspond to some of the decisions made by Che Guevara as guerilla leader and revolutionary. Many of the responses are just, in some cases even humanitarian, but they are not necessarily the path chosen by Guevara.

Friday 31 Oct 2014, 1:30pm

What's New: Ethnic Cleansing by All Means: The real Israeli 'peace' policy
The pine trees in Palestine appeared with the establishment of the state of Israel. The pine is generally a European species which before the 20th century was not seen in the Middle East. It was brought to Palestine by the Zionist settlers for two main reasons. First, it gave the new Jewish settlers the feeling that the place they had migrated to was somehow part of Europe. The second reason for their import was more practical; they were brought to cover up the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

By Ilan Pappé and Samer Jaber - Friday 31 Oct 2014, 2:00am

 In The News Today 

Profit drive kills woodworkers in British Columbia
Another explosion has occurred in a wood processing mill in BC. Three workers were injured at the Pinnacle Renewable Energy pellet manufacturing plant in Burns Lake on Oct. 9. The company makes wood pellets out of waste wood, which are then used in industrial processes or in domestic heating.
ricochet.media | 31 Oct 2014, 6:00pm

Palestine: Jewish Settlers Torch 100 of World's Oldest Olive Trees
Israeli settlers in the northern occupied West Bank have razed to the ground huge swathes of Palestinian-owned agricultural land in the town of Huwara, according to reports.
www.ibtimes.co.uk | 31 Oct 2014, 4:00pm

Higher Education and the New Brutalism
Across the globe, a new historical conjuncture is emerging in which the attacks on higher education as a democratic institution and on dissident public voices in general - whether journalists, whistleblowers or academics - are intensifying with sobering consequences.
truth-out.org | 31 Oct 2014, 2:00pm

Alt-Labor or Not, It Will Take Rank-and-File Power to Revive Us
Can recent experiments with alternative forms of organizing, such as worker centers and minority strikes, offer a solution to the labor movement's long half-century of decline? Racked by globalization, union-busting, and weak legal protections, unions in the U.S. have fallen from representing 35 per cent of the working population in the 1950s to 12 per cent today. Other countries have seen similar trends.
www.labornotes.org | 31 Oct 2014, 1:00pm

Gloves off as Numsa takes on Cosatu, dumps ANC
If you believed that the war between Numsa and trade union federation Cosatu leaders couldn't get any worse, think again, because the metalworkers union was unequivocal that they only getting started.
mg.co.za | 31 Oct 2014, 12:00pm

Surveillance of social movement groups increases under Harper government
The Council of Canadians is concerned by the increasing pattern of surveillance under the Harper government of social movement groups, including our own organization. In June, we denounced the Harper government's order to federal departments to monitor all political demonstrations across the country.
rabble.ca | 31 Oct 2014, 11:00am

Greek Politics in the Age of the Euro Crisis and the Urgent Task for Left Unity
In a politically, economically and socially underdeveloped Balkan country in which corruption, cronyism and clientelism largely constitute the driving forces of 'development,' 'social mobility' and 'social progress,' Greece's only hope of revival from its moral and social morass is a unified left.
truth-out.org | 31 Oct 2014, 4:00am


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