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Upcoming Events:

August 9 - August 14, 2016

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: World Social Forum 2016

World Social Forum 2016
The goal of the WSF 2016 is to gather tens of thousands of people from groups in civil society, organizations and social movements who want to build a sustainable and inclusive world, where every person and every people has its place and can make its voice heard.

Whether or not you think you will be present in Montreal from the 9th to 14th of August 2016, you can participate in the WSF 2016 by simply registering. This entails the creation of an account that allows you to access to a social network, keeps you in touch with participants, NGOs as well as the WSF collective who, like you believe in the construction of a better world.

Take the opportunity to register for $20 ($40 regular price) until March 16th, 2016.

May 14 - June 25, 2016
Trinity Square Video, 401 Richmond West, Toronto.

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Public Exposures: The Art-Activism of Condé + Beveridge (1976-2016)

The Art-Activism of Condé + Beveridge (1976-2016)
This multi-gallery survey spans the career of the political-art duo, from their rejection of the New York art scene in the 70s and move to Canada, where they've collaborated with unions, communities and artist-run centres, to a recent work about climate change and hockey. They originally adopted the staged-photo format to protect unionists who feared identification by management, but soon found the strategy allowed them to push their social justice message further. They've devoted their life's work to exploring the intersections of wage labour and creativity.

Exhibition runs May 14 – June 25, 2016
Opening Reception at Trinity Square Video (401 Richmond St W. Suite 121), Saturday May 14, 2-4 PM

condebeveridge.ca | www.trinitysquarevideo.com
7:00pm, Thursday June 9, 2016
A Space Gallery, 401 Richmond St. W., Toronto.

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: Class Struggle, TO!

Panel of activists and historians on the struggles of women and the poor in the city's history.

* Gaetan Heroux is an anti-poverty activist with the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty. He has worked in the Dundas and Sherbourne area more than 25 years. He is also co-author, with Bryan D. Palmer, of Toronto's Poor: A Rebellious History, a book being published in the fall of 2016 by Between the Lines.

* Bryan Palmer edits the journal Labour/Le Travail, and has authored a number of books on labour and the left in Canada and elsewhere. His most recent books are Revolutionary Teamsters: The Minneapolis Truckers' Strikes of 1934 (2013) and, with Gaetan Heroux, Toronto's Poor: A Rebellious History, forthcoming, Between the Lines, 2016. A two-volume collection of his essays, Marxism and Historical Practice was published in the Historical Materialism Book Series in 2015

* Joan Sangster teaches in the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies at Trent University. She has written articles and monographs on working women and labour movement, the history of the Left, feminist historiography, the criminalization of women and girls, and Aboriginal women and the law. Her most recent book was Transforming Labour: Women and Work in Postwar Canada. In 2017, UBC Press will publish her overview of the Canadian women’s suffrage movement from the colonial period to 1960.

Sponsored by Socialist Project | publicexposures.weebly.com
7:00pm, Tuesday June 7, 2016
Imperial Pub, 54 Dundas St E., Toronto.

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Book launch: Canada Since 1960: A People's History

Canada Since 1960: A People's History
Canadian Dimension magazine (CD) is this country’s oldest Left publication. In this new book — Canada Since 1960: A People's History — 25 authors evaluate how CD discussed diverse subjects over a span of 50 years: 50 Years of Class Struggle; 50 Years in Indian Country; 50 Years of Art & Culture; 50 Years of Making Socialism; 50 Years of Rebelling Youth; 50 years of Anti-Racism, Human Rights and Immigration advocacy! And much, much more!

Presenters: Greg Albo, Himani Bannerji, David Hugill, Bryan Palmer, Dennis Pilon, Elise Thornburn

canadiandimension.com | Facebook event
June 1 - June 2, 2016
University of Calgary, Calgary.

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: CAWLS 3rd Annual Conference

CAWLS 3rd Annual Conference will be held 1-2 June 2016, at the University of Calgary.

The Congress theme, “Energizing Communities” seeks to engage our collective interest in how communities are organized, how they respond to social change and how we build alliances with like-minded groups. In both the developed and developing worlds, “energizing communities” includes examining workers in the commodity sectors, the role of the environment within the class struggle, and how labour builds alliances with other groups, including Indigenous communities.

We invite you to look at those panels’ calls for papers:
* Strategies for Temporary Foreign Worker organizing
* Building Solidarity in Care Work
* Moving Beyond the Low Wage Economy: Strategies, Policies and Politics for Decent Work and Wages
* Fractures and Alliances Construction Work and Workers

May 27 - May 29, 2016

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: Public Exposures Symposium

The Public Exposures symposium (May 27, 28, 29) is bringing together participants from diverse communities and working sectors — practicing artists, community activists, union members, educators, students, and more. Inspired by Condé and Beveridge’s innovative art, and their strategic activism, the broad aims of the symposium are:

• To reflect on issues and strategies that they and many others are engaging -- specifically in the areas of artists’ rights, and art and labour -- and more broadly around needs for social, economic, and environmental justice.

• To energize grassroots collaborations -- renewing/strengthening existing links -- seeding new possibilities for artists and activists working in the public sphere.

The symposium will have local, national, and international scope, with guest-participants from across Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. Scheduled events will be hosted in three locations -- at the exhibition site in the 401 Richmond building; at OCAD University; and the United Steelworkers’ Hall -- all within walking distance. Each day of the symposium will engage participants differently.

May 28 - May 28, 2016

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: Ontario-wide Referendum

Ontario-wide Referendum
All across Ontario hospital beds, emergency departments, birthing and surgical units, palliative care and even entire hospitals are being closed down. Hundreds of nurses have been cut, along with the thousands of hours of hands-on care that they provide for patients. Public laboratories, diagnostics, outpatient clinics are being shuttered and privatized. Vital housekeeping and support services have been cut to the bone and privatized.

It is beyond time that the cuts to our community hospitals stop. We are calling for Ontarians to join a province-wide vote to make Ontario’s government listen to the concerns of our communities & restore our local hospital services.

What you can do:
* Host a voting station in your community
* Hold a workplace vote in your workplace
* Drop leaflets off in your neighbourhood or help deliver them to other towns

www.ontariohealthcoalition.ca | ottawahealthcoalition.ca

Past Events:

7:00pm, Thursday May 26, 2016
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St., Toronto.

twinkle starForum: The BJP and the Crisis of Liberal Democracy in India

The BJP and the Crisis of Liberal Democracy in India
Since the election of the BJP in May 2014, there has been an unprecedented onslaught on workers' rights along with a well-planned assault on democratic institutions, academic-cultural centres, intellectuals, left, progressive and secular groups, religious minorities, women and marginalized sections across India. Indeed, recent developments, such as the breaking of strikes across India, the arrest and torture of the disabled scholar Dr. G.N. Saibaba (Delhi University) on false accusations of being involved in the armed revolutionary movement, the suicide of Dalit scholar V. Rohith due to caste-based abuse and harassment, and the recent attacks on freedom of speech at JNU because of purported anti-national activities, among many others, demonstrate that we are witnessing a rising tide of fascism in India. Yet the working class movement remains in disarray and unable to resist these attacks. 540 million members of the Indian working class and 270 million agrarian semi-proletarians are left to the mercy of fascist corporatist trade unions on the one hand, and reactionary parties of the rural bourgeoisie on the other. Failure to understand the changes in modus operandi of imperialism and realize the revolutionary potential of the gigantic unorganized and informal working class has similarly resulted in the failure to evolve new forms and strategies of resistance. Given the rise of fascist challenge it is even more urgent to rethink the approach and methods in the working class movement.

Presentations by:
* Abhinav Sinha, PhD student, Delhi University
* Dr. Himani Bannerji, Sociology, York University
* Dr. Raju Das, Geography, York University
* Dr. Ritika Shrimali, Geography, York University

Sponsored by Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), Socialist Project and York Centre for Asian Research | Facebook event | PDF poster
7:00pm, Friday May 20, 2016
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St., Toronto.

twinkle starForum: Symbolic Violence and Liberal Settler-Colonialism

Glen Coulthard is Yellowknives Dene and an assistant professor in the First Nations and Indigenous Studies Program and the Department of Political Science at the University of British Columbia. He is the author of Red Skin, White Masks: Rejecting the Colonial Politics of Recognition (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2014), winner of the 2016 Caribbean Philosophical Association's Frantz Fanon Award for Most Outstanding Book.

This event is sponsored by the International Political Economy and Ecology Summer School (IPEE), an annual graduate seminar organized by the Faculty of Environmental Studies and the Departments of Political Science and Geography at York University. Co-sponsors include the Global Labour Research Centre, York University (GLRC), Historical Materialism, No One Is Illegal Toronto, Socialist Project, and the Centre for Social Justice.

beitzatoun.org | Facebook event
May 13 - May 15, 2016
York University, 4700 Keele St., Toronto.

HM 2016: Confronting the Violence of Capital

Confronting the Violence of Capital
Capital comes dripping from head to toe in blood and dirt, and its continued reproduction has proven no less bloody. Its existence relies on systemic forms of degradation and exploitation, both spectacular and quotidian. From the violent suppression of 19th century workers movements and genocidal imperialism – from the Paris Commune to the scramble for Africa – capitalism’s victories and defeats have always played out in the arena of violence.

Today, against a backdrop of permanent war, austerity measures, refugee crisis, and racist police brutality, it has become clear that violence remains the backbone of the capitalist world order. As many Left movements, from the indignados to Occupy to Black Lives Matter, are challenging the violence of capital, it is vital that we conceptualize new strategies of resistance and self-defense.

HMTO 2016 will discuss the depth and extent of capitalism’s violence, in addition to reflecting on the Left’s modes of resistance historically, today, and in years to come. We welcome submissions from a broad range of participants, including activists and non-academic researchers.

7:00pm, Wednesday May 11, 2016
Palmerston Library Theatre, 560 Palmerston Ave, Toronto.

$10 PWYC

: Marx in Soho

Howard Zinn’s acclaimed one-man play Marx in Soho, published in 1999 and performed around the world, offers a compelling portrait of one of the modern era’s most influential thinkers. Karl Marx returns to tell stories about his family, his activism, and his writing career, and to dispel myths and misinterpretations that have emerged around his ideas. "I'm not a Marxist," he insists, yet he speaks forcefully but intimately about the social and economic inequalities that continue to plague western society. Humorous, wistful, and passionate in defence of the oppressed, Zinn's Marx is an inspiring figure to spend an evening with. Starring Jeff Bate Boerop and directed by John Ball, this production has had two successful runs in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Co-sponsored by Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 1281, Steelworkers' Toronto Area Council - STAC, and Historical Materialism Toronto | Facebook event
7:00pm, Wednesday May 11, 2016
Univ of Toronto, 15 King's College Circle, Toronto.

Forum: In the Name of Security? Global War against the People

Though the UN was ostensibly founded with the intent of “ending the scourge of war”, and though the collapse of the Soviet Union heralded the possibility of dismantling nuclear weapons and defusing worldwide tensions, the last decades have seen tens of millions of civilians and young soldiers killed in inter-state and intra-state wars. Along with warfare, there is a massive expansion of ever more lethal weapons, the emergence of high-technology surveillance/police states, and the personal enrichment and power of complicit entrepreneurs and professionals. Jeff Halper and Bruce Gagnon are expert researchers and longtime activists in efforts to end this madness.

Jeff Halper is founder and director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. He has lectured and written much on Israel’s “matrix of control.” Richard Falk , Professor Emeritus of International Law and former UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories, writes this about Halper’s new work on global pacification:
bq. “What the book demonstrates very persuasively is that Israeli influence is a result of its extraordinary, partially hidden and understated role as arms supplier to more than 130 countries and as an increasingly significant mentor of national police forces and counter-terrorist operations and practices in many countries, including the United States.”

Facebook event
April 30 - May 1, 2016

May Day 2016: Fight for $15 and Fairness

Fight for $15 and Fairness
Rally, March, & Public Forum

May Day 2016 is the fifth annual protest organized by Solidarity Against Austerity for International Workers’ Day.

RALLY & MARCH: Gather at 2pm, Sunday, May 1 at the Human Rights Monument, Elgin & Lisgar.

FORUM: 3pm, Sunday, May 1. 233 Gilmour, at Metcalfe.

solidarityottawa.ca/mayday | Facebook event | PDF poster
May 1 - May 1, 2016
Toronto Pearson International Airport, Terminal 1, Toronto.

: MayDay Celebration at Toronto Airport

Join the street festival on May 1st at Canada's largest workplace to celebrate workers' rights and stand up for fairness.

WHERE: Terminal 1, Departures
WHEN: 1:00 p.m.
WHY: Far too many airport workers experience low wages, inadequate hours and permanent insecurity. This makes our families and communities suffer! Greater Toronto Airports Authority has the power to put a stop to this but chooses to look the other way.

Come out on Sunday May 1st, to the Toronto Pearson Airport to call for a $15 minimum wage, paid sick days, succession rights to protect workers against contract flipping and more! Bring out your families to enjoy snacks and a beautiful weather.

Let us know you are coming by clicking attending, make sure to invite all your friends and co-workers. Everyone is welcome and together we are stronger.

Facebook event
1:00pm, Sunday May 1, 2016
Yonge-Dundas Square , Toronto.

: May Day 2016

Every year on May 1st grassroots organizations in Toronto rally and march to mark International Worker’s Day, for migrant and worker’s rights and in support of Indigenous people’s struggles. Themed around the most pressing issues of the day and committed to people’s struggles against oppression and exploitation, May Day unites people’s struggles for self-determination and liberation. We continue this tradition in 2016, rallying and marching against colonial and capitalist attacks on our communities here and Canadian imperialism’s plunder and attacks on peoples across the world.

This year, May Day organizing seeks to highlight the struggles of, and resistance to anti-black racism, police brutality, and issues deeply affecting black communities.

Facebook event
7:00pm, Saturday April 30, 2016
Steelworkers' Hall, 25 Cecil Street, Toronto.

: May Day 2016

The United May Day Committee keeps alive the tradition of International Workers’ Day by organizing an indoor rally to complement the annual march on the streets of Toronto. The event brings together prominent labour, political, and international speakers with a rich array of talented dancers, singers, poets and musicians from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Featured among the speakers are John Cartwright, President, Toronto & York Region Labour Council, Drew Garvie, Central Committee Member, Communist Party of Canada and Mariam Abou-Dib, Executive Assistant to the President, Canadian Labour Congress. Artists in the cultural program include drum ensemble Baro Dununba, poets Dane Swan and Mahlikah Awe:ri, and musicians Baljit & Sumit Bains, Tony Quarrington, and Mama Conway and the Christie Pits Pickers.

Facebook event
7:00pm, Wednesday April 27, 2016
Steelworkers' Hall, 25 Cecil Street, Toronto.

Town Hall Meeting: Ontario Health Coalition

Toronto's hospitals are facing another year of serious cuts to staff and services. Already this year, the University Health Network (Toronto General and Toronto Western sites), Mount Sinai Hospital and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health have cut more than 100 Registered Nursing positions along with the hands-on patient care they provide. Humber River Regional Hospital has cut or closed multiple hospital sites, and people in the affected communities have to travel further to access care. Hospitals all across Toronto and the GTA have been plagued by serious cuts, while seniors now face a major increase in the cost of their drugs, all as a result of provincial government budget choices.

Join the Toronto Health Coalition to discuss local health care concerns and help plan the fight-back campaign!

(There will be a pre-meeting BBQ starting at 6pm)

11:00am, Tuesday April 26, 2016
Metro Convention Centre, 255 Front St., Toronto.

Protest: Barrick Gold

Protest Barrick: Stand with Communities Demanding Justice.

10th year protesting this abusive company. Food, Art, Music, and Speakers.

Barrick Gold is a criminal company of global proportions. Implicated in killings, rapes, toxic spills, fraudulent reporting, land theft, and the militarization of entire communities, this company is a case study in the need for corporate accountability regulations internationally. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Harvard Law Clinic, Mining Watch, NYU Law School, and many others have documented this abuse, but popular pressure in Canada is needed to push for justice for the communities impacted by Barrick's operations.

4:00pm, Monday April 25, 2016
Osgoode Hall, 4700 Keele St., Toronto.

Emeritus lecture: Making Sense of Politics

Making Sense of Politics
Inaugural Politics Emeritus Lecture: Making Sense of Politics: Optimism of the Intellect

Leo Panitch, Canada Research Chair in Comparative Political Economy from 2001 to 2015 and Distinguished Research Professor at York University.

Event Registration | PDF poster
7:00pm, Friday April 22, 2016
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St., Toronto.

Book launch: Confronting Injustice

Confronting Injustice: Social Activism in the Age of Individualism by Umair Muhammad.

A new generation of activists working for economic and environmental justice, and against war and poverty, confronts critical questions. Why is the world so unjust and crisis-prone? What kind of world should we fight for? How can we win? In this panoramic yet accessible book, Umair Muhammad engages with these and other urgent debates. He argues that individual solutions like "buying green" are dead ends and that hope for the future lies in a radical expansion of democracy and the transformation of the economy from one based on profit to one that can meet human needs. The scale of these problems should make it clear that individualist, lifestyle approaches to activism will not suffice. We need to change the structures of our social system, not our light bulbs. Confronting Injustice seeks to expose the structural roots of the injustices we must confront, and outlines an approach to activism that transcends the hopeless individualism of our time.

* Umair Muhammad is a researcher who focuses on the political economy of climate change. He is also a member of the editorial team of Delusions of Development and is studying for his Phd at York University.

* Ama Amponsah is a long-time resident of Jane and Finch. She organizes with Jane Finch Action Against Poverty (JFAAP) and is a former member of CUPE Ontario's Racial Justice Committee.

* Stefan Kipfer is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University. His research interests include urban politics, social theory, and ecological socialism.

* Sadia Khan is a community organizer in the East end, and has worked with new immigrant communities in various capacities for over 8 years. She is currently pursuing her masters in Social and Political Thought at York University.

Sponsored by: Centre for Social Justice, Jane Finch Action Against Poverty (JFAAP) and Socialist Project | Facebook event | PDF poster
7:00pm, Monday April 18, 2016
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St., Toronto.

$5/$10 PWYC

Forum: Demilitarization

The Military/Security complex and Canada, Palestine/Israel, and climate change

* Dr. Rand Askalan is a Toronto-based physician who has organized humanitarian relief for the victims of Israel’s wars and siege of Gaza. She has just returned from Gaza and from the West Bank. Her efforts have led to Canadian contributions of $85,000 for a fully equipped ambulance, for a therapist to provide rehabilitation training at the Right to Live Center in Gaza, for intensive care medical equipment to a hospital in Hebron, to the Palestinian Healthy Child Fellowship program at Sick Kids Hospital, and to the founding of the Palestinian Canadian Physicians Society.

* Matthew Behrens is a freelance writer and social justice advocate who coordinates the Homes not Bombs non-violent direct action network. He writes regularly for NOW magazine and for Rabble where his column “Taking Liberties” examines connections between national security and civil liberties. Behrens has worked closely with the targets of Canadian and U.S. “national security” profiling for many years.

* Judy Deutsch is former president of Science for Peace. She taught a course on climate justice at the University of Toronto and writes frequently about climate change and the military. She is a psychoanalyst and gave a keynote paper at the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme/World Health Organization conference on the Gaza siege, held in Ramallah in 2008. Her paper is now published in the book Psychoanalysis, Collective Traumas and Memory Places.

Sponsored by Science for Peace and the Centre for Social Justice | Facebook event
7:30pm, Thursday April 7, 2016
OISE, Room 5-250, 252 Bloor Street West., Toronto.

Book tour: After the Sands

After the Sands
Energy and Ecological Security for Canadians. What will it take for Canada to reach Trudeau's Paris climate commitments?

A talk with Gordon Laxer. Introduced by Angela Bischoff.

“A Myth Destroying Blockbuster.” – Ralph Nader

Presented by: CCPA, Council of Canadians (Toronto Chapter). | PDF poster
March 21 - April 5, 2016
40 College Street, Toronto.

Ongoing: Support needed for Black Lives Matter

Support needed for Black Lives Matter
Toronto (BLMTO) activists are currently protesting outside Toronto Police Headquarters (40 College Street) for the following important demands:

* The immediate release of the name(s) of the officer(s) who killed Andrew Loku and Jermaine Carby.
* A review of the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) with adequate consultation from families victimized by police violence.
* Reversal of all city-mandated changes imposed on Afrofest including its restoration to a 2-day festival.

Needs: Tarps, Blankets, cardboard boxes, hot drinks, gloves, hand warmers anything to keep protestors warm.

Monday April 4th, 10am - 1pm at 40 College Street.

Needs for this week.

facebook.com/blacklivesmatterTO | twitter.com/BLM_TO #blmtotentcity
2:30pm, Sunday April 3, 2016
USW Hall, 25 Cecil Street, Toronto.

: Gerardo Hernández, one of the “Cuban Five”

Gerardo Hernández is one of the three of the Cuban Five who had been behind bars since 1998, until U.S. President Obama freed them on December 17, 2014. The release of the three was part of the agreement negotiated between the U.S. and Cuban governments concerning future relations between the two countries. Two of the Cuban Five, René González and Fernando González were released in 2011 and 2013 after serving their full sentences. Cuba maintained its absolute insistence that the remaining three prisoners be freed and as the international protests continued to grow, freedom for Gerardo, Ramón and Antonio became a vital issue in the negotiations.

Sponsored by: United Steelworkers, Canada; Co-sponsored by: Worker to Worker, Canada-Cuba Labour Solidarity Network, Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association, Toronto, Friends of Cuba Against the U.S. Blockade.
9:30am, Friday April 1, 2016
York University, Kaneff Tower, 519, 4700 Keele St., Toronto.

Book launch/workshop: The BRICS: An Anti-Capitalist Critique

What do the BRICS and their transnational corporations actually represent? “South-South solidarity”? “multi-polar world”? “counter to US hegemony”? “worst of neoliberal capitalism”? “junior predators”? “sub-imperialism”?

A day of lively discussion and debate with:
* Editors: Patrick Bond, University of KwaZulu Natal; Ana Garcia, Federal Rural University Rio

* Chapter Authors: Leo Panitch, Political Science, York; Judith Marshall, CERLAC, York

* Discussants: Sean Starrs, University of Hong Kong; Greg Albo, Political Science, York

Morning Session 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Patrick Bond, Leo Panitch, Sean Starrs
Afternoon Session 2 – 4 p.m. Ana Garcia, Judith Marshall, Greg Albo

Sponsors: Center for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean, Political Science, Centre for Asian Research, Portuguese & Luso-Brazilian Studies, York University Bookstore, Centre for Social Justice | Facebook event | PDF poster
7:00pm, Thursday March 31, 2016
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St., Toronto.

Book launch/forum: The BRICS: An Anti-Capitalist Critique

The BRICS: An Anti-Capitalist Critique
The relative economic decline of the United States, Europe and Japan is often linked to the rise of an ‘emerging’ bloc comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa demanding ‘a seat at the table’. Yet as many of the world’s leading left thinkers demonstrate in this important new book, the BRICS seem to be not so much overturning the tables of global capitalism, but as collaborating in holding them up.

The book's co-editors Patrick Bond from South Africa and Ana Garcia from Brazil will be joined by the two Toronto authors of chapters in the book in discussing how to understand where the BRICS fit on the most crucial global issues ranging from world finance to climate change.

• Patrick Bond: University of KwaZulu Natal
• Ana Garcia: Federal Rural University of Rio de Janiero
• Judith Marshall: labour educator and researcher, formerly with United Steelworkers’ Global Affairs Department
• Leo Panitch: York University

Sponsored by Centre for Social Justice, Socialist Project | Facebook event | PDF poster
7:00pm, Thursday March 24, 2016
Ted Rogers School of Business, 7th flr, 55 Dundas St West, Toronto.

Phyllis Clarke memorial lecture: The Methodology for a New Politics

The Methodology for a New Politics
Changing the ‘Operating System’ of the Left after the 2015 Greek Experience

Andreas Karitzis has a MSc in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Philosophy. He is the author of Logic and Method of a Left Government (in Greek) and a founding member of the “Hub” for social economy, empowerment and innovation. He was a member of the Political Secretariat of SYRIZA and of its Programme Committee until April of 2014. He was also a member of the SYRIZA’s Central Committee until August of 2015.

The Greek case leaves no doubt about Europe's present situation: democracy has been successfully limited and a new kind of despotism is fast emerging. In this lecture Karitzis outlines key aspects of the current sociopolitical environment and presents a diagnosis regarding the time lag of the Left. The main focus is with the modifications needed to the political practice of the Left based on the “SYRIZA experience”. This entails an upgrade its operational capacities to meet the requirements of present day antagonisms. Building popular power, restructuring political representation and reviving the notion of “transformation of the state” are all major themes addressed. Lessons from the Greek case may be broadly valuable, facilitating the Left in other countries to initiate a process of systematic preparation and adaptation.

www.ryerson.ca | PDF poster
8:00am, Friday March 18, 2016
York University, 280N York Lanes, 4700 Keele St., Toronto.

: Sub/Urbanizing Austerity: Impacts and Alternatives

Panel 1: Spaces of Hope in the Struggle Against Authoritarian Neoliberalism (9:00-10:15)
Panel 2: Not/Profiting from Poverty and Precarity (10:30-11:45)
Alternate Routes Keynote Panel: (12:45-1:45)
Panel 3: Low Waged Work, Social Reproduction and the Promises/Perils of Participatory Budgeting (2:00-3:15)
Panel 4: Whose Right to the City? (3:30-5:00)

6:00pm, Saturday March 12, 2016
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St., Toronto.

Syria: Faces of Survival and Resilience

Memorial / Exhibit Opening: Saturday March 12 | Ongoing exhibition: March 12 - April 3

The Photography of Ali Mustafa

Ali Mustafa (1984-2014), a Toronto-based freelance photojournalist, activist, and writer, was killed in Aleppo along with seven others on March 9, 2014, in an aerial bombing carried out by the Syrian government.

As we celebrate Ali’s memory and legacy on the second anniversary of his passing, the Ali Mustafa Memorial Collective invites you to an exhibition of some of the most moving and vivid photography from his journeys to Syria.

March 8 - March 10, 2016

Israeli Apartheid Week: Our Struggles Unite

Our Struggles Unite
First launched in Toronto in 2005, IAW has grown to become one of the most important global events in the Palestine solidarity calendar. This year, IAW will take place in more than 150 cities across the globe. The week aims to raise awareness about Israel’s ongoing practices of apartheid, occupation and dispossession against the Palestinian people. Lectures, films, and creative actions will build support for the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement.

Inspired by the ongoing popular resistance across historic Palestine and the intersections being made globally between various struggles with Palestine, we hope to make Israeli Apartheid Week 2016 a powerful contribution to the Palestinian struggle for freedom and justice.

Israeli Apartheid Week in Toronto is organized by Students Against Israeli Apartheid, the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid, the University of Toronto Graduate Students’ Union (UTGSU) BDS Committee, and the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 3902 BDS Committee.

www.uoftdivest.com | Facebook event
2:00pm, Sunday March 6, 2016
Happy Goat Coffee Co., 35 Laurel Street, Ottawa.

IWD: Women Fight Back!

Bad jobs are on the rise in Ontario and across Canada. Poverty wages, unpredictable hours, unsafe working conditions, and job insecurity are the new normal. Getting by on bad jobs is made harder by long-standing cuts to social services, including affordable housing, social assistance, health care, public education and childcare. Women-identified people often bear the brunt of these impacts, facing not just sexism but also racism and discrimination based on gender expression and identity, sexuality, and disability at work. But women are also at the forefront of resistance.

This event is endorsed by Ottawa CUPE District Council.
11:00am, Saturday March 5, 2016
OISE, 252 Bloor Street West., Toronto.

: International Women's Day

International Women's Day
Hello Everyone, It’s time to celebrate and make the power of the women's and labour movement be heard. Join thousands on the streets of Toronto celebrating IWD and marching for Justice on the Job, an end to the Gender Wage Gap, and Good Jobs for All. Together let's raise our voices against poverty jobs, violence and hate, racism and Islamophobia. Bring your banners, flags and placards.

Rally at 11am. March starting at 1pm.

iwdtoronto.ca | watch live
6:00pm, Thursday February 25, 2016
ETT Office, Suite 300, 4211 Yonge Street, Toronto.

: Building Better Schools Forum 2016

Join Elementary Teachers of Toronto (ETT) on February 25th to meet with community leaders from across Toronto to plan the Building Better Schools Forum 2016.

Planning Items:
1) What are the key issues facing schools in your community?
2) How will we use our forum to mobilize allies around these issues?
10:00am, Sunday February 21, 2016
31 Wellesley St. E, Toronto.

Anti-Privatization Forum: Hands Off Our Healthcare, Hydro, Transit and Housing

Hands Off Our Healthcare, Hydro, Transit and Housing
Privatization is everywhere in the city, our province, and across the country, whether is is selling off public resources and services; financing and managing public projects through public/private partnerships (P3s); contracting out the public capacity to manage and oversee the operation of programmes we all need.

Privatization seeks to transform our education, healthcare, energy, and transit into more assets for the 1% to profit from. It undermines public healthcare, affordable, sustainable and reliable energy, accessible transit, social and affordable housing, and the livelihoods of those who work in these sectors.

Who loses most from privatization? Workers, the unemployed, oppressed groups and the environment.

A number of movements work to challenge privatization -- campaigns against the privatization of Hydro One and Toronto Hydro, healthcare, housing and transit. They include unions, community groups, ordinary people and others involved in researching and studying forms of privatization.

Join us for a day of discussion, strategy building and deepening our own capacities to understand and challenge privatization, and contribute to a common strategy to fight back.
Speakers to include:
* Rosario Marchese, Citizens Coalition Against Privatization
* Leo Panitch, Prof. York University
* Natalie Mehra, Ontario Health Coalition (Toronto Hydro)
* John Camilleri, President, CUPE Local 1
* Brenda Thompson, TTCriders and Free Transit Toronto
* Heather Whiteside, University of Waterloo

keephydropublic.ca | www.meetup.com | PDF poster
11:00am, Wednesday February 17, 2016
Queen and Sherbourne, Toronto.

Soup Provided

March on City Hall: Open New Emergency Shelters Now!

Anyone who tries to find a bed within the Toronto homeless shelter system is fully aware that it is in a crisis of overcrowding. During the week of January 18, OCAP members and allies visited the City warming centres and interfaith Out of the Cold shelters that function as a back up for the overloaded system. We spoke to people using these places and volunteers in them. What we found more than confirmed our worst fears.

People are being packed into spaces that, despite the best efforts of those running them, are unable to meet the need. The facilities are inadequate, the demand for them is too great, and people are being turned away.

ocap.ca | Facebook event
7:00pm, Thursday February 11, 2016
Ottawa Library, Main branch, Ottawa.

: Help Save Hydro

Premier Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal MPPs -- who include Ottawa’s Marie-France Lalonde, Yasir Naqvi, Madeleine Meilleur, John Fraser, and Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli -- have started to privatize Hydro One.

80% of Ontarians oppose this privatization because they know it will drive our rates even higher. And the Financial Accountability Officer says it will cost Ontario hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue every year. Forever.

Only the wealthiest citizens benefit from hydro privatization; everybody else suffers higher hydro rates and eroded public services. The good news is that these privatizations can still be stopped, and even reversed. But we need your help. | PDF poster
12:00pm, Monday February 1, 2016

: Rallies to STOP Devastating Hospital Cuts

The Ontario Provincial Parliament’s Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs has chosen Hamilton, Windsor, Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Ottawa and Toronto to hold pre-budget consultations.

We are now entering the 9th consecutive year of hospital cuts – the longest stretch of hospital cuts in Ontario’s history. Every service cut is privatized, subject to user fees or moved far from our home towns.

Rallies to STOP Devastating Hospital Cuts:
* Hamilton Monday January 18. 12 noon. Sheraton Hotel. 116 King St. W.
* Windsor Tuesday January 19. 12 noon. Caesar’s Windsor. 377 Riverside Dr. E.
* Thunder Bay Wednesday January 20. 12 noon. Valhalla Inn, 1 Valhalla Inn Rd.
* Sault Ste. Marie Thursday January 21. 12 noon. Delta Waterfront Hotel. 208 St. Mary’s River Dr.
* Ottawa Friday January 22. 12 noon. Marriott Hotel. 100 Kent St. N.
* Toronto Monday February 1. 12 noon. Queen’s Park

12:00pm, Monday February 1, 2016
Queen's Park, Toronto.

Rally: Against Austerity Cuts & Privatization

Hospitals in crisis, hydro privatization, mounting student debt and rising inequality! Stop devastating cuts to public services and social programs that are hurting our community by rallying at NOON outside the Ontario Pre-Budget consultation at Queen’s Park in Toronto on Monday, February 1, 2016.

Join the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL), Ontario Common Front and the Ontario Health Coalition in demanding an economy that works for everyone. Let’s take action for the #OntarioWeWant.

Facebook event
1:00pm, Saturday January 30, 2016
Univ of Winnipeg, 515 Portage Ave., Winnipeg.

Community Forum: Stop Austerity, Build Solidarity

Stop Austerity, Build Solidarity
Are you worried about what a win for Brian Pallister's PCs in the upcoming provincial election will mean for people in Manitoba? Critical of the NDP government's record in office too?

After hearing from inspiring speakers like CUPW's Ben Zorn and community activist Leah Gazan, we'll be rolling up our sleeves and forming action teams on issues like poverty, resources and the environment, workers' rights and unions, and prisons and policing. Come on out and get involved!

We believe that no matter which party wins the election, we need to mobilize against austerity and for the kind of change people need. Join us!

Please contact us by Jan. 23 to register for child-minding (info@solidaritywinnipeg.ca)

Organized by Solidarity Winnipeg, a new group that aims to unite people to fight for social and ecological justice in the spirit of the Leap Manifesto | www.solidaritywinnipeg.ca | PDF poster
7:00pm, Tuesday January 26, 2016
PSAC, 233 Gilmour Street, Ottawa.

Postal Banking: Not Your Predatory Lender

The meeting is a chance to learn about the many shortcomings of the existing private banking system in Canada and of the potential of a public postal bank to address them!

· Amber Slegtenhorst (ACORN)
· Geoff Bickerton (Research Director CUPW)
· John Anderson (Author and Researcher)

Sponsored by: Coalition for an Accessible Public Postal Service, ACORN, Canadian Union of Postal Workers [Ottawa Local], Friends of Public Services, Ottawa Carleton Elementary Teachers Federation, Solidarity Against Austerity | Facebook event
12:00pm, Monday January 25, 2016
The Prime Minister's Office, 80 Wellington St, Ottawa.

: Harvesting Freedom

"Justice for Migrant Workers" will be holding a demonstration in Ottawa on Monday as part of the launch of their Harvesting Freedom campaign.

They will drop off a very very large invitation card to the 50th year anniversary of the farmworker program in Canada and will be handing out flyers to people who walk by. A group of farmworkers from all over Ontario are driving up from Leamington/GTA to do this.
1:30pm, Saturday January 23, 2016
Friends House, 60 Lowther Ave, Toronto.

$5 or PWYC

: After Paris: What's Next?

ClimateFast hosts a discussion with delegates who participated in the Paris COP 21. What does the agreement mean and what happens next? How will we bring our carbon emissions down and how quickly does that need to happen? How can civil society best support the transition to 100% renewables? We will also feature special guest Jose Etcheverry, of York University, on the transition to renewables.

12:00pm, Monday January 18, 2016
Sheraton Hamilton Hotel, 116 King St. W, Hamilton.

Rally: Against Austerity Cuts & Privatization

Hospitals in crisis, hydro privatization, mounting student debt and rising inequality! Stop devastating cuts to public services and social programs that are hurting our community by rallying at NOON outside the Ontario Pre-Budget consultation in Hamilton on January 18, 2016.

Join the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL), Ontario Common Front and the Ontario Health Coalition in demanding an economy that works for everyone. Let’s take action for the #OntarioWeWant.

Facebook event
7:00pm, Thursday January 14, 2016
Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas St W, Toronto.

: Launching the 2016 Socialist Register

Launching the 2016 Socialist Register
Moderated by Leo Panitch and Greg Albo. Panel discussion featuring:
* Stefan Kipfer and Parastou Saberi on "Right Populism from Paris to Toronto"
* Reg Whitaker on "The Surveillance State"
* Lesley Wood on "Policing with Impunity"

Sponsored by: York University Bookstore, Fernwood Books, Socialist Project, and the Socialist Register | Facebook event | PDF poster
2:00pm, Sunday January 10, 2016
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St., Toronto.

twinkle starForum: France: The Radical Left in the Maelstrom

France: The Radical Left in the Maelstrom
With the November 13th terrorist attacks, the strong showing of the far-Right Front National in regional elections, and the COP21 climate conference in Paris, France has been in the headlines a great deal in recent weeks. Yet we rarely hear about how the radical Left fits in to the evolving situation there. Come out to hear a longtime member of the Toronto Left who has been living in Paris since 2012 and is a supporter of the New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA).

Sponsored by Centre for Social Justice and the Socialist Project | Facebook event | PDF poster
6:00pm, Saturday January 9, 2016
Casa Maíz, 204 - 1280 Finch Avenue W, Toronto.

: 57th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution

57th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution
Come and celebrate with us!

Food • Music • Dance

Greetings from the Consulate of Cuba in Toronto

Organized by: Toronto Forum on Cuba, Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association, Juan Gualberto Gómez Association of Cubans in Toronto, Friends of Cuba against the U.S. Blockade, Casa Maíz, Latin American and Caribbean Solidarity Network.
4:00pm, Wednesday December 9, 2015
York University, 626 Kaneff Tower, Toronto.

: Rethinking the New Canadian Political Economy

Trajectories of Feminism, Anti-Racism, Citizenship, and Belonging with
* Wallace Clement, Carleton University
* Leah F. Vosko, York University
* Nandita Sharma, University of Hawaii

Join us for a panel discussion that will explore new directions in Canadian Political Economy scholarship. For decades, the Canadian Political Economy tradition has shaped a broad body of critical social science research oriented towards both understanding the dynamics of power in society and identifying the processes that may generate progressive social change. Scholarship within this tradition has continually expanded its boundaries seeking new understandings of the social processes and social forces that shape society, their attendant conflicts and contradictions, and the potential for social change that may result. Panelists will explore the development of this field of scholarship, engaging with the political economies of gender, race, work, citizenship, and immigration. | PDF poster
4:00pm, Monday December 7, 2015
Queens' Park, Toronto.

Rally: Hydro One Not for Sale

The Citizen’s Coalition against Privatization (CCAP) has been organizing a strong opposition movement to the sale of Hydro One. By attending this meeting we will help you to be active and have your voice heard. Flood your local MPP with calls, letters and emails. Join one of our local region chapters and attend a public meeting. We need to hear your voice! Let’s act now to stop privatization. Hydro One is your business. Stand up. Be heard. Say NO to the sell-off and keep Hydro public!

hydronotforsale.ca | Facebook event
4:00pm, Sunday December 6, 2015
U.S. consulate, 360 University Ave, Toronto.

Solidarity Rally: Hands off Venezuela

On Sunday Dec 6th Venezuelans will head to the polls in Parliamentary elections. These elections are crucial for the country as the outcome will impact the government’s ability to deepen the process. The electoral process in Venezuela is recognized as one of “the best in the world” by former US president Jimmy Carter but it is under attack. The international media has undertaken a systematic and distorted coverage of Venezuelan affairs, painting an exaggeratedly dismal picture of the country’s current situation and portraying the government as incompetent, dictatorial and criminal.

The US government along with its right wing opposition allies have undertaken a campaign to make the Venezuelan economy scream. This year President Obama approved a special State Department fund of $5 million to support anti-government groups in Venezuela. Further undermining the Maduro government, the National Endowment for Democracy is financing Venezuelan opposition to the tune of $1.2 million a year.

Sponsored by: ALBA moviementos – Canadian chapter, Circulo Bolivariano Louis Riel, HOV Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Peoples' Defense Front, Latin American and Caribbean Solidarity Network | Facebook event
2:00pm, Saturday December 5, 2015
Dundas Square, Yonge and Dundas, Toronto.

: Peace Rally

Rally: Stop the War | Say No to Islamophobia | Refugees Welcome Here

Don't let the Paris attacks lead to more war and Islamophobia

Since the horrific attacks in Paris, many are calling on the Trudeau government to renege on its commitment to bring Canada's bombers home from Iraq and Syria and to cancel plans to bring 25,000 refugees into Canada. We cannot let the attacks create more war and racism.

Refugees are fleeing the same kind of violence that we saw in Paris. They are also victims of this perpetual war - not the perpetrators of the conflict. They have already seen too many attacks, whether in Beirut, Damascus or Kunduz and are trying to get away from that conflict.

Facebook event
12:15pm, Wednesday December 2, 2015
Airport Parkway, Ottawa.

: Solidarity Wednesday Support Picket

Wednesday, Dec 2nd, 12:15pm, is the time for our second “Solidarity Wednesday” support picket in solidarity with the locked out airport taxi drivers, members of UNIFOR Local 1688. WAG organized a similar support picket last week (November 18th), and it was very well received and deeply appreciated by the drivers.

We will be bringing some food and refreshments, and solidarity greetings to the picket line near the (south) end of the Airport Parkway, on the west side of the road. Plenty of parking. In order to allow time to arrive, we will call for a 12:15pm start time. The lockout is in its 4th month, and this group of drivers has hung together in incredibly difficult circumstances. They deserve whatever support we can offer.

4:00pm, Sunday November 29, 2015
Queens' Park, Toronto.

: 100% Possible March for Climate Solutions

On November 29, the eve of the UN climate summit in Paris, join the 100% Possible march for climate solutions and justice in Ottawa. The 100% Possible march, as part of a global day of action, will send a clear message to our newly elected government that climate action is a top priority for Canadians.

Nothing short of a 100% clean economy by 2050 will solve the climate crisis, so that must be our goal.

7:00pm, Saturday November 28, 2015
Steelworkers' Hall, 25 Cecil Street, Toronto.

Pay what you can

: Celebrate With Us When OCAP Turns 25

On November 28,the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty will mark 25 years of challenging those who impose poverty on our communities. Twenty five years is a long time but we're not putting on a party to mark the end of OCAP. Just the opposite, the need for community based resistance in the face of mounting austerity is greater than ever. We'll be having a major celebration to look back on the actions we've taken, the victories we've won, the lives we've impacted and the enemies we've made.

9:00am, Saturday November 28, 2015
Haultain Building, Univ of Toronto, 170 College St., Toronto.

: Toronto People's Assembly on Climate Justice 2015

Toronto People's Assembly on Climate Justice 2015
As part of a global call for actions on climate justice, the Toronto People's Assembly on Climate Justice 2015 will bring together activists, organizations, people from all walks of life for an open forum to discuss community-based responses to the climate crisis. This event is also a direct response to the 2015 United Nations Conference of the Parties talks on the climate in Paris (November 30th to December 11th), and seeks to find alternatives outside of government and industry initiatives, which have served the interests of the rich, rather than people today or our collective future.

Several People’s Assemblies on the Climate were held in Toronto between 2010 and 2012. This 2015 gathering seeks to re-catalyze, revitalize, and revision strength for our collective fight for climate justice.

Facebook event
9:00am, Sunday November 15, 2015
SFU Harbour Centre, 555 West Hastings, Vancouver.

World Peace Forum: Peace Forum Teach-In 2015

Austerity and Anti-Terrorism: Two Lies and How To Fight Them

We are under attack! Who is we? We are workers, women, the poor, the sick, Aboriginal people, immigrants and everyone who wants a world where people get what they need.

The attack masquerades under the names of austerity and anti-terrorism. It is neither. They lie!

Giving billions of dollars to the car companies is not austerity. Refusing to establish a Royal Commission on the fate of hundreds of murdered and disappeared Aboriginal girls and women is not austerity. Spending billions dropping bombs on who knows whom in Iraq and Syria is not anti-terrorism. Creating new measures that criminalize protest of and opposition to government policy is not anti-terrorism.

Our 8th annual Teach-In will focus on this dual offensive. We will bring together analysts and activists to look at what is being done to us and how we can create a movement
that can fight and win.

Keynote speaker: Sarah Jaffe, radical journalist and activist from New York.

www.peaceforumteachin.org | Facebook event
November 5 - November 8, 2015
SOAS, London.

Conference: Historical Materialism 2015

Historical Materialism 2015
The HM 2015 Twelfth Annual Conference 'The Old is Dying and the New Cannot Be Born: States, Strategies, Socialisms' will take place in SOAS, Central London, between Novenber 5th and November 8th.

The London book launch of Socialist Register 2016 will take place at SOAS on Saturday, November 7, 11:15am.

Organised in collaboration with the Isaac and Tamara Deutscher Memorial Committee and Socialist Register | www.historicalmaterialism.org
2:00pm, Sunday November 1, 2015
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St., Toronto.

Forum: From Greece to Portugal to Corbyn’s Labour Party: Openings and Closures on the European Left

From Greece to Portugal to Corbyn’s Labour Party: Openings and Closures on the European Left
Openings and Closures on the European Left

After decades of uninterrupted neoliberal austerity across Europe, in recent years a new left alternative has begun to take shape. Whereas generations had turned to Latin America and other parts of the global capitalist periphery for signs of hope for a viable socialist alternative, today working people have once again turned to confront the capitalist classes in their own countries, and to challenge the vision of a neoliberal Europe with a reinvigorated left politics that seeks to build social movements by working both within and outside the state.

Three of the most prominent examples have been Syriza’s meteoric rise to power in Greece—the only radical left government to do so despite the nearly decade-long global crisis of capitalism—in January; the continuing electoral gains of Portugal’s Left Bloc since its formation in 1999; and most recently the victory of Jeremy Corbyn in the British Labour Party leadership elections, which was accompanied by a doubling in the membership of that party to reach the largest size in its history.

This new challenge to neoliberal austerity raises important questions about the roles of social movements and political parties in crafting a renewed left politics, and the possibilities for using the state as a means for social transformation in the 21st century.

* Caterina Principe, social movement activist from Portugal. She is a member of Bloco de Esquerda (Left Bloc) political party in Portugal and Die Linke in Germany.

* Michael Spourdalakis, Professor of Political Sociology and the Director at the Laboratory of Political Communication and Media Information at the University of Athens. He is currently co-director of the Canadian Studies Center at the University of Athens and is the editor of The Socialist Register in Greece.

* Hilary Wainwright, co-editor of Red Pepper and Research Director of the New Politics Project of the Transnational Institute, Amsterdam. Her most recent books include Public Service Reform: But Not As We Know It! and Reclaim the State: Experiments in Popular Democracy.

Sponsored by: Centre for Social Justice, Socialist Project | Facebook event
6:00pm, Friday October 30, 2015
Seneca, Yorkgate Mall, Rooms 218/219, 1 Yorkgate Blvd, Toronto.

Forum: Building Power in Our Communities

Building Power in Our Communities
The Fight for Racial and Economic Justice
With Kali Akuno of Cooperation Jackson and presentations by Jane Finch Action Against Poverty (JFAAP) and Network for the Elimination of Police Violence (NEPV).

Kali Akuno, a founder of Cooperation Jackson and a key member of the late Chokwe Lumumba’s successful election campaign for the mayoralty of Jackson, Mississippi, will discuss integrating strategies in the fight for racial and economic justice, including popular assemblies and neighborhood defence committees; alternative community development through solidarity economies; and strategically selective engagement with electoral politics and taking government office. Jane Finch Action against Poverty, a grassroots, resident-led coalition of community members, activists, and workers, is hosting the meeting. They, along with The Network for the Elimination of Police Violence, will offer presentations on their recent activities and plans for the future.

* Kali Akuno is a founder and co-director of Cooperation Jackson, an emerging network of worker cooperatives and supporting institutions. Kali served as the Director of Special Projects and External Funding in the Mayoral Administration of the late Chokwe Lumumba of Jackson, MS. Kali also served as the Co-Director of the US Human Rights Network and was the Executive Director of the Peoples' Hurricane Relief Fund (PHRF) based in New Orleans, Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. He was the co-founder of the School of Social Justice and Community Development (SSJCD), a public school serving the academic needs of low-income African American and Latino communities in Oakland, California. Kali has authored many articles and pamphlets on Black, international and working class politics, with a focus on how government counterinsurgency, state violence, the drug war, mass incarceration and neoliberalism impact Black communities.

* Jane Finch Action Against Poverty is a grassroots group in the Jane Finch community. It consists of community residents and members from different organizations in the area. The group was formed in October of 2008 following a rally at the intersection of Jane Finch to commemorate the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

* Network for the Elimination of Police Violence is a network of organizations coordinating community-based responses to police violence. It strives to build the capacity of and unity among communities to resist police violence, recognizing that racism as a system shapes and informs police violence against and in racialized and indigenous communities.

Hosted by: Jane Finch Action Against Poverty. Endorsed by: Network for the Elimination of Police Violence, Socialist Project, Centre for Social Justice | Facebook event
7:00pm, Thursday October 29, 2015
Friends House, 60 Lowther Avenue, Toronto.

twinkle starPublic Talk with Christian Parenti: Climate Crisis and Climate Realism

Climate Crisis and Climate Realism
Mass migration, civil war, banditry, imperial military adventures -- all these are current responses to the climate crisis. These and other impending dislocations from climate change intersect with the already-existing crises of poverty and violence in “catastrophic convergence” that demands immediate action and longer-term social change. What is the relation between the reformist project of short-term emissions redactions and a longer-term struggle to create a sustainable political economy?

Christian Parenti, journalist and professor at New York University, will discuss these and other questions in a public lecture that draws from his current research into economic and environmental history and upon his book Tropic of Chaos: Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence which involved years of travel and reportage in conflict zone and climate frontlines around the world.

Christian Parenti has a PhD in sociology from the London School of Economics and is a professor in the Global Liberal Studies Program at New York University. His latest book, Tropic of Chaos: Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence (2011), explores how climate change is already causing violence as it interacts with the legacies of economic neoliberalism and cold-war militarism.

Christian’s three earlier books are The Freedom: Shadows and Hallucinations in Occupied Iraq (2005), The Soft Cage: Surveillance in America from Slavery to the War on Terror (2002), and Lockdown America: Police and Prisons in the Age of Crisis (2000/2008).

Sponsored by: Centre for Social Justice, Socialist Project, Chair in Comparative Political Economy at York, Rising Tide Toronto | Facebook event
6:00pm, Thursday October 29, 2015
NYU's Journalism Institute, 20 Cooper Square, Seventh Floor, New York.

Forum: Europe on the Edge

Europe on the Edge
An Evening with Gregor Gysi and Leo Panitch.

Join us on October 29 for an evening with Gregor Gysi, a longtime leader of Germany’s Left Party, and Leo Panitch, a leading intellectual of the North American Left. They will discuss what the Left can do about the crises in the European Union, including Greece's unbearable debt, the deepening refugee crisis, and never-ending austerity's immiseration of the European working class.

October 23 - October 24, 2015
Bagnani Hall, Trent University, Peterborough.

Conference: Dissenting Traditions

Dissenting Traditions
A conference funded and supported by the Canada Research Chairs program and Trent University's School for the Study of Canada.

Featuring: John Clarke, Bucky Halker, Rosemary Hennessy, Russell Jacoby, Gregory Kealy, Annalee Lepp, Andree Levesque, Marcel Van Der Linden, Leo Panitch, Adolph Reed, Wayne Roberts, Nicholas Rogers, Ernie Tate and more.

Presenting Canadian Working-Class History, Perspectives on E. P. Thompson, Approaching the Revolutionary Left, New Perspectives on Labour Studies, Remembering Reproduction in 1930s Women Writers.... | PDF poster
7:30pm, Friday October 23, 2015
OPSEU Union office, 31 Wellesley St. East, Toronto.

Free Admission – Light refreshments

Forum: Nations United Against the U.S. Blockade!

Nations United Against the U.S. Blockade!
Nations United Against the U.S. Blockade!

Find out more about the UN resolution on the blockade and the struggle for Cuba’s sovereignty and respect.

Café Cuba - Guest Speaker: Javier Dómokos, Consul General of Cuba.

Sponsored by: Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association Toronto, the Juan Gualberto Gómez Association of Cubans in Toronto, and Friends of Cuba against the U.S. Blockade. | PDF poster
7:00pm, Tuesday October 20, 2015
Bahen Centre, Room BA1180, 40 St. George St., Toronto.

Symposium: Surplus3: Labour and the Digital

Surplus3: Labour and the Digital
A symposium celebrating the publication of Nick Dyer-Witheford’s Cyber-Proletariat: Global Labour in the Digital Vortex (Pluto Press/Between the Lines)

Please join us as we explore a conceptual vocabulary for grasping the contested intersection of labour and the digital in contemporary capitalism. Marking the publication of Nick Dyer-Witheford’s book, Cyber-Proletariat: Global Labour in the Digital Vortex, the Surplus3 symposium will open with 3-minute talks by ten guest presenters, each of whom will speak to one concept. These flash talks will be followed by a presentation by Dyer-Witheford and a collective conversation with our guests moderated by Alison Hearn.

Surplus3: Labour and the Digital will be followed in early 2016 with a freely distributed publication of the same title, designed by Chris Lee, and featuring work by Public Studio.

Moderator: Alison Hearn; Guests + concepts:
Marcus Boon: depropriation | Brett Caraway: connective action | Nicole Cohen: hustle | Deb Cowen: logistics | Nick-Dyer-Witheford: Cyber-Proletariat | datejei cheko green: intersectional solidarity | Carla Lipsig-Mummé: climate@work | Sarah Roberts: in/visibility | Kamilla Petrick: acceleration | Indu Vashist: indigenisation | Yi Wang: the wage

A Letters & Handshakes event in partnership with the Digital Labour Group (University of Western Ontario) | Facebook event
6:00pm, Friday October 16, 2015
180 Bloor Street West, Toronto.

Rally: Solidarity with the Palestinian popular resistance

Another round of escalating Israeli attacks throughout historic Palestine is being met with intensified Palestinian popular resistance. World governments, especially in the west, are calling this a "cycle of violence" where both sides are to blame, ignoring the root cause of the colonial conflict and their own complicity in enabling Israel to violate international law with impunity. But, as long as occupation and apartheid are allowed to continue, we will see neither justice nor peace in Palestine.

We need to hold Israel to account. We need to expose and challenge corporate and governmental complicity, particularly those that enable and profit from occupation and apartheid. Israel's military machine, including its research arm, must face a comprehensive international military embargo, and all Israeli leaders, officers and soldiers who are involved in the commission of the current and past crimes must be prosecuted at the International Criminal Court as well as national courts that respect international jurisdiction.

Join Palestine House, the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid and other social justice organizations and people of conscience across Toronto in the streets this Friday and add your voice to the worldwide condemnation of Israel's crimes. Join us as we build the global movement for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.

Free Palestine - Boycott Israel now! www.caiaweb.org
1:00pm, Monday October 12, 2015
Queen's Park, Toronto.

Day of Truth: Nothing to Celebrate!

We have come together as a group of concerned community members, youth, elders and organizations to form the Latin American History Collective (LAHC) and denounce the imposition of the term Hispanic on our history month. LAHC aims to unite community members to advance a vision for an inclusive and equity-focused celebration voicing our African and Indigenous roots and honouring the diverse communities of Abya Yala, Anahuac and Turtle Island, or what we now know as the Americas.

LAHC is excited to launch its first rally, Dia de La Verdad/Day of Truth, on Monday, October 12th, 2015 from 1-3pm at the Legislative Building, Queen's Park, Toronto, to demand the immediate name change of Hispanic Heritage Month to Latin-America History Month. LAHC recognizes that Latin America is not a perfect term, but it is a step in the right direction towards recognizing the geographical connections among communities not represented under the term Hispanic.

7:00pm, Wednesday October 7, 2015
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St., Toronto.

Forum: Palestine: A Political Travelogue

Palestine has long been central to colonial and anti-colonial imaginaries-of the Ottoman and British empires, and Zionist and Arab nationalisms, before becoming a key site of inspiration for left and anti-colonial internationalism and recent scholarship on decolonial resistance. The International Conference of Critical Geography in Ramallah, Palestine, in July 2015, extended this trajectory of anti-colonial internationalism by enriching our historical and political understandings of Palestine-especially by way of tours of the West Bank and conversations with Palestinian academics and activists. The panelists of this event will reflect on their experiences of this international conference and what it suggests for global left solidarity and decolonial activism.

* Kanishka Goonewardena was trained as an architect in Sri Lanka and now teaches critical theory and urban design at the Department of Geography and Planning, University of Toronto.
* Kevin Gould is a geographer who teaches at Concordia University as well as a member of Independent Jewish Voices.
* Punam Khosla is a scholar-activist and member of the organizing team for ICCG 7 in Ramallah.
* Stefan Kipfer researches and teaches social theory, politics, urbanization and planning in the Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University.
* Karen Wirsig is a labour organizer and sometime journalist who lives in Toronto.

This event is supported by the Socialist Project and the Department of Geography and Planning at the University of Toronto | Facebook event
1:30pm, Tuesday October 6, 2015
Moot Court Rm 1005, Osgoode Hall, York Univ, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto.

Roundtable discussion: An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States

An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States
The Culture of Conquest and the Doctrine of Discovery: The U.S. as a Colonial Settler-State

Featuring author Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz (California State University). Chaired by Lee Maracle (University of Toronto). With discussants: Boyd Cothran (History, York), Bonita Lawrence (Equity Studies, York) and Victoria Freeman (History, York)

"Roxanne-Dunbar-Ortiz has defined the term engaged intellectual through a life spent on the frontlines of the past four decades of social struggles. She has never abandoned her roots through the process of becoming one of the most respected Left academics in the United States." - James Tracy.

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz is a feminist, historian and revolutionary activist who has been involved in Indigenous rights movements and social struggles for many years. This panel discussion, lead by acclaimed writer and scholar Lee Maracle, will enable leading York scholars who study Indigenous peoples to dialogue with Roxanne and draw out comparisons between the experiences of Indigenous peoples in Canada and the USA.

This event is made possible with generous support from: Department of History (York), Department of Political Science (York), Department of Social Science (York), Indigenous History Network, Socialist Project, Dean’s Office Faculty of Graduate Studies (York), Faculty of Environmental Studies (York) and the Centre for Social Justice | Facebook event | PDF poster
12:30pm, Friday October 2, 2015
Ottawa Jail Hostel, 75 Nicholas St, Ottawa.

Rally: For Workers' Rights

The Workers Action Group of Solidarity Against Austerity invites all supporters to a short Rally for Workers Rights this coming Friday at the Ottawa Jail Hostel. It was recently revealed that a group of 5 workers at the now-closed "Mugshots" bar were brutally terminated in July, without any of the legally required notice or severance, and with an extreme disrespect for those affected. The group, now known as the "Mugnots", decided to get organized and fight back! With support from Workers Action Group they have obtained legal counsel and are seeking just compensation and remedy for this abuse of their rights by their particularly rotten manager. These courageous young workers need our support in their fight!

This rally that will include short talks by legal counsel on the relevant provisions of the Employment Standards Act, as well as from the terminated workers themselves. All union flags, placards, noise-makers in support of worker rights and building workers' power welcome!

For more info
7:30pm, Thursday October 1, 2015
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St., Toronto.

twinkle starForum: Russia in the Global Crisis: Geopolitical Dilemmas, Strategic Responses

Russia in the Global Crisis: Geopolitical Dilemmas, Strategic Responses
Geopolitical conflict produced by NATO expansion is a product of an economic and social process taking place in Europe. In fact, it is the logic of the neoliberal model that stimulates NATO expansionism. This is very similar to what we saw in the late nineteenth century with the new wave of colonialism produced by the so-called Late Victorian Depression: to stabilize the system without changing it.

The dream of Russian elites is to have good relations with the West. The elite’s money is in the West, their children are at Oxford and Harvard, their property is in Switzerland and England. They are ready to make almost any concession that will not destabilize Russia itself. But the West is not accepting these offers. Ruling circles in the EU prefer to speak of a Russian threat instead of cooperation with Russia. This is all complicating the wider geopolitical setting around the Black Sea, in the conflicts in Syria and the Middle east and in Russia's relations with China and East Asia. These are all crucial issues for understanding the new political divisions between west and east shaping global politics.

* Boris Kagarlitsky, Coordinator of the Transnational Institute Global Crisis Project and Director of the Institute of Globalization and Social Movements (IGSO) in Moscow.
* Sergei M. Plekhanov, Associate Professor of Political Science at York University and a former Deputy Director of the Institute for US and Canadian Studies in Russia.

Sponsored by: Centre for Social Justice, Socialist Project, Canada Research Chair in Comparative Politics - York University | Facebook event
7:00pm, Tuesday September 29, 2015
United Steelworkers' Hall, 25 Cecil Street, Toronto.

Linda McQuaig is Right: Keep the Tar Sands in the Ground!

At the beginning of the federal election campaign, Toronto Centre NDP candidate and respected author Linda McQuaig stated a simple fact: "a lot of people recognize that a lot of the oil sands oil may need to stay in the ground if we're going to meet our climate change targets." This sparked a corporate media backlash, accusing her of being ideologically-driven, anti-Alberta and anti-jobs.

The science is clear: if Canada continues to extract the tar sands, it will be game over for the climate. To avoid climate catastrophe we need to keep the vast majority of tar sands in the ground.

* Andrew Nikiforuk is an award-winning investigative journalist who has been writing about the oil and gas industry, energy, and economics for more than two decades. Publications Nikiforuk has contributed to include Foreign Policy, The Walrus, Maclean's, Canadian Business, the Globe and Mail, Chatelaine, and The Tyee. Nikiforuk's journalism has won seven National Magazine Awards and top honours for investigative writing from the Association of Canadian Journalists. "Tar Sands", which criticized the pace and scale of the world's largest energy project, was a national bestseller and won the 2009 Rachel Carson Environment Book Award. Andrew lives in Calgary, Alberta.

* Justin Podur is a writer and a professor of Environmental Studies at York University in Toronto. He is the author of Haiti's New Dictatorship and has contributed chapters to Empire's Ally: Canada and the War in Afghanistan and Real Utopia. He has reported from India (Kashmir, Chhattisgarh), Afghanistan, Pakistan, Haiti, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico (Chiapas), and Israel/Palestine.

* Carolyn Egan is the president of the United Steelworkers Toronto Area Council and Co-Chair of the Good Jobs for All Coalition.

Sponsored by: Centre for Social Justice, Toronto 350, Toronto East End Against Line 9, Toronto West End Against Line 9, Rising Tide Toronto | Facebook event
1:00pm, Sunday September 27, 2015
CSI Annex, The Garage, 720 Bathurst Street, Toronto.

twinkle starForum: Defeating Harper: Can we build on a historic rejection of Harperism?

Defeating Harper: Can we build on a historic rejection of Harperism?
* Hassan Husseini is a union activist with Take Back Labour and member of Unifor 2025.
* Natalie Mehra is an activist with the Ontario Health Coalition.
* Corvin Russell is an activist and writer based in Toronto. Most recently his work has focused on Indigenous rights.

What is the significance of the current federal election? Clearly, there is a deep and popular sentiment that Stephen Harper and the Conservative government needs to be defeated. The catalogue of anti-democratic, pro-business, imperialist, and anti-equality policies is enormous. But is the rejection of Harperism and his increasingly authoritarian policy regime a possible turning point in the popular mood? What opportunities might this open up for the Left? If the NDP is suddenly in government or in a coalition with the Liberals, what does this raise about how unions in particular should respond? Should the progressive and social movements consolidate the NDP's power, or is this the moment to aggressively challenge a new government? What concrete steps might the Left take to further its organizational capacities campaigns?

Sponsored by: Socialist Project, Free Transit Toronto | Facebook event | PDF poster
1:00pm, Saturday September 26, 2015
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St., Toronto.

: Ayotzinapa: Chronicle of a State Crime

Live music, a screening of the documentary film “Ayotzinapa: Chronicle of a State Crime,” public lectures, and a procession will mark one year since the forced disappearance of 43 Ayotzinapa Teacher's College students perpetrated by Mexican police and cartel members. The events coincide with a massive, pan-American day of action in which people across Mexico and throughout the hemisphere will demand that the students be returned alive.

On September 26, 2014 students from the Ayotzinapa Teacher's College (Raúl Isidro Burgos Rural Teachers’ College) were raising money to attend a protest in Mexico City when police and gunmen attacked them in the town of Iguala, Mexico. Three were killed, dozens were injured, and 43 student-teachers were forcefully disappeared, never to be seen again.

Co-sponsored by Amnesty International, the Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean, Common Frontiers, the Latin American and Caribbean Solidarity Network, and We Are All Mexico, Centre for Social Justice, Socialist Project | Facebook event
7:00pm, Thursday September 24, 2015
CSI, The Garage, 720 Bathurst St., Toronto.

Forum: Interns, Connect! A Forum on Upsetting Unpaid Work

Making connections on LinkedIn is no substitute for solidarity in a precarious labour economy. In a job market where we skip from project to project, contract to contract, employer to employer, we adjust our collective behaviour to unstable work. Interns, often working without pay and social protections, are among the crowded frontlines of precarious employment. The intern slogan, “getting a foot in the door,” is a wager. Cynical resignation to unpaid work is widespread. And reluctance to speak out is understandable in a hyper-competitive labour market regulated by reputation.

Moderated by Sara Mojtehedzadeh, Toronto Star. Presentations by:

* Carlo Fanelli is Visiting Professor at the Department of Politics at Ryerson University. His research focuses on work and labour market restructuring, urban governance, and public sector austerity. Carlo serves as editor of Alternate Routes: A Journal of Critical Social Research, and his book, Megacity Malaise: Labour and the Struggle for Public Services, will be out in the new year.

* Ella Henry has been involved in activism around unpaid internships as Co-Chair of Students Against Unpaid Internship Scams. She has a Bachelor of Arts from St. Thomas University and a law degree from the University of Toronto—although as a student she likely spent more time on student activism and union organizing than being a student. She is currently articling at a union-side labour law firm.

* Deena Ladd is one of the founders and a coordinator at the Workers’ Action Centre. WAC organizes to improve wages and working conditions with women, racialized, immigrant, and low-waged workers in precarious jobs that face discrimination, violations of rights, and no benefits in the workplace.

* Andrew Langille is a Toronto-based labour lawyer and acts as the General Counsel for the Canadian Intern Association. His graduate work at Osgoode Hall Law School focused on the regulation of work during the school-to-labour market transition and formed the theoretical basis for law reform initiatives to increase workplace rights for interns. He has lectured extensively, both domestically and internationally, on intern rights, the impact of precarious work on young workers, and intergenerational equity. He blogs at youthandwork.ca.

* Katherine Lapointe is an organizer with CWA Canada, an all-media labour union. Katherine coordinates associate memberships in the union for student, volunteer, and precarious media workers. Her work focuses on setting up training and networking opportunities, raising awareness of worker rights, and doing advocacy work on issues that impact emerging media workers.

* Josh Mandryk is the Executive Director of the Canadian Intern Association. Prior to this, Josh was Co-Chair of Students Against Unpaid Internship Scams, a coalition of students and youth who urged the Ontario government to take action on unpaid internship scams. In these roles, Josh has mobilized students through demonstrations, petitions, and public legal education, written op-eds in the Toronto Star, presented before legislative committees, and worked with elected officials to promote interns’ rights.

* Jainna Patel took part in a highly exploitative internship program with Bell Mobility in 2012. She left and fought her employer, claiming it was an illegal internship. Despite much hesitation, she decided to go public and hoped to educate and empower others in similar situations to be strong enough to walk away. In 2014, justice was served when the program was shut down.

Presented by Cultural Workers Organize in partnership with the Canadian Intern Association and the CWA Canada Associate Member Program | www.eventbrite.ca
7:00pm, Sunday September 20, 2015
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St., Toronto.

Book Launch: Canada in Africa by Yves Engler

300 years of Aid and Exploitation

Yves Engler continues his groundbreaking analyses of past and present Canadian foreign policy with Canada in Africa — 300 years of Aid and Exploitation. This work documents Canadian involvement in the transatlantic slave trade, “scramble for Africa”, missionary movement and European colonialism. The book also reveals Ottawa’s opposition to anticolonial struggles, support for apartheid South Africa and Idi Amin’s coup as well as this country’s role in ousting independence leaders Patrice Lumumba and Kwame Nkrumah.

Based on an exhaustive look at the public record as well as on-the-ground research, Canada in Africa shows how the federal government pressed African countries to follow neoliberal economic prescriptions, which have benefited numerous Canadian corporations, including mining companies that have bought up much of the continent’s mineral resources, but are often bitterly resisted by local communities. The book also sheds light on Canada’s role in the violence that has engulfed Somalia, Rwanda and the Congo and Canada’s creeping military footprint on the continent. Finally, it points out that this country’s near total indifference to the impact of global warming is tantamount to a death sentence for ever-growing numbers of Africans.

1:00pm, Saturday September 19, 2015
Yonge-Dundas Square, Toronto.

March and Rally: End the U.S. blockade of Cuba now!

The hostile U.S. blockade of Cuba -- a noose around Cuba’s economy and an affront to Cuba’s right to freely determine its own future as a sovereign country -- has existed since 1960. While the United States has been obliged to reopen diplomatic relations with Cuba, the blockade is very far from over and U.S. regime-change objectives have been reaffirmed.

Unparalleled in history and opposed overwhelmingly 23 times in votes on United Nations General Assembly resolutions, the blockade must be ended now. There can be no “normalization” of the U.S.-Cuba relationship while the blockade is in place.

The Canadian government, which has opposed the blockade since its inception, must frequently and vigorously voice this position in its diplomatic relations with the U.S. government and in the public domain.

Assemble at Yonge-Dundas Square, March to the U.S. Consulate (across from 360 University, north of Queen)

Organized by Friends of Cuba Against the U.S. Blockade and Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association Toronto and supported by the Latin America and Caribbean Solidarity Network and Toronto Forum on Cuba. | PDF poster
12:00pm, Friday September 18, 2015
Ottawa City Hall, Lisgar Street entrance, Ottawa.

Rally: Support the Locked Out Taxi Drivers

The Workers Action Group of Solidarity Against Austerity wants to express our solidarity and support for the hundreds of local taxi drivers who have been recently locked out by their employer. We have had enough of the attacks and smears against these hard-working drivers locked out of their jobs, and we are calling on all taxi users and driver supporters across the city to join us.

The employer responsible for the two ongoing taxi lockouts -- Coventry Connections -- is the near-monopoly private company that, with City of Ottawa authorization, dominates our local taxi industry. Coventry locked out the Airport taxi drivers on August 11 following a breakdown in contract negotiations, and they followed this with a second lockout of Capital drivers on August 25. (Blue Line and Capital are both owned by Coventry) The City must now intervene actively in these disputes, and insist that the employers, including both Coventry and the Airport Authority (whose board includes two City nominees), revise their outrageous fee and other demands and settle fair new contracts.

Co-sponsors: Workers Action Group, Ottawa and District Labour Council | #endtaxilockout
9:00am, Friday September 18, 2015
College and McCaul, Toronto.

: OCAP Occupies Roof of Former Hope Shelter



Today, OCAP activists occupied the roof of the former Hope Shelter at the corner of College and McCaul Street to protest the City of Toronto's callous indifference to the crisis unfolding in the City shelter system. Every night in our city, the shelter system is full to bursting, with women, families and people with health and addiction issues hit the hardest.

www.facebook.com/OcapToronto | @OCAPtoronto

Despite many promises to deal with the dreadful overcrowding in Toronto's homeless shelters, the City policy of keeping occupancy levels at 90% or below has still not been put into effect. Even in the summer months, the shelters are overflowing. At the same time, a process of social cleansing is underway, with plans being developed to drive the homeless out of the downtown core.

The 124 bed Hope Shelter at College and McCaul closed during April and no replacement facility has yet been found. City Council will now be asked to approve plans to move hundreds of beds out from George Street as part of a redevelopment that will mean the end of Seaton House and the School House Shelter. Nothing has been guaranteed in terms of replacing these beds.

2:00pm, Wednesday September 9, 2015
Nexus Lounge, 12th Floor, OISE, 252 Bloor St. W, Toronto.

Book Launch: Theorizing Anti-Racism

Join us to celebrate the launch of the edited volume, Theorizing Anti-Racism: Linkages in Marxism and Critical Race Theories.

Panel discussion with Abigail B. Bakan and Enakshi Dua (editors), and Sedef Arat-Koc, Himani Bannerji and Anthony Bogues (contributors), followed by refreshments and book signing.

Sponsored by: Department of Social Justice Education (SJE), OISE, University of Toronto; and Centre for Feminist Research (CFR), York University | Facebook event
7:00pm, Friday September 4, 2015
Yonge and Dundas Square, Toronto.

: Refugees Welcome!

With images and stories in the media on the migrant crisis from Syria and the surrounding areas, the deaths of the Aylan, Galip and Rehan Kurdi has shone a light on the complicity of the Canadian governments, its corporations and allies in this crisis. Thousands of Eritrean, Somali, Syrian, Yemeni, and Balkan refugees are dying on the shores of Fortress Europe; as Latin Americans have died enroute to the United States of America.

Due to discriminatory restrictions implemented by the federal government, the number of refugee claims in Canada decreased by 50 percent and the number of accepted refugees dropped by 30 percent between 2006 and 2012. These laws and policies have caused untold misery and death. In Canada today, citizenship is harder to get, and easier to lose. Most racialized and poor migrants can only come here as short-term migrant workers, easily deported.

The Canadian government in alliance with resource-extractive corporations along with their European and American partners have been profiting from the wars, environmental collapse and economic depressions of many countries in the South resulting in over 52 million displaced people around the globe.

At the same time, communities are rising up across the globe. In Germany and Iceland, tens of thousands of people have forced open the borders, and opened their homes to refugees. It’s time for us to do the same.

Cross-Canada actions endorsed by: No One Is Illegal - Toronto, Solidarity Across Borders - Montreal, No One Is Illegal - Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories, Justice for Migrant Workers, Afghans United for Justice, Leadnow, Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, Council of Canadians, Mexicans Living in Vancouver, Vancouver Kurdish House
7:00pm, Thursday September 3, 2015
United Steelworkers' Hall, 25 Cecil Street, Toronto.

General Admission: $25

Forum: Chris Hedges: The Great Unraveling

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges joins us for an evening in Toronto to speak about "The Great Unraveling."

Revolutions come in waves and cycles. We are again riding the crest of a revolutionary epic, much like 1848 or 1917, from the Arab Spring to movements against austerity in Greece to the Occupy Movement. In his newest book, Wages of Rebellion, Chris Hedges investigates what social and psychological factors cause revolution, rebellion, and resistance. Drawing on an ambitious overview of prominent philosophers, historians and literary figures, he shows not only the harbingers of a coming crisis but also the nascent seeds of rebellion. Hedges’ message is clear: popular uprisings in the United States and around the world are inevitable in the face of mounting environmental destruction and grotesque wealth polarization.

The event is organized by Canadian Dimension magazine with support from Centre for Social Justice | www.eventbrite.ca | Facebook event
5:00pm, Wednesday August 26, 2015
St. James Cathedral, 65 Church Street, Toronto.

: Empty Chair Vigil


On September 26, 2014, 43 student-teachers were kidnapped, three killed, and dozens injured by actions of criminal gangs in collusion with police and quite possibly the Mexican armed forces. Their parents, fellow students, and great numbers of Mexicans have protested demanding a genuine search for these students, their return alive, and an honest investigation of the events. The Mexican government has responded with evasion, destruction of evidence, and a refusal to allow investigators to question soldiers at the nearby base. While Prime Minister Harper praises Mexico, the Mexican government continues its violent repression of its own population in which tens of thousands have been killed and disappeared.

We are joining with people all over the world in holding actions on the 26th of every month in support of the families of the missing students. On this Wednesday, August 26, there will be a vigil for the missing 43 as part of the 43 day long EMPTY CHAIR VIGIL. Images of each missing student will be placed on a chair, accompanied by a candle, at St. James Cathedral, from 5-11pm. There will be people present from our ad hoc committee to answer questions. Please come by to express your solidarity.
August 20 - August 23, 2015
UQAM, Montréal.

Individual $30, Orgs $50, Student or unemployed $20

People's University: Reimagining Emancipation!

Reimagining Emancipation!
Du 20 au 23 août 2015, les Nouveaux Cahiers du socialisme, en collaboration avec la revue Canadian Dimension, vous présentent la sixième édition de l'Université populaire d'été: «Repenser l'émancipation». Ateliers, plénières, assemblées et un espace autogéré, Global Square!

We will be welcoming speakers representing social movements in Quebec, English Canada, and First Nations communities. We will also have special guests from France, Mali, the United States, Brazil and several other countries.

This year, the People’s University is structured around four broad themes: Capitalism rebooting, Fighting to win, The Future of our past, Resistance and convergence in the Fall.

All in all, we have 20 sessions starting Thursday evening August 20 until Sunday morning August 23. More than 60 resource people are there to facilitate the discussions, including:
* From Canada: Jim Stanford, Leo Panitch, Michal Rozworski, Corvin Russell, Jessica Squares, Dave Bush, Lesley Thompson, Judy Rebick
* From Quebec: Andes Fontecella, Manon Massé, André Frappier, Simon Tremblay-Pepin, Jérémie Bédard-Wien, Donald Cuccioletta, Pierre Beaudet, Patrick Rondeau, Dominique Daigneault, Andrea Levy, Louise Chabot, Véronique Laflamme, Roger Rashi, Claude Vaillancourt
* From First Nations: Ben Powness, Viviane Michel, Constant Awashish, Clifton Nicholas
* From the world: Pablo Bustindy (Spain), Gilbert Rist (France), Josette Cole (South Africa), Maristella Svampa (Argentina), Andreas Karitzis (Greece).

www.cahiersdusocialisme.org | canadiandimension.com | Facebook event | PDF poster
7:30pm, Monday August 10, 2015
McNabb Community Centre, 180 Percy, Ottawa.

twinkle starPublic forum: The Battle Against Austerity

Lessons From Greece

Speakers: Leo Panitch and Richard Fidler

The meeting will provide an opportunity to learn about the recent events in Greece and take up the debate surrounding Syriza's fight against austerity

Sponsored by the Socialist Project and Solidarity Against Austerity | Facebook event | PDF poster
1:00pm, Sunday August 9, 2015
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham Street, Toronto.

twinkle starForum: Public Transit Struggles in London and Toronto

Public Transit Struggles in London and Toronto
P3s, Transit Workers and Alternatives

You are invited to a discussion on struggles over public transit in London, England and in Toronto, over P3s, privatization, funding public transit, and posing alternatives, such as reduced fares, free transit and increased accessibility. We are at a turning point in the struggle for public transit, particularly in Toronto. Although we have now won broad recognition of the need to expand public transit, the modes and organizational forms this will take, the fares that will be levied, the funding provisions and the operational practices remain completely unclear. There remains nothing in the way of a national public transit plan in Canada, and Ontario planning is both ad hoc and bent on privatization. There are important strategic lessons to be learned from the experience of London -- a system at the forefront of these kinds of battles over the neoliberalization of transit systems. As well, there is a growing national and international free public transit movement as a central means to address global warning and for transit justice to give equal access to mobility.

* Janine Booth is a London Underground RMT union activist and author of Plundering London Underground.
* Kamilla Pietrzyk and Brenda Thompson are active with Free Transit Campaign and TTCriders.

Sponsored by Centre for Social Justice, Free Transit Toronto Campaign and Socialist Project | Facebook event | PDF poster
July 22 - July 26, 2015
Punto Fijo, Venezuela.

Vth International Gathering: The Workers' Economy

Since 2007, the International Gathering of "The Workers' Economy" (Encuentro Internacional de “La Economía de los Trabajadores-Trabajadoras”) has taken place every two years. The gatherings have opened up a space for debate and dialogue between workers, social and political activists, academics, and intellectuals concerning the problems and potential of what we have termed "the workers' economy" -- based on self-management and the defence of the rights and interests of the population that lives by their work, within the rubric of today's conjuncture of global neoliberal capitalism.

The Vth International Gathering of “The Workers’ Economy” will take place in Punto Fijo, Paraguaná, Estado (State of) Falcón. It will take place in the Zona Franca Industrial (Free Industrial Zone) Paraguaná “Donato Carmona”, Estado Falcón, República Bolivariana de Venezuela.

5:00pm, Thursday July 16, 2015
St James Park, King St east of Church St, Toronto.

Rally and March: Housing For All

On July 16, as the Pan Am Games are underway, OCAP will be marching to put forward the demands of communities impacted by poverty and a lack of decent, affordable housing. If there is money to spend on circuses, then the resources can be found to end the need for food banks, tackle the mounting problem of homelessness and ensure that everyone has decent, affordable and accessible housing. Join us on July 16 as we demand housing, not circuses!

- Housing for All
- More Shelter Beds
- End Gentrification
- End Targeted & Racist Policing

6:00pm, Wednesday July 15, 2015
German Consulate General, 2 Bloor Street East, Toronto.

: Solidarity Rally for Greek Workers

In a thorough betrayal of their electoral platform and of the recent strong Oxi vote of 61% (much stronger among the working class and the youth), Alexis Tsipras and the Syriza leadership have capitulated to austerity demands harsher even than those acceded to by PASOK. There is a substantial possibility even of going so far as to expel the Left Platform of Syriza and form a national unity government with the right. ADEDY, one the largest public sector workers unions in Greece, has called for a 24 hour general strike tomorrow against the memorandum, and has put out a call for solidarity rallies across the world. We'll gather outside of the German consulate to send a message to Angela Merkel and Wolfgang Schäuble that their full fledged assault on Greek democracy will not go unchallenged.

Facebook event
5:30pm, Wednesday July 15, 2015
150 Metcalfe St, Ottawa.

Rally: Solidarity with the People of Greece

The international movement of solidarity with Greek opponents of austerity has called for a day of action on Wednesday July 15th. Dozens of events are planned around the world to oppose the latest attacks by the forces of European austerity on Greeks.

Timing for the protest is dictated by the new memorandum negotiated between the European powers and the Greek Prime Minister on Monday. It obligates the Greek Parliament to pass legislation to enable round three of austerity in Greece by midnight on Wednesday.

In response, key Greek trade unions and left organizations (Left Platform within Syriza, Antarsya, etc.) have called for a general strike.

Please join us at the office of the Delegation of the European Union office at 150 Metcalfe St. (south of Laurier) at 5:30 PM for a picket (please bring your own signs) and impromptu speeches.

This event will mark a key turning point in the international battle against austerity.
July 10 - July 11, 2015

: Peoples' Social Forum

As a follow up to the very successful People Social Forum, we are hosting a Social Forum in Toronto to counter Summit to the Pan American Economic Summit that will bring the heads of Shell, Rockefeller Foundation, US, Canadian and European Chambers of Commerce, as well as Canada's Finance Minister, ex-Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres and John Negroponte to Toronto from July 8 to the 10th, 2015.

Starting July 10, the Peoples' Social Forum will be hosting a counter summit in Toronto, bringing together activists, students, unions, Indigenous peoples, youth, environmentalists, and hundreds of ordinary individuals to oppose the current political and economic direction of this country, and propose a plurality of alternative paths towards a better world.

3:30pm, Thursday July 9, 2015
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham Street, Toronto.

Forum: Right to the City/Right to Landscape

Right to the City/Right to Landscape
From an Elitist to a More Just Urban Landscape in California's East Bay Area

A talk by Don Mitchell, Professor of Geography, Syracuse University

Both political ecology, especially as it has sought to come to terms with the politics of environmental racism, and critical landscape studies have shown that any landscape is situated within structures operating at other scales. Sometimes the key determinant of a process, outcome, or landscape morphology localist in one locale takes place somewhere far removed from where its effects are felt. Yet movements for both the right to the city and the right to landscape tend to adopt an overly localist approach to the production of space. In this paper, I will draw on an unlikely example – the evolution of the Town of Moraga, a nearly all-white, upper class “bedroom community” in the San Francisco East Bay Area – to examine how highly exclusionary landscape development and politics can be reformulated through a critique of the uneven possibilities for social and racial justice in other political parts of the region, particularly the historically black city of Oakland. Since Moraga’s elite landscape relies on the possibility of ghettoization in cities like Oakland, I will argue that a truly political ecology – and economy – would be one that understands the struggle for the right to landscape always to be conjoined with the struggle for a right to the city.

Hosted by the Department of Political Science, the Department of Geography and the Department of Environmental Studies at York University, and Co-sponsored by the Department of Geography and Program in Planning at the University of Toronto. | PDF poster
1:00pm, Sunday July 5, 2015
Assemble at Queen's Park, March to Allan Gardens, Toronto.

: March for Jobs, Justice and the Climate

On Sunday July 5th, thousands of people will take to the streets of Toronto to call for an economy that reflects our values, creates good jobs, and solves climate change.

Taking our inspiration from the People's Climate March, which brought together over 300,000 people on the streets of New York City, this march is going to be big, vibrant, and reflect the diversity of the climate movement.

The march design will vividly show the shocks created by our present economy and the solutions we must pursue in order to shift we need to a new, clean economy. More information will be coming soon about march contingents.

JobsJusticeClimate.ca | Facebook event | March overview
11:00am, Saturday July 4, 2015
Greek Embassy, 80 MacLaren Street, Ottawa.

Rally: Support Greek workers as they say ‘NO’ to the European Union’s austerity

Seven years after the 2008 international economic crisis, Greeks are taking the international lead in saying ‘NO’ to the austerity governments and banks have imposed on the rest of us to make us pay for their greed. (Greeks are suffering from a more extreme version of the austerity championed in Canada by Stephen Harper, provincial premiers, and the 1%.)

This Sunday, Greeks have a referendum to determine whether to reject the European Union’s plan for deepening the austerity that has plunged their country into a depression.

Opponents of austerity world-wide have already rallied to show their support for the leadership of the Greek left in the international battle against global austerity. Now the residents of Ottawa-Gatineau have a chance to add their voices to the international chorus of support for Greeks in opposing the austerity of the world’s 1%.

Join us for a Rally and March on Saturday July 4th at 11 AM to show your solidarity with the NO (‘OXI’ in Greek) position in Sunday’s Greek referendum.

Called by the Workers Action Group of Solidarity Against Austerity (SAA).
10:45am, Saturday July 4, 2015
Consulat Général de Grèce à Montréal, Montréal.

Rally: No to Blackmail, Solidarity with the Greek People

Along with other actions of solidarity with Greece, on the occasion of the referendum in Greece, Québec solidaire, the Solidarity Committee with the Greek People, Alternatives and the Montreal metropolitan Regional Labour Council (FTQ) are organizing this coming Saturday July 4th at 10:45am, a solidarity action in front of the Greek Consulate at 1002 Sherbrooke West in Montreal, corner McTavish, facing McGill University.

The Greek government has called upon its people to decide by means of a referendum to be held next Sunday whether to accept or reject the austerity terms proposed by the « Troika ». We, the organizers of this solidarity action, call upon all to respect thefundamental right of the Greek people and the decision that will emerge from the referendum. The only possible solution to the crisis in Greece must be based on respect for the people’s choice.

PDF poster | Facebook event
7:00pm, Monday June 29, 2015
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham Street, Toronto.

Forum: From Baltimore to Greece: Reports on Resistance

Join the Real News Network in a discussion about two recent uprisings: the mass protests in Baltimore in response to the murder of Freddie Gray, and the 2014 Greek elections, during which anti-austerity party Syriza came to power.

The Real News Network's senior editor and CEO, Paul Jay, will give an overview of their reporting and editorial vision. He will focus on Baltimore, where the network is based.

Joining Jay will be Leo Panitch and Dimitri Lascaris. Panitch is Distinguished Research Professor of Political Science and Canada Research Chair in Comparative Political Economy at York University. Lascaris is a partner with the Canadian law firm, Siskinds, where he heads the firms securities class actions practice. Panitch and Lascaris are regular Real News correspondents on Syriza.

Hosting the panel will be Real News executive producer and journalist, Sharmini Peries.
2:00pm, Sunday June 21, 2015
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham Street, Toronto.

twinkle starClimate Forum: Capitalism vs. Ecology: We Need to Change Everything! Resistance and Alternatives

Capitalism vs. Ecology: We Need to Change Everything! Resistance and Alternatives
It is no longer plausible to propose incremental solutions to the ecological crises of our time. The numbers are clear: to avoid a trillion metric tons of cumulative carbon emissions by 2039, and an increase in global average temperatures of 2°C, it is necessary to stabilize immediately Greenhouse Gas emissions. The ecological scars of desertification, coastline loss, species extinction, destruction of habitat, and much else is evident for all to see.

The main culprit of runaway climate change and environmental degradation, as Naomi Klein points out in her new book, is the economic system itself: capitalism. This is a class system that requires endless growth and is incompatible with sustainability and meaningful climate action. Market solutions from the last decades of neoliberalism have miserably failed. The tactics of even "Big Green" environmental groups have too often pursued immediate reforms that fail to address the real sources of the crisis in the unequal relations at work, the need for endless consumption, and the hollowness of democracy today.

But what might serve as an alternative political program for an ecological transition? Where might new radical political movements emerge to carry forward such an ecological revolution? Is "Blockadia" enough? Or is there even more needed to, as Klein suggests, "build the world that will keep us all safe"?

Please join us for this final talk in our ecology series to hear about the many examples of environmental resistance across North America and their challenges.


* Jodi Dean is a professor in the Political Science department at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in New York State. She has been an active in the We Are Seneca Lake anti-gas struggle and is the author of Democracy and Other Neoliberal Fantasies (2009), Blog Theory (2010), and The Communist Horizon (2012), among others.

* Greg Albo is a professor of Political Economy at York University, co-editor of the Socialist Register (recent volume: Transforming Classes), and director of the Centre for Social Justice.

* Niloofar Golkar is a Toronto-based activist with Rising Tide Toronto and a graduate student in the Department of Political Science at York University.

The space is accessible by mobile ramp upon request in advance. Washrooms are downstairs and not accessible, unfortunately.

Sponsored by: Centre for Social Justice, Socialist Project | Facebook event
9:30am, Saturday June 13, 2015
UQAM, 175 Avenue Président Kennedy, Montreal.

Conference/Festival: Fighting Austerity

Fighting Austerity
This event, co-organized by Alternatives and the New York office of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, will feature not only speakers from the Quebec and North American social movements but also spokespeople for the anti-austerity radical left from Europe. Joining us will be representatives of SYRIZA, the Coalition of the Radical Left recently elected to government in Greece; Podemos, the newly formed anti-austerity party that is challenging the old-line parties in Spain; Die Linke, the party of the radical left in Germany.

During the Festival, we will discuss the following issues:

- What are the perspectives for mass mobilization this coming fall?
- How can we better link climate issues and anti-austerity mobilizations?
- What lessons can be drawn from the European experience in fighting austerity?

7:00pm, Friday June 12, 2015
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham Street, Toronto.

twinkle starForum: Nuclear Precipice: Ukraine, Russia, and patterns of U.S. Hegemony

Nuclear Precipice: Ukraine, Russia, and patterns of U.S. Hegemony
What is the background of the ethnic conflict in Ukraine? Can the Ukraine situation lead to a Russia/US confrontation involving nuclear weapons?

According to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, the world is again at a precipice with threats of nuclear war.

James Bissett, former Canadian diplomat, warns that “The current crisis in Ukraine threatens global security and at worst has the potential for nuclear catastrophe… The almost virulent propaganda onslaught blaming Russia for the instability and violence in Ukraine simply ignores reality and the facts.”


* Halyna Mokrushyna, “The self-fulfilling prophecy of two Ukraines: The East-West cultural and political split in Ukraine since 1991.” Halyna Mokrushyna is currently enrolled in the Ph.D. program in sociology at the University of Ottawa and is a part-time professor. Her doctoral project deals with the memory of Stalinist purges in Ukraine. She holds a doctorate in linguistics and MA degree in communication. Her academic interests include: transitional justice; collective memory; ethnic studies; dissent movement in Ukraine; history of Ukraine; sociological thought. She publishes in Truthdig, Truthout, Counterpunch, and New Cold War.

* Sergei Plekhanov, “Russia and the West: Back to Cold War?” Born in Moscow, Russia, Dr. Plekhanov holds a B.A. and M.A. in International Relations from Moscow State Institute of International Relations and a Ph.D. in History from Institute for the Study of the USA and Canada, Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science, York University; Director of the South and Central Asia Project at the York Centre for Asian Research; Senior Associate of the Centre for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies, University of Toronto. Prof. Plekhanov has published widely on issues of post-communist transformations in Russia, Russian foreign policy, US-Russian relations, and American politics. He is serving as Secretary of the Canadian Pugwash Group, an NGO advocating nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament.

* Judy Deutsch, “Patterns of U.S. Hegemony.” Judy Deutsch majored in history at UCLA, is a psychoanalyst, is a columnist for Canadian Dimension Magazine, and was president of Science for Peace (2008-2012). She works on many issues including climate justice, nuclear weapons and militarization, and ending Israeli apartheid.

Sponsored by: Centre for Social Justice, Socialist Project | Facebook event | PDF poster
3:00pm, Sunday June 7, 2015
North York Civic Ctr, Room 4, 5100 Yonge St, Toronto.

Forum: The Crisis in the Labour Movement

Is Labour Renewal Possible?

* The depth of the current internal crisis in the labour movement
* What renewal might mean?
* What role can socialists play in this process?

Speaker: Sam Gindin

The event is part of monthly series organized by IASWI-Canada to discuss critical issues facing labour movement in Canada, Iran and globally. Depending on the speakers and presenters, these sessions will be conducted in English or Farsi or in both languages.

Organized by International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran (IASWI) - Canada | Facebook event
7:00pm, Wednesday June 3, 2015
Royal Oak at Ottawa U, 161 Laurier Ave. East, Ottawa.

Forum: The Scottish Left after the Referendum and the UK elections

The eyes of the world were on Scotland last September when it held a referendum on independence. This month, the whole political establishment in the UK has been shaken up by the election of 56 MPs from the Scottish National Party (SNP) in the Westminster Parliament (out of 59 Scottish seats).

What role have socialists, union activists, feminists and other progressives played in those events? What are the possibilities for a new voice on the Left in Scottish politics that is distinct from both the old Labour party (now in shambles) and the very popular SNP?

Cat Boyd, a prominent activist in socialist politics in Scotland will be in Ottawa to present her perspective on these issues and discuss them with us.

Facebook event
5:30pm, Tuesday June 2, 2015
University of Ottawa, 201 Monpetit Hall, Ottawa.

: The Unmaking of Global Capitalism?

The Unmaking of Global Capitalism?
The Rik Davidson/Studies in Political Economy present the 2014 Book Prize Lecture:

"The Unmaking of Global Capitalism?"

Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin are the recipients of the 2014 Rik Davidson/Studies in Political Economy Book Prize for their book The Making of Global Capitalism [Verso Press 2012].

Co-sponsored by the Society for Socialist Studies and the Canadian Association for Studies in International Development. | PDF poster
3:30pm, Saturday May 30, 2015
Queen's Park (south side), Toronto.

Rally and March: Against Bill C-51

Against Bill C-51
Bill C-51 is a threat to our rights and freedoms. For those who are unable to make it Ottawa we will have a solidarity Rally in Toronto. Join us as we continue to voice our opposition.

Enough is enough! Bill C-51 is part of a long string of initiatives to expand the government's security powers and signals a dramatic new direction for Canadian security. Presented as anti-terror legislation, Bill C-51 creates excessive over reaching powers for security agencies, that will harm online innovation, political discourse, and our civil liberties.

Any government that would propose legislation that is unconstitutional and undemocratic does not have the moral authority to maintain power in a true democracy. Generations before us have defended the rights and freedoms that are now in jeopardy.

In response people from the four directions will march in solidarity on Parliament Hill on May 30th to #RejectFear and call on Members of Parliament to;

- Withdraw / Repeal Bill C-51
- Affirm and Uphold the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
- Honour the Treaties with First Nations and the Rights of Indigenous People
- Honour First Nations Right to be Consulted (Section 35)
- Stop racist legislation and fear mongering

Confirmed speakers include: Heather Milton-Lightning, Artie Eggleton, Josephine Grey, Andrew Cash, Rocco Galati.

Facebook event | c51.youthvote.ca | PDF poster
1:00pm, Sunday May 24, 2015
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham Street, Toronto.

twinkle starForum: Carbon Markets and Neoliberal Capitalism

Carbon Markets and Neoliberal Capitalism
In April it was announced that Ontario would be joining Quebec in implementing a cap and trade system on carbon emissions. While the Ontario government has presented this development as a positive step for the climate, critics of cap and trade point out that the mechanism often does not lead to lower green house gas emissions. Instead, it creates another market to commodify nature and allows corporations to continue profiting from environmental destruction for a small financial fee.

Please join us to hear an overview of the development of cap and trade systems, their track record in other parts of the world, an assessment of the Ontario plan, and ideas on other avenues we could be exploring to reduce emissions and limit climate change.

Guest Speaker:
* Romain Felli is a senior researcher in political science at the University of Geneva, Switzerland and is currently a visiting fellow at York University. He works on environmental governance and the political economy of climate change.

* Paul Kellogg is Associate Professor in the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies at Athabasca University. He was a founding member of Toronto-Bolivia Solidarity and helps organize with Ideas Left Out.

The talk is free. The space is accessible by mobile ramp upon request in advance. Washrooms are downstairs and not accessible, unfortunately.

Sponsored by: Centre for Social Justice, Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly, Socialist Project | Facebook event | PDF poster
5:00pm, Friday May 1, 2015
Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto.

: May Day of Action Rally and March

Every year on May 1st grassroots organizations in Toronto rally and march to mark International Worker's Day, for migrant and worker's rights and in support of Indigenous people's struggles. Themed around the most pressing issues of the day and committed to people's struggles against oppression and exploitation, May Day unites people's struggles for self-determination and liberation. We continue this tradition in 2015, rallying and marching against colonial and capitalist attacks on our communities here and Canadian imperialism's plunder and attacks on peoples across the world.

Facebook event
4:00pm, Friday May 1, 2015
Human Rights Monument, Ottawa.

May Day 2015: Resist Austerity. Demand Change.

4pm – Gather at the Human Rights Monument
5pm – March Begins
6pm – Converge at Prime Ministers’ Office

The noise: Everyone is welcome to attend the annual May Day march against austerity! Bring your noise makers, pots and pans, and drums to ensure that the march is vibrant and loud!

ENDORSED BY: Ottawa and District Labour Council, Canadian Association of Professional Employees (CAPE), The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC), Service Employees International Union (SEIU Local 2), Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE Local 2204, CUPE 4600, CUPE 4000, Ottawa CUPE District Council), Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW Local 580 – Ottawa Local, CUPW Central Region), Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU Region 4), Ottawa ACORN, Ottawa Peace Assembly, Conseil régional d’action politique de l’Outaouais (CRAPO – AFPC/PSAC), PSAC Ottawa Area Council (AFPC/PSAC), Hugo Chavez People’s Defence Front, Communist Party of Canada – Ottawa, Anakbayan Ottawa, Unifor local 3011, Workers Communist Party of Kurdistan, Workers Communist Party of Iraq, Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union (COPE Local 225), the International Socialists, Philippine Migrants Society of Canada (PMSC), and Solidarity Against Austerity (SAA).
7:00pm, Tuesday April 28, 2015
People's Co-op Bookstore, 1391 Commercial Drive, Vancouver.

Forum: Corporate Offensive: Continental Perspectives

A Panel Discussion of Continental Crucible: Big Business, Workers and Unions in the Transformation of North America, 2nd edition, 2015

* Napoleón Gómez Urrutia, President and General Secretary of the National Union of Mining Metal, Steel and Allied Workers Union of Mexico (SNTMMSRM), continues to lead his union from exile in Vancouver, Canada. He is the author of Collapse of Dignity, a book about corporate greed and miners’ struggles in Mexico.

* Jim Sinclair was President of the B.C. Federation of Labour from 1999 to 2014 and has long been active in international solidarity work. He was the editor of Crossing the Line: Canada and Free Trade with Mexico (1992).

* Richard Roman is co-author of Continental Crucible and many articles on workers, unions and the Mexican state.
2:00pm, Sunday April 12, 2015
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham Street, Toronto.

twinkle starForum: Green Cities Against Neoliberal Urbanism

Green Cities Against Neoliberal Urbanism
Canada's municipalities are collapsing, from both fiscal austerity and ecological pressures. Toronto, in particular, has been dealing with the enormous challenges of rapid population growth, amalgamation, crumbling infrastructure, and the federal and provincial offloading of costs. The chronic underfunding of municipal projects is negatively impacting affordable housing, public transportation, social services, green initiatives, and public spaces.

Instead of an increase in public investments in our decaying city, we have seen a process of 'neoliberal urbanism' characterized by the privatization and elimination of public goods and services. Lost in this process is attention to poverty, social services, good jobs, and the protection of the

Please join us to hear about the track record of neoliberal urbanism and its deregulation of greenbelts, expansion of capital developments, resulting housing inequalities, and 'green-washing' of planning and urban design, with comparative analyses to cities like Berlin and Seoul. Our
speakers will also address paths to building people-centered and environmentally friendly cities through initiatives like democratic planning.

* Kanishka Goonewardena, Associate Professor, University of Toronto
* Stefan Kipfer, Associate Professor, York University
* Laam Hae, Associate Professor, York University

Sponsored by: Centre for Social Justice, Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly, Socialist Project | Facebook event | PDF poster
7:00pm, Tuesday March 31, 2015
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham Street, Toronto.

Forum: The Historic Feminist Victories of the 1980s on Reproductive Rights and Pay Equity

The Historic Feminist Victories of the 1980s on Reproductive Rights and Pay Equity
Looking Back and Forward

This public meeting commemorates two of the greatest achievements of the modern Canadian feminist movement, when thirty years ago, working closely together with the labour movement, the historic legislative and judicial victories on pay and workplace equity and women's reproductive rights were both won. This meeting brings two of the leading feminists who acted as the link and buckle with the labour movement in those victories of the mid-1980s together with two women activists who are engaged in a new generation of struggles on women's reproductive rights and pay and workplace equity to discuss the legacy of these victories and assess their continuing impact and relevance today.


* Carolyn Egan was a founding member of the Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics which sparked the campaign to overturn the federal abortion law by opening an illegal abortion clinic with Dr. Henry Morgentaler. She continues to be active in the struggle for reproductive justice for all women, and is president of the Steelworker Toronto Area Council.

* Mary Cornish is a senior partner in Cavalluzzo Shilton McIntyre & Cornish, a Toronto public interest law firm. As a feminist human rights lawyer, she continues to chair the Equal Pay Coalition, a broad based Ontario civil society coalition which successfully lobbied for the implementation of Ontario's proactive pay equity laws.

* Anjali Kulkarni is a fourth year medical student at the University of Toronto. She is the current National Officer of Reproductive and Sexual Health (NORSH) with the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS). Previously she was the co-president of Medical Students for Choice (MSFC) at the University of Toronto.

* Stephanie Ross is Associate Professor of Work and Labour Studies in the Department of Social Science and co-director of the Global Labour Research Centre at York University. She is president of the Canadian Association for Work and Labour Studies and has edited two books: Rethinking the Politics of Labour in Canada and Public Sector Unions in the Age of Austerity.

The talk is free. The space is accessible by mobile ramp upon request in advance. Washrooms are downstairs and not accessible.

Sponsored by: Centre for Social Justice, Socialist Project | Facebook event | PDF poster
7:00pm, Thursday March 26, 2015
Ryerson University, POD358, 350 Victoria St, Toronto.

Phyllis Clarke memorial lecture: Lifting Up Low-Wage Work: Global Perspectives

Low-wages are increasingly a problem for workers in many parts of the world. In the past two years, wages have remained flat in most wealthy countries and in some countries average wages are still below the levels pre-financial crisis. Workers in some global south countries like China have seen average wages rise, but these are usually still far below a living wage. Opponents claim that raising wages can lead to unemployment and higher prices. What do we know about the impact of minimum wage and living wage laws? What is the potential for these policies, and movements, to improve the lives of hundreds of millions of low-wage workers? In this talk, I will review the situation for low-wage workers globally and discuss the increased activity seen to raise wages through legislation, worker organizing and strikes

Stephanie Luce is Professor of Labor Studies at the Joseph S. Murphy Institute for Worker Education at the CUNY School for Professional Studies, and member of the Department of Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center. Professor Luce received her both her Ph.D. in sociology and her M.A. in industrial relations from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. She was a faculty member at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst Labor Center, and has worked at the U.S. Department of Labor, a Congressional Commission on Agricultural Workers, the Center for Wisconsin Strategy and the Political Economy Research Institute. Best known for her research on living wage campaigns and movements, she is the author of Fighting for a Living Wage, and co-author of two other books on wage standards: The Living Wage: Building a Fair Economy, and The Measure of Fairness. Her current research focuses on globalization and labor standards, labor-community coalitions, and retail work. She is co-editor of What Works for Workers? Public Policies and Innovative Strategies for Low-Wage. Her most recent book is Labor Movements: Global Perspectives.

7:00pm, Friday March 20, 2015
Kerr Hall South, Room 369, Ryerson University, 50 Gould Street, Toronto.

twinkle starForum: Neoliberal Violence and the Mexican state: Emerging community and class struggles

Neoliberal Violence and the Mexican state: Emerging community and class struggles
* Maria de la Luz Arriaga Lemus, professor in the Faculty of Economics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and founder of the Tri-national Coalition in Defense of Public Education (Mexico, the United States and Canada) in 1993, and the Network for Public Education in the Americas in 1999.

* Hepzibah Munoz Martinez is professor in the History and Politics department at the University of New Brunswick (Saint John campus). She has done accompaniment work with the United Forces for Our Disappeared in Coahuila since 2012. Her blog nomorebloodinmexico.org focuses on solidarity work between Mexico and Canada in the area of human rights.

* Richard Roman is associate professor emeritus in Sociology, University of Toronto, and an associate fellow of CERLAC, York University and the co-author of Continental Crucible: Big Business, Workers and Unions in the Transformation of North America (2nd edition, 2015).

Sponsors: Centre for Social Justice, Socialist Project, Common Frontiers, CERLAC. | Facebook event | PDF poster
11:00am, Saturday March 7, 2015

: International Women's Day 2015

Start Location: OISE Building, 252 Bloor Street West, Toronto
Rally: 11am, 252 Bloor Street West, OISE Building
March: 1pm
Fair: 2pm, 55 Gould Street, Ryerson University

The IWD march this year is on March 7, rally at 11 at OISE Auditorium and March at 1pm, with a fair at Ryerson at 2pm. The march is aimed squarely at Harper's attacks on women and women's rights with the theme of Our Bodies, Our Territories, Our Communities.

Theme: Our Bodies. Our Territories. Our Communities. | iwdtoronto.ca | Facebook event
2:00pm, Sunday February 22, 2015
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham Street, Toronto.

Forum: Green Jobs: The Newest Challenge for Workers and Unions

Green Jobs: The Newest Challenge for Workers and Unions
We cannot develop an ecologically-responsible and just economy without considering the consequences for work and employment. But what is the meaning of 'green work' in capitalist societies of endless production and consumption for the purposes of profits?

If we scale back on tar sands, fracking, and other dirty energy projects, as we must, workers who lose their jobs will need retraining, temporary income support, and a green energy infrastructure to work in. This will require a whole range of collective investments and decisions.

What issues do we need to raise as workers in our workplaces and unions? How do we link the struggle for green jobs to precarious work, which is often not only unstable but also ecologically damaging? What should we push for and build in society generally?

We could demand of a just transition that it extend beyond retraining and replacement wages for workers in polluting industries that get shut down. Rather than shutting down polluting industries according to market logic, we could insist that workers’ rights be extended to include being actively and democratically involved in decisions around industrial and plant conversion to low-carbon, low-waste production, and in decision-making in society as a whole.

* Steven Tufts, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Geography, York University
* Nigel Barriffe, Community Organizer, Elementary Teacher with the TDSB, and a member of the Green Economy working group of the Good Jobs For All Coalition
* Lilian Yap, PhD student, Political Science Department, York University, comparing green work projects in Toronto and Buenos Aires

Sponsored by: Centre for Social Justice, Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly, Socialist Project | Facebook event
7:00pm, Monday February 16, 2015
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham Street, Toronto.

twinkle starRound-table Discussion: Europe's Crisis and the Rise of the Right: Challenges for the Left

Europe's Crisis and the Rise of the Right: Challenges for the Left
Moderated by Greg Albo and Leo Panitch.

* Liz Fekete, Institute of Race Relations, UK
* Richard Seymour, Journalist & Blogger, Lenin's Tomb
* G.M. Tamas, Hungary's dissident philosopher, ex-MP
* Geoff Eley, Historian, U Michigan

Sponsored by Socialist Register, Centre for Social Justice, Socialist Project, and LAPS at York University | Facebook event | PDF poster
2:30pm, Sunday February 8, 2015
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham Street, Toronto.

twinkle starForum: The Historic Victory of Greek Left: What Now?

The Historic Victory of Greek Left: What Now?
On January 25 2015, Greece elected a new government representative of a range of radical and left forces after years of protests and street battles against the extreme policies of austerity imposed by the so-called Troika composed of the European Commission, European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Syriza represents the first and the strongest democratic response to the bizarre deepening of neoliberalism after the 2008 crisis.

Were such a democratic government to be stymied or brought down by the hostility of its domestic capitalist class working in cahoots with international capitalists and their political representatives, this would be a tragedy for democracy. It would reinforce the notion, growing ever stronger in Europe today, that the only way to protect people from the neoliberal austerity is through supporting right-wing ethno-nationalist parties. For the moment -- at least until Podemos reclaims the mantle at the end of this year -- a democratic Greece under Syriza represents what democratic Spain represented for the international left in the 1930s. The prospects for a different outcome are much better, provided there is strong international support for giving a Syriza government the breathing room it needs.

This forum brings together two important commentators on the left, socialist strategies and Greece to comment on the openings and dilemmas now confronting the Greek, and indeed the European and international, left.

* Peter Bratsis, Political Science, at City University of New York (see The End of TINA)
* Leo Panitch, Political Science, at York University (see The Greek Election)

Sponsored by Centre for Social Justice, Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly and Socialist Project | Facebook event | PDF poster
2:00pm, Sunday February 1, 2015
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham Street, Toronto.

twinkle starForum: Environmental Justice, the Tar Sands, and Indigenous Rights

Environmental Justice, the Tar Sands, and Indigenous Rights
Tar Sands extraction projects, located primarily in Treaty 6 and 8, have radically damaged and contaminated a huge area of land in so-called Alberta, and poisoned the Athabasca watershed. As a result of the toxic operations, some Indigenous communities are experiencing unusually high rates of rare cancers and other illnesses. Traditional ways of life are also at risk as hunting, fishing, and collecting medicinal plants is becoming more difficult in polluted waters and lands.

These lands are the traditional territories of a number of Indigenous Nations whose right to hunt, fish, and live are protected by Treaties, which are currently being violated.

* Heather Milton Lightening, Indigenous Tar Sands Campaign
* Keith Stewart, Climate and Energy Campaign Coordinator, Greenpeace Canada
* Anna Zalik, Professor in the Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University

Recommended reading: A Line in the Tar Sands.

This is the second talk in the series: Capitalism vs. Ecology: We Need to Change Everything! Discussion series on ecology, economy, and social justice. Sponsored by: Centre for Social Justice, Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly, Socialist Project. | Facebook event
7:00pm, Thursday January 29, 2015
Workers Arts and Heritage Centre, 51 Stuart Street, Hamilton.

Book launch: Orchestrating Austerity

The economic stimulus which followed the 2007-08 global financial crisis have been succeeded by what we now call “austerity” measures – characterized by a renewed assault on public spending and further restructuring of social and labour market policies.

Claiming no viable alternatives exist, neoliberal politicians are selling austerity to the public as a virtuous necessity in the face of government deficits. With insights and inspirational stories of resistance from a range of scholars, as well as labour organizers and activists, Orchestrating Austerity tries to determine if there is something new in this era of austerity or if it is a continuation and intensification of earlier of neoliberalism. | PDF poster
7:15pm, Thursday January 15, 2015
Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas St West, Toronto.

twinkle starForum: Launching the Socialist Register 2015

"Transforming Classes"


* Sue Ferguson, David McNally, John McCullough and Adolph Reed
* Moderated by Leo Panitch and Greg Albo

Sponsored by Centre for Social Justice, Socialist Project, and The Socialist Register | Facebook event | PDF poster
3:00pm, Sunday January 11, 2015
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham Street, Toronto.

twinkle starForum: This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate
Discussion of Naomi Klein's new book This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate.

The Lima Conference should have been a milestone that marked out how governments will take urgent action to tackle climate change and to support vulnerable people across the world to adapt to its locked in impacts. But it was a failure and ran up against a political-economic system that puts the pursuit of profit above the needs of people and the limits of nature.

This is the importance of Naomi Klein's new book, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate, where she argues that the main culprit of runaway climate change is the system itself: capitalism. She explains that a system that requires endless growth is incompatible with sustainability and meaningful climate action. Klein insists and shows that market solutions will not do the trick, and that even "Big Green" environmental groups are part of the problem because they falsely suggest we can solve the crisis without fundamental changes in society.

Join us as our speakers review and assess the book and offer additional thoughts on steps forward.


* Sam Gindin spent most of his working life in the trade union movement as research director of the Canadian Autoworkers. He is the co-author, with Leo Panitch of The Making of Global Capitalism: The Political Economy of American Empire.

* Patricia E. (Ellie) Perkins is a Professor in the Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University, where she teaches and advises students in the areas of ecological economics and critical interdisciplinary research design. Her research focuses on feminist ecological economics, climate justice, and participatory community- and watershed-based environmental education for political action.

* Umair Muhammad is the author of Confronting Injustice: Social Activism in the Age of Individualsm. He is a PhD student in Political Science at York University. His research focuses on the political economy of the environment.

Sponsored by: Centre for Social Justice, Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly, Socialist Project | Facebook event | PDF poster
2:30pm, Sunday November 2, 2014
Steelworkers' Hall, 25 Cecil Street, Toronto.

twinkle starForum: The Maidan Uprising and Civil War in the Ukraine: Questions for the Left

The Maidan Uprising and Civil War in the Ukraine: Questions for the Left
Last year's events marked not only a turning point in Ukraine's history. It also posed a number of difficult questions for progressive movements and left critical theory. Volodymyr Ishchenko, a sociologist and leftist commentator, will present his perspective on the Ukrainian Maidan and the ongoing civil war. The presentation will discuss questions of revolution, nationalism, fascism, imperialism and the strategy which has been raised in political and academic discussions in and around the Ukraine.

Volodymyr Ishchenko is a sociologist studying social protests in Ukraine. He is the deputy director of the Center for Social and Labor Research, a member of the editorial board of Commons: Journal for Social Criticism and LeftEast web-magazine, and a teacher at the Department of Sociology in the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. He authored a number of comments and interviews about Ukrainian Maidan, particularly, for the Guardian and the New Left Review.

Sponsors: Centre for Social Justice, Socialist Project, Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly (GTWA) | Facebook event
7:00pm, Thursday October 9, 2014
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham Street, Toronto.

twinkle starTransit Forum: Beyond the Gridlock

Beyond the Gridlock
Public Transit Struggles from across Europe and North America

Struggles to expand public transport and to block privatization are central to overturning neoliberalism and addressing climate justice. This forum brings together some of the leading public transit activists in Europe and North America.

Chairs: Greg Albo (Socialist Project/York) & TTCRiders, Toronto
* Allan Alakula (EU representative, Tallinn);
* Marcus Finbom (Planka.nu, Stockholm);
* Joanna Erbel (Congress of Urban Movements, Warsaw);
* Jaron Browne (POWER, San Francisco-Bay Area)

Presented by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Berlin and New York Offices, Socialist Project, Centre for Social Justice, York University | Facebook event | PDF poster
7:30pm, Thursday September 25, 2014
396 Broadway, Winnipeg.

Forum: The war in eastern Ukraine and the New Cold War

What are the origins of this conflict? Is Russia to blame, as western governments and media claim? A ceasefire is now in place but what does the future hold?

Roger Annis is a Vancouver-based writer and antiwar activist who writes extensively on Ukraine. He attended an antiwar conference in Yalta, Crimea on July 6, 7 with participation by antiwar activists from Ukraine, Russia, Europe and North America.

7:00pm, Wednesday September 17, 2014
Steelworkers' Hall, 25 Cecil Street, Toronto.

Childcare is available on site

Labour Forum: Teachers Teaching Teachers

Preparing for Tough Negotiations with Jackson Potter, Chief of Staff, Chicago Teachers' Union

A public meeting organized for Teachers, by Teachers, Rank and File Education Workers of Toronto (REWT), Labour Committee of the GTWA | YouTube promo | Facebook event
August 21 - August 24, 2014
University of Ottawa, Ottawa.

: Peoples Social Forum

Build together, Win together! The Future is Ours!

A grassroots, historical gathering of progressives from Québec, Canada and First Nations, The Peoples' Social Forum wants to stimulate debate, discussion and further our sense of community and collective action.

The Social Forum March to Parliament Hill: Many members are gathering at 2pm at the Canadian War Museum. The Ottawa & District Labour Council encourages Ottawa area locals to come out with a strong contingent of members, and to bring local union flags. The March will commence at 3:00pm to the Hill until close around 6:00pm.

www.peoplessocialforum.org | www.forumsocialdespeuples.org | Toronto caravan | Facebook event
2:00pm, Saturday August 23, 2014
Nathan Phillips Square, 100 Queen St West, Toronto.

: 19th Annual Toronto-Cuba Friendship Day

This year we are celebrating Cuban Culture and Sport, from 2 to 8 pm. We are featuring the Cuban Band - Grupo Moncada, direct from Cuba. As well we have Pablo Terry's Sold de Cuba band, Salsa lessons, Cuban Food, Sugar Cane juice, a beer garden and information tables, including about the Pan American Games in 2015. The official Cuban Flag Raising ceremony will be at 3 pm.

9:30am, Saturday June 21, 2014
Steelworkers' Hall, 25 Cecil Street, Toronto.

GTWA: Summer General Assembly

Hard Times in the City – The Fight for a Living Wage
The Coordinating Committee has decided to schedule the General Assembly to Saturday, June 21st, so that we can include a discussion of the provincial election, which takes place on June 12th. We also thought this would allow for more participation, given how busy people are, especially now that an election has been called.

We still plan to discuss the struggle for a fair wage in Toronto.

6:30pm, Wednesday June 11, 2014
Pauper's Pub (second flr), 539 Bloor St. West, Toronto.

twinkle starBook Launch: Revolutionary Activism in the 1950s and 60s

Revolutionary Activism in the 1950s and 60s
You're invited to celebrate the launch of: Revolutionary Activism in the 1950s & 60s
Volume 1: Canada 1955-1965; Volume 2: Britain 1965-1970

Meet the author, Ernest Tate. And special guests Bryan Palmer, Chris Schenk and Richard Fidler.

Books will be on sale for a special price of $30 (cash) for both volumes.

Excerpts are posted here links.org.au

Sponsored by Centre for Social Justice and Socialist Project | Facebook event | PDF poster
1:00pm, Saturday June 7, 2014
299 Queen St West, Toronto.

: Rally for the Freedom of the Cuban Five

The CUBAN FIVE are heroes who were accused and imprisoned in the U.S. After having saved thousands of lives (risking their own lives in the process) by infiltrating U.S.-based terrorist groups that killed 3,478 people and maimed 2,099 others since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959, in order to prevent further attacks against their country and others! René González and Fernando González were released after completing an unjust sentence of over 13 years and over 17 years respectively. Today, Antonio Guerrero, Gerardo Hernández and Ramón Labañino are serving their 16th year of unjust imprisonment in U.S. jails.

12:00pm, Saturday June 7, 2014
Trinity Bellwoods Park, 155 Crawford St,, Toronto.

: Peoples' Picnic

We will be having a mini Peoples' Social Forum in preparation for August at the end of the summer. In August, through workshops, presentations, demonstrations, assemblies, and cultural activities we will all teach and we will all learn. We will see the inter-connectedness of our struggles, campaigns, and movements. Join us on June 7th for a food, sustainability, and social justice themed Peoples' Picnic.

This picnic will include workshops and presentations from Occupy Gardens, the Toronto Seed Library, and several other local organizations and movements building towards a better future. It will also feature the musical stylings of Tyler Shipley (of The Consumer Goods) and other artists. Feel free to bring an instrument and regale us with your tunes or jam out in a musicians circle.

May 24 - May 30, 2014
Brock University, St. Catharines.

Congress 2014: Borders Without Boundaries

Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences 2014

Unrivaled in scope and impact, the annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences is the convergence of over 70 scholarly associations, each holding their annual conference under one umbrella. Now in its 83rd year, this flagship event is much more than Canada’s largest gathering of scholars across disciplines. Congress brings together academics, researchers, policy-makers, and practitioners to share findings, refine ideas, and build partnerships that will help shape the Canada of tomorrow.

congress2014.ca | Socialist Studies programme
12:00pm, Sunday May 4, 2014
CSI Annex, Room #1, 720 Bathurst Street, Toronto.

Workshop: The Forecast on Climate Change

The Forecast on Climate Change
Capitalism and the IPCC Report on Global Warming

There are many discussions on the Left occurring over climate change. Some of these have been occurring about a 'just transition' in the labour movement to energy democracy to the financialization of the ecology movement through the promotion of 'cap and trade' systems to deal with carbon emissions. The release of the latest major set of studies from the UN's Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change allows a fresh look at these debates from the latest 'consensus report' from scientific analysts from around the world. This workshop will allow us to discuss and debate some of the current findings, how the developments around climate change are interacting with current developments in capitalism and the state of social movement struggles around climate change.

* What does the IPCC report tell us about the latest evidence on climate change?
* How are different sectors of the capitalist classes responding to climate change?
* What new openings are occurring in struggles around climate justice?
* Where is the Left in these struggles?

* Justin Podur, Faculty of Environment Studies, York University
* Lana Goldberg, Toronto No Line 9 Coalition

The IPCC Report can be found here www.ipcc.ch

Commentary on the report can be found here:
* Climate change a threat to security, food and humankind
* climateandcapitalism.com/category/ipcc

This discussion is part of a Workshop on Ecosocialism sponsored by: Centre for Social Justice, Free and Accessible Transit Committee, Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly, Socialist Project | Facebook event | PDF poster
5:30pm, Thursday May 1, 2014
Allan Gardens Park, Carlton/Sherbourne, Toronto.

: May Day 2014

Honour our Communities - Fight Capitalism!

On May 1st, International Workers Day, we will march to reclaim May Day for just people's struggles and to Honour Our Communities. We are unified in our fight against poverty and capitalism. We oppose attacks on rights and income of workers, irrespective of status. We demand an end to immigration detention because no one is illegal. We will continue our support for Indigenous peoples' movements for self-determination. We oppose colonialism. We are in solidarity with struggles against Canadian imperialism. We insist on an end to environmental destruction. We resist patriarchy, racism, ableism, homophobia and transphobia both in our day-to-day work and as larger systems of oppression. Join Us!

Coordinated by a coalition of community groups including No One Is Illegal - Toronto, May 1st Movement and Ontario Coalition Against Poverty | hashtag: #May1TO

To endorse the event, fill out this form | Facebook event | Facebook event
4:00pm, Thursday May 1, 2014
McNabb Park, Ottawa.

: May Day / Fete du 1er mai

May Day / Fete du 1er mai
This Day of Mobilization will be held here in Ottawa on May 1st, 2014 – International Workers’ Day, also known as May Day – and will be the third such mobilization spearheaded by Solidarity Against Austerity.

We are inviting you to participate with us in planning and organizing this important event. We understand that your community and the people you represent are among the millions who have been seriously hurt by the existing corporate neoliberal agenda. 2013 saw some of the worst attacks yet on working people and their families, the continued poisoning of our environment, rollbacks on human rights, and hurtful cuts to critical public services such as education and health care. As it stands, 2014 looks to be even worse.

Gathering @ 4 PM/Manif à 16h -- DJ Mr Caffrey & the Ghettoblast Soundsystem
March @ 5 PM/Marche à 17h -- Angela Idahosa (ACORN)
275 rue Slater Street @ 6 PM/à 18h -- Ben Powless (Ecology Ottawa)
PMO @ 6:30-7 PM/à 18h30-19h -- Kevin Dooley, Tito Mendina, Erin S Adair, Heather Farrow, the O-town Boys and more (tba).

Organized with key support from: PSAC National Capital Region, CAPE Locals 512, 514, 516 and 519, Ottawa District Labour Council, Ottawa CUPE District Council, Ottawa Carleton Elementary Teachers Federation, CUPW Local 580, and CUPE Local 4000.

maydayottawa.ca | Facebook event | PDF poster
2:00pm, Sunday April 27, 2014
Cecil Street Community Centre, 58 Cecil Street, Toronto.

Forum: Challenging the leadership of the Canadian Labour Congress

The GTWA presents a forum with Hassan Husseini, candidate for the Presidency of the CLC.

Hassan Husseini is a long-time social justice activist and trade unionist with roots in CUPE and Unifor who is running for the presidency of the CLC, will share his views on how to make the CLC a strong and militant leader of the trade union movement in Canada and organize the wider working class to fight effectively for social and economic justice.

Organized by the Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly | PDF poster
9:45am, Saturday April 26, 2014
25One Community, 251 Bank Street, Ottawa.

Dayschool: A School on Fighting Austerity

A School on Fighting Austerity
Solidarity Against Austerity presents:

A School on Fighting Austerity

Join activists and organizers from across Ottawa – Gatineau, and speakers from Quebec and Ontario for a day of presentations, discussions and debates about the realities of austerity and how to fight against it

Panels on:
* Global Austerity, Global Resistance
* Learning From Our Past
* Fighting Austerity Today
* Beyond Current Struggles

Speakers include: Jeremie Bedard-Wien, Natalie Mehra, J. C. Parrot, Ben Powless, Rosemary Warskett, Dave Bush, Kelly O'Sullivan, David McNally.

maydayottawa.ca | PDF poster
1:30pm, Sunday April 13, 2014
CSI Annex, Room #1, 720 Bathurst Street, Toronto.

twinkle starForum: Ecology as Politics: The Origins of Ecosocialism

The sources for eco-socialism are many but Andre Gorz's Ecology as Politics remains one of the most important texts. It first connected the ecological movement to larger struggles of the labour and socialist movements. He began to develop these themes in his strategic interventions for ‘Reform and Revolution’ where he made the case for ‘structural reforms’ that would win gains within capitalism but also carry an anti-capitalist logic.

Gorz also connected ecological struggles to his ‘strategy for labour’ where he had re-asserted and re-thought workers’ control and self-management. His later writings on Capitalism, Socialism, Ecology more directly linked ecology to some of the traditional demands of the socialist movement – reduced work-time, living better with less through collective consumption, the social ideology of the car in opposition to public transportation, the rationality of the market and endless consumption, and many others.

Gorz's was a radical position against productivism and market ecology. His ideas provide a critique of current green politics, and provide a link to what many identify as 21st century socialism.


* Umair Muhammad, York University, author of Confronting Injustice

* Greg Albo, York University

Gorz's Ecology as Politics can be downloaded here.

This discussion will kickstart a Workshop on Ecosocialism. We will also use this meeting to discuss further readings, topics, speakers and so forth.

Sponsors: Centre for Social Justice, Greater Toronto Workers’ Assembly, Socialist Project | JPG poster | Facebook event
6:00pm, Saturday March 22, 2014
1482 Bathurst St, 4th floor, Toronto.

: Toronto launch party for The Peoples' Social Forum!

This August 21st to 24th, a convergence unlike any other will descend upon the capital of the territory known as Canada. Activists, Students, Indigenous peoples, Unions, Youth, Environmentalists, and thousands of ordinary fed-up individuals from across this land will gather to oppose the current political and economic order and propose a plurality of alternative paths towards a better world.

Join us in Toronto to celebrate the ongoing efforts to build this historic event, connect with people active in the organizing process, register for the forum, share your visions for what will be the largest social movement gathering in recent ‘Canadian’ history, drink and be merry.

Oh and dance the night away to some incredible live music and DJ sets including:
- Lee Reed, rebel hip-hop pioneer from the Rhymethink Collective
- Rosina Kazi, of experimental global justice electro-soul group LAL
- Tyler Shipley, of the political folk-rock band The Consumer Goods
- Jay Robi, of indigenous underground Hiphop group INDAGENIUS
- Faith Nolan, heading singalongs of social justice songs
- SPIN el Poeta, Revolutionary Guatemalan Poetry & hip-hop
- Moyo Mutamba, sharing mbira music
- Mohammad Ali, with his new political rap album
- Zum One, renown Toronto DJ bringing you bass, dub, and dub step
- Eagle Woman Singerz
+ more to be announced

Accessibility: level floor at entrance, elevators allow for wheelchair access.

www.peoplessocialforum.org | Facebook event
6:00pm, Sunday March 16, 2014
Cecil Community Centre, 58 Cecil Street, Toronto.

Memorial for: Ali Mustafa

Our dear friend and comrade Ali Mustafa passed away on March 9th in Aleppo, Syria. Ali touched many of our lives through his commitment to truth and justice, his unyielding compassion, and his kind and fiery spirit.

Join us as we remember and celebrate Ali – his life, his work and his legacy – through shared stories, music, food, and visuals.

To strengthen the collective spirit of this memorial, we request that people bring some food to contribute to the communal feast in honour of our friend Ali.

Facebook event | alimustafa84.wordpress.com
4:00pm, Sunday March 16, 2014
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham Street, Toronto.

GTWA coffeehouse: Left Alternatives to Social Democracy

Start time will be prompt at 4pm!


* Leo Panitch is member of the Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly, is Canada Research Chair in Comparative Political Economy and Distinguished Research Professor of Political Science at York University. Editor of The Socialist Register, his books include Working Class Politics in Crisis (1986); The End of Parliamentary Socialism (with Colin Leys, 1997); Rethinking Socialism: Transforming Democracy, Strategy and Imagination (2008); and In and Out of Crisis: The Global Financial Meltdown and Left Alternatives (with Greg Albo and Sam Gindin, 2010). He is the co-author with Sam Gindin of The Making of Global Capitalism (2012), winner of the 2013 Deutscher Memorial Prize.

* Roger Rashi is a founding member of the left-wing Québec solidaire party where he sits on the party’s International Commission and on the Steering Committee of the Mercier chapter which has twice elected Amir Khadir to the National Assembly. Roger is also a founding member of Réseau écosocialiste (Québec's Ecosocialist Network) and a member of the editorial board of Canadian Dimension and Nouveaux cahiers du socialisme. He presently works as Campaigns Coordinator for Alternatives, a Quebec-based social justice organization.

* Adolph Reed Jr. is a professor of political science at the University of Pennsylvania, specializing in race, class and American politics and was a key leader in the attempt to establish the U.S. Labor Party in 1996. His books include Renewing Black Intellectual History: The Ideological and Material Foundations of African American Thought (edited with Kenneth W. Warren, 2010); Class Notes: Posing as Politics and Other Thoughts on the American Scene (2000); and Stirrings in the Jug: Black Politics in the Post-Segregation Era (1999).

Coffeehouse sponsored by the Education Committee of the Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly | Facebook Event
7:00pm, Saturday February 1, 2014
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham Street, Toronto.

Forum: Confronting Injustice

According to a recent estimate by the Climate Vulnerability Monitor 400,000 people die every year as a result of human-made global warming. The UN projects that 3 billion additional people may be pushed into extreme poverty by 2050 due to environmental devastation. The scale of this problem makes clear that individualist, lifestyle-centric approaches to activism will not suffice. We need to change the structures of our social system, not our light bulbs. The book, "Confronting Injustice: Social Activism in the Age of Individualism" seeks to expose the structural roots of the crises we face, and outlines an approach to activism which transcends the hopeless individualism of our time.

The book launch event features a reading and talk by the author, as well a discussion - with particular attention to student and community activism.

beitzatoun.org | Facebook event
7:00pm, Thursday January 30, 2014
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham Street, Toronto.

GTWA: January 2014 GMM

Can we afford FORD MORE YEARS?


January 2014 GMM The Greater Toronto Workers’ Assembly welcomes you to a discussion about the future of municipal politics in Toronto. We will have a broad-ranging discussion that shifts the focus away from Mayor Ford’s personal failings and toward an analysis and critique of austerity policies, as well as the class dynamics that underpin Ford’s continuing popularity. We have invited organizers from the Socialist Project, OCAP, OPSEU, CUPE, the Social Planning Council, and the Communist Party of Canada to discuss what their goals are in the coming year. We hope that this discussion will foster ways of coordinating our activities in the fight against austerity, regardless of who the next mayor is.

www.workersassembly.ca | Facebook event
1:00pm, Sunday January 26, 2014
Dundonald Park, Ottawa.

: March to Save Canada Post

Meet at Dundonald Park (Kent and Somerset)

March to the Prime Minister's Office (Elgin and Wellington)

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers is greeting the return of parliament with a rally and march to demand the reversal of planned cuts to the postal service. The Conservative plan to end home mail delivery and dramatically increase postal rates will be a disaster for Canada Post. Cutting service to citizens and increasing prices is not what the public wants from their post office.

Join us to tell Stephen Harper, “Hands off Our Post Office!” | Facebook event
January 17 - January 19, 2014
Ryerson Student Centre, 55 Gould Street, Toronto.

CPA Convention: Peace and Prosperity, Not War and Austerity

CPAThe Canadian Peace Alliance invites you to participate in its 2014 convention: Peace & prosperity, not war & austerity. The convention aims to bring together peace activists and allies from all across the country to discuss and debate the task of building a stronger movement for peace and justice. As Stephen Harper continues to pour untold billions into wars abroad and militarism at home, we would like to propose some real alternatives to the pro-war agenda.

www.acp-cpa.ca/en/Convention2014.html | peace14.com | Facebook event
7:00pm, Saturday November 16, 2013
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham Street, Toronto.

GTWA Coffeehouse: Socialism and Feminism

Presentations by:

* Abbie Bakan, co-author with Daiva Stasiulis of Negotiating Citizenship: Migrant Women in Canada and the Global System.

* Sue Ferguson, author of "Canadian Contributions to Social Reproduction Feminism, Race and Embodied Labor," in Race, Gender and Class.

Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly | Facebook event
9:00am, Saturday November 2, 2013
SFU Harbour Centre, 555 West Hastings, Vancouver.

World Peace Forum: If Capitalism Doesn't Work, What Will?

Billions of people without work, millions of people losing their homes, valuable public services cut and cut again, people and our environment discarded as worthless, and an economy that doesn’t work for most of us.

Capitalism has brought us all of this. We are told again and again that there is no alternative. But now, more and more, people around the world are searching for alternatives.

The 6th annual World Peace Forum Teach In will look at some of today’s breaking points, at the struggles taking place, and at some ideas for alternative ways our society could be organized.

Speakers who aspire to build on the socialist legacy while avoiding the errors of the past will share and discuss their thoughts on how to move forward and build a peaceful, just and sustainable world.

10:00am, Saturday May 11, 2013
Steelworkers' Hall, 25 Cecil Street, Toronto.

: GTWA General Assembly

The next "General Assembly" of the Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly is May 11.

The goals of the Assembly are:
* To bring together activists within the broad working class movement, to explore the experiences and approaches to struggle that both unite and divide us as a starting point for overcoming divisions and building greater collaboration, exchange, strategic discussion and action amongst us
* To share our understanding of the problems created by capitalism and the current economic crisis and the need to develop alternative visions that challenge the logic and power of private corporations, and the states that back them, over our lives
* To identify and develop concrete strategies and organizational forms of struggle which defend working-class people’s immediate needs and lay the groundwork for an equitable and democratic alternative to our present economic and political system.

www.workersassembly.ca/node/219 | Facebook event
7:30pm, Wednesday May 8, 2013
Regal Beagle Pub, 335 Bloor St West, Toronto.

: Toward a Federal Left Front

With the rightward drift of Canadian politics and with the federal NDP now clearly a "Third Way" party, the time is at hand to start discussions about the possibility of creating a new, non-sectarian Left Party/Left Front in Canada.

Join fellow GTA leftists for a night of conversation, discussion and planning with the aim of holding a large public conference around the Left Party/Left Front idea in the fall.

This event is open to all and open to leftists of any stripe interested in participating in a discussion around this, regardless of what left party or formation that they are a part of. This event is not being sponsored by any federal organization and is not affiliated with any political party or group.

In this era of austerity, grotesque inequality, neoliberal hegemony and unprecedented corporate power, a real alternative to capitalism is needed in federal electoral politics.

Let's talk about how to build this together. Facebook event
6:00pm, Wednesday May 1, 2013

: May Day 2013

May Day 2013
May Day March beginning at 6:00pm departing from two separate locations:

* East Feeder March – University of Ottawa Morisset Terrace
* West Feeder March – McNabb Park

which then converge at the Prime Minister’s Office (Wellington & Elgin) arriving for approximately 8:00pm with speeches

8 PM: Convergence at the PMO

Solidarity Against Austerity | Bring your pots & pans!

www.MayDayOttawa.ca | PDF poster
5:30pm, Wednesday May 1, 2013
Nathan Phillips Square, 100 Queen Street West, Toronto.

Rally: May Day: Solidarity City!

May Day 2013

Join us in the streets for the 8th Annual May Day of Action!

Coordinated by No One Is Illegal - Toronto, May 1st Movement and the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty and a coalition of community groups | Facebook event
5:00pm, Sunday April 28, 2013
Steelworkers' Hall, 25 Cecil Street, Toronto.

: Celebrating May Day

Building a Common Front Against Austerity and War

Doors open at 4:30pm, program begins at at 5pm.

Speakers | Live Music, poetry and dance | Food and Refreshments

Guest speakers include Denis Lemelin, National President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, Dr. Maria Páez Victor, a prominent scholar and commentator on Venezuelan's Bolivarian revolution, and Helen Kennedy, Central Committee member, Communist Party of Canada.

Performers include the Azaz Dance Company, Brenda Wall & Alfredo Barahona, Patrick Connors, Zack Morgenstern, Lynn Mantle, and Mohammad Ali Aumeer.

Organized by the Unitd May Day Committe | Facebook event
1:00pm, Sunday January 20, 2013
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham Street, Toronto.

: Beyond Toronto's Transit Crisis

Toward a red-green vision for our city

When: Sunday, January 20, 2013 -- 1pm to 3:30pm
Where: Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St, Toronto.

* How can our campaign contribute to Toronto's transit movement and help transform the city?
* How could our demand for free and accessible public transit promote environmental justice and sustainability, housing, jobs and social equality?
* How can we move forward the GTWA Free and Accessible Transit Campaign?

Agenda: speakers, small group discussions and information

Background paper | www.workersassembly.ca/node/210 | Facebook event
7:00pm, Saturday January 12, 2013
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham Street, Toronto.

GTWA coffeehouse: Anti-capitalism and Feminism

Join the Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly for a 'coffee house' discussion on:

Anti-capitalism And Feminism

* Socialist Feminism in Canada: A Brief History -- Meg Luxton
* Marxist Feminism: Keywords and Key Concepts -- Shahrzad Mojab
* Followed by Q and A and informal discussion.

This is the first of three-part monthly series on anti-capitalism and feminism. Watch for future listings.

More about the speakers:
Meg Luxton: Professor and Director of the Graduate Program of Gender, Feminist and Women's Studies at York University. Meg has been active in the women's liberation movement, the National Action Committee on the Status of Women, and a range of campus and community groups. As a socialist feminist scholar she writes on feminist politics, women's work (paid and unpaid), international effort to include women's unpaid work in the UN and the history of the Canadian women's movement, especially it's left-wing currents.

Shahrzad Mojab: Professor in the Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education and Women and Gender Studies, University of Toronto. Scholar, teacher, and activist, Shahrzad is internationally known for her work on the impact of war, displacement and violence on women’s learning and education. Her recent co-edited book, Educating from Marx: Race, Gender and Learning (2011, with Sara Carpenter) is an anti-racist feminist analysis of Marxism for a revolutionary feminist praxis. Shahrzad’s extensive empirical research in diasporic communities in Canada and Europe and the conflict zones of the Middle East has deepened our understanding of capitalist and imperialist patriarchy, culture and fundamentalisms. A unique feature of Shahrzad's work is making knowledge accessible to the public through the use of arts such as story-telling, dance, drama, painting and film. Professor Mojab’s research and teaching is critical of theoretical frameworks which treat race, gender, and class atomistically. She critiques monopolies of knowledge and power in education, and advocates dialogical and inclusive pedagogical practices.

6:30pm, Thursday December 13, 2012
720 Bathurst Street, Toronto.

twinkle starWorkshop: Alternatives to Capitalism

A Socialist Alternative? The New Venezuela Post-Election Six Year Plan and Human Development

One of the central tasks of remaking socialism for the 21st century is insisting upon and exploring alternatives to capitalism. This has been the importance of the Venezuelan Revolution, and the politics emerging in the Bolivarian bloc of states. The recent re-election of Hugo Chavez has led to further radical proposals for socialization. But these require careful study and debate given the experience of Venezuela and the balance of class forces inside the country and the region. One of the central theorists of the new theory of the transition to socialism has been Michael Lebowitz, who draws extensively on the developments in Venezuela in his thinking on 'real human development'. This meeting will for discussion of these issues in light of the new Venezuela programme.

Suggested readings:

* Venezuelan Programme for the Transition to Socialism

* Michael Lebowitz, The Socialist Alternative: Real Human Development (New York: Monthly Review Press, 2010) or
* Michael Lebowitz, The Path to Human Development: Capitalism or Socialism?, Socialist Project, 2009

Manuel Larrabure writes regularly on Latin American politics and is completing his Phd at York University.

Thomas Ponniah is an affiliate with the Rockefeller Centre for Latin American Studies at Harvard University, a columnist with rabble.ca and a frequent commentator on Latin American politics.

Sponsors: York Institute for Political Economy Initative, Centre for Social Justice, Socialist Project | Facebook event
9:00am, Monday October 15, 2012
St. James Park, King and Jarvis, Toronto.

: Occupy Toronto 1 Year Later

Monday, October 15, 2012
St. James Park
King and Jarvis, Toronto, Ontario
1pm: SE corner of King and Bay - Musical march to call out corruption and celebrate compassion
3pm: St. James Park - Garlic planting jam to ward off vampires sucking the life out of the city
5pm: St. James Park - Open Mic at the gazebo
6pm: St. James Park - Common Thread community choir

A party to commemorate 1 year of Occupy Toronto

We lived in St. James Park for 40 days, built a community, part of a global community, and we were transformed.

We saw the impact of austerity, as poor people gathered in the park to share food and stories of strife. Workers talked about how wage cuts, loss of benefits, and unemployment were impacting their lives. Indigenous peoples shared a sacred fire and openly spoke about the scars of residential schools, the loss and destruction of their land and the impact on communities throughout the country. Immigrant peoples detailed how precarious their status is and how Harper’s policies keep families separated and workers grossly underpaid. Through all these conversations, we talked about how the current political and economic system marginalizes and exploits people and keeps us separated. In the park, we found each other and began to build a movement for change.

On the 15th, our one year anniversary, we will celebrate our struggle, growth, and accomplishments as a community. We hope you will join us for this celebration!

Facebook event | with schedule
9:00am, Saturday September 29, 2012
Harbour Centre, 555 West Hastings Street, Vancouver.

: World Peace Forum

The World Peace Forum Society Teach In 2012
War On The Workers -- Naming it and Fighting Back

A one day conference examining the neoliberal assault on the acquisitions of workers over more than a hundred years and discuss what we must do to fight it.

20 speakers, 12 workshops, 3 plenaries

Sponsored by SFU Labour Studies Program | www.peaceforumteachin.org
9:00am, Sunday September 16, 2012
Steelworkers' Hall, 25 Cecil Street, Toronto.

GTWA Assembly: Fall 2012 Assembly

Fall 2012 Greater Toronto Workers Assembly

Sunday, September 16, 2012 - 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.
Steelworkers' Hall
25 Cecil Street.

Registration required. All members and supporters are encouraged to attend and bring guests. Please register as soon as possible to help us plan. Childcare and lunch provided. Please note your childcare needs upon registering.

Register online: gtwa.eventbrite.ca | Facebook event
7:00pm, Monday August 20, 2012
Cloud Gardens, West of Yonge and South of Richmond Street, Toronto.

: Occupy - GA

GA to plan a march on Ottawa for Sept!

Occupiers are walking from all corners of the country to converge in Ottawa in September. Many other groups are planning to arrive at the same time. Let's join them to tell the "Harper Government" what we think AND what we want.

Come to Monday's GA to contribute ideas and start planning our trip, the rally, and other creative activities for the day and evening.

Facebook event
7:00pm, Monday July 30, 2012
OISE, Room 5-150, 252 Bloor St. West, Toronto.

twinkle starForum: Contested Futures: Tar Sands and Environmental Justice

Reports on front-line resistance, discussion, and the search for answers


* Raul Burbano, Latin American and Caribbean Solidarity Network, reporting back from Rio+20, Brazil .
* Ron Plain, anti-pollution activist from Aamjiwnaang environment group near Sarnia.
* John Henhawk, Six Nations of the Grand River environmental and land rights advocate.

Environmental Justice is a global issue. The Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development has once again displayed government and corporate indifference to environmental needs. Environmental Justice is an issue in Canada. The tar sands in Alberta threaten water, land and human rights. Now tar sands oil may be coming to Sarnia, Ontario. Environmental Justice is an issue in Toronto. Residents of Dundalk, Ontario, with Six Nations support, are protesting proposed shipments of Toronto biosolids to their community.

We will have lots of time for discussion and strategizing, as we grapple with the key question: “What can we do?” The stakes are high for Ontario and humanity.

Initial sponsors: International Solidarity Committee of the Greater Toronto Workers’ Assembly, Common Frontiers, Latin American and Caribbean Solidarity Network, Centre for Social Justice, Socialist Project, Toronto Bolivia Solidarity. | PDF poster
7:00pm, Friday June 22, 2012
OISE, Room 5-250, 252 Bloor St. West, Toronto.

Debate: GTWA @ 3

GTWA at 3
Moderator/Discussant: Kamilla Pietrzyk

* Sam Gindin
* Adrie Naylor
* Alan Sears

This fall, the Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly will be celebrating its third anniversary as a multi-tendency political organization. In this time, we've had some great steps forward, and also made some mistakes. Along the way, we've attracted attention far and wide. The GTWA Internal Education and Political Development Committee is putting together a series of forums to mark our third anniversary, at which we can have sober but comradely debate and discussion as to where we go from here? Is the GTWA a success story? Is it stagnating? Or is it a little bit of both? We have put together a series of questions that will be posed to our panelists, and will be sent out to members before each forum.

The first of the series is June 22, where we will hear from some different voices as to what is to be done, and how can we do it. Particular focuses will include organizational form and structure; our different understandings of capitalist crises, and how this does (or doesn't) inform our practice and other key questions that have been bubbling under the surface. Members from a variety of perspectives have come to agree that we need to clarify our focus, and it is our hope that these forums can contribute to such an important process. The format will be different from past forums, in a "talk show" style, in which panelists will be posed specific questions by the moderator and be given a maximum of five minutes to answer each question. This will leave plenty of room for participation by members who attend this important forum.

www.workersassembly.ca | Facebook event
7:00pm, Tuesday June 19, 2012
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham Street, Toronto.

twinkle starForum: The Challenges of the Greek Left After the Election

An Assessment and Report-Back

Leo Panitch
Editor, Socialist Register
Professor of Political Economy, York University

After two years of anti-austerity street battles, Greece is in the midst of a highly polarized electoral battle, with voting set for Sunday June 17th. There is a good possibility that Syriza, the Coalition of the Radical Left, will emerge as the strongest party, and be posed to form an anti-austerity government of the left, the first radical government elected in Europe in decades. But the direction and programme of Syriza is far from settled, and containing many contradiction and tensions. Whatever the electoral outcome, the crisis in Greece and Europe is far from settled, and will enter a new phase. Leo Panitch is just returning from a week in Greece where he met many senior officials in Syriza, and also of the radical left coalition Antarysya, speaking at one of their congresses.

Tuesday, June 19th -7:00 PM
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham Street, Toronto

Sponsored by: Centre for Social Justice, Internal Education Committee of the GTWA, Socialist Project | Facebook event | PDF poster
10:00am, Saturday May 12, 2012
S. Walter Stewart library, 170 Memorial Park Ave, Toronto.

Conference: People's Assembly

All are welcome to discuss the future of the Climate Justice movement, figure out how folks in cities can better connect with affected communities, and most importantly, learn from each other. The plan is to have a group discussion in the morning, followed by break-outs for the afternoon that will be focused on creative ways to reach out beyond Toronto (street theatre, flash mobs etc.)

Lunch will be provided by Food Not Bombs and it is a PWYC event.

Hope to see everyone there! Attached is our poster, please bring it to your favourite May Day events this week and show it to all those you meet!

Since 2010's G20 Summit, the Toronto People's Assembly has formed four times as a space where the climate and social justice community converges. In our first Assembly, we identified several key components of how climate and environmental justice related to our city. For the second Assembly, we created several People’s Councils to tackle the issue of how to build a stronger movement for climate justice in Toronto. With our Third Assembly, we gathered to share stories about what inspires us as people involved in the movement for climate justice. At the Fourth Assembly last summer we celebrated our diverse and growing local climate justice movement as well as engaging with the strong community at Dufferin Grove Park.

4:00pm, Tuesday May 1, 2012
Nathan Phillips Square, 100 Queen Street West, Toronto.

Rally: May Day #May1TO

*No Work *No School *No Shopping *No Banking *No Housework

The winter slumber is over. Time to take the streets!

Documented or undocumented. Paid or unpaid. We are Workers. We are Students. We are Families. We are the 99%.

The 1% carry out war, throw us in prisons, make us poor, destroy public services, attack unions, and poison the environment. They deny us freedom and dignity.

So We Fight and We Resist.

On May 1st, 2012, inspired by 126 years of workers’ struggles, the Arab Spring, the Indignados of Spain, the global fights against austerity, and the Occupy movement, we take to the streets again!

On International Workers Day, join us (OccupyTO) and our allies No One is Illegal Toronto, the May 1st Movement, and dozens of community groups in the city for a rally and march to respect Indigenous sovereignty, insist that no one is illegal, for international workers solidarity, to defend and expand public services, to stop prison expansion and corporate handouts, to end imperialist wars and aggression, to build peoples' power, and to move beyond capitalism.

They are few, we are many. Join us. OccupyTO.org | Facebook event

11am: Operation Chess Magik, more details to be announced

2pm: Occupy Gardens: Garden Party Potluck, Queens Park South Side

4pm: Rally & March, City Hall

7pm: Cultural Celebration, Alexandra Park

9pm: 24 hour re-occupation: "Occupy the Heart of the Beast", departs from Alexandra Park
2:00pm, Tuesday May 1, 2012
St. Andrew's Church, 82 Kent at Wellington, Ottawa.

Teach-in: Against Austerity

Against Austerity
Solidarity Against Austerity

The Meaning of Austerity
2:00 PM - 3:15 PM
* Greg Albo - York University
* Janet Fraser - Elementary Teachers Federation
* Brian McDougall - Federal government worker

Fighting Back
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
* Morna Ballantyne - Solidarity Against Austerity
* Nadia Willard - ACORN
* Clayton Thomas-Muller - Indigenous Environmental Network

The Teach-In is part of the May 1 Day of Action against austerity organized by Solidarity Against Austerity | PDF poster
11:30am, Tuesday May 1, 2012
Confederation Park, Ottawa.

Rally: Solidarity Against Austerity

Take to the streets on May 1 to stop the cuts. 11:30am at Confederation Park. 12pm at the Prime Minister's Office.

Your support is needed today to build a broad mobilization to stop the cuts to our public services and defend our rights. The recent Ontario and Federal budgets are a declaration of economic warfare on the 99%. We need to unite to resist this. We need to do so right now. And we need your help to make it happen. Canada is not broke. It’s about priorities.

The fact is those who promote austerity know the money is there, but would rather spend the money enriching the already rich 1% at the expense of everyone else. The fact is a strong economy needs strong public services. The fact is they prefer sky-high corporate tax cuts, jails, fighter jets, and tar sands subsidies to public services, human rights, and the environment. The fact is, contrary to the rhetoric, austerity kills jobs while increasing economic inequality. We need an equal economy for all, not a budget for the 1%.

The May Day action is the next step in building a growing movement of resistance to austerity. Our message is one of solidarity and hope. Our goal is to bring the Maple Spring to Ottawa. We are the 99%. And together on May 1, we can begin to stop the cuts in their tracks.

Solidarity Against Austerity

www.MayDayOttawa.ca | www.FeteDuTravail.ca | Twitter: @MayDayOttawa and #may1ott | PDF poster
7:00pm, Friday April 27, 2012
OISE, Room 5-150, 250 Bloor Street West, Toronto.

GTWA Coffeehouse: Egypt's Unfinished Revolution - Promise and Perils

More than a year after a historic popular uprising in Egypt toppled former dictator Hosni Mubarak, the country remains at a crossroads. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) has refused to cede power despite growing calls for an end to military rule. With scheduled presidential elections less than two months away, the future of the Egyptian revolution looks far from certain. Egypt and the Arab uprisings will be the topic of this GTWA Coffeehouse with speakers David McNally and Ali Mustafa, who recently returned to Canada from the Middle East where he spent the past 9 months covering the Egyptian revolution and greater region. The evening will include a discussion period.

* David McNally teaches political science at York University, Toronto, and is the author of Global Slump: The Economics and Politics of Crisis and Resistance
* Ali Mustafa is a writer and multimedia journalist. His work has appeared in many alternative sites and publications, including Znet, The New York Times eXaminer, Electronic Intifada, rabble.ca, and The Bullet.
A photo slideshow of the recent clashes in Cairo, Egypt.

The event is organized by the GTWA Internal Educational and Political Development Committee | Facebook event
7:00pm, Wednesday April 25, 2012
CSI Annex, 720 Bathurst Street, Toronto.

twinkle starForum: A Triumph of Failed Ideas: European models of capitalism in the crisis

Steffen Lehndorff speaks about the book, A Triumph of Failed Ideas: European models of capitalism in the crisis (Brussels: European Trade Union Institute, 2012)

Wednesday, April 25, 7-9 PM
3rd Floor, CSI Annex
720 Bathurst Street

Steffen Lehndorff is Senior Researcher at the Working Time and Work Organisation Department at IAQ, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany.

The current crisis in Europe is being labelled, in mainstream media and politics, as a ‘public debt crisis’. The present book draws a markedly different picture. What is happening now is rooted, in a variety of
different ways, in the destabilisation of national models of capitalism due to the predominance of neoliberalism since the demise of the post-war
‘golden age’. Ten country analyses provide insights into national ways of coping -- or failing to cope -- with the ongoing crisis. They reveal the extent to which the respective socio-economic development models are
unsustainable, either for the country in question, or for other countries.

Published by the European Trade Union Institute, 2012. www.etui.org.

Sponsored by the Centre for Social Justice, Socialist Project, and Socialist Register. Facebook event
October 15 - February 15, 2012
City Hall, 100 Queen St W, Toronto.

Protest: Occupy Toronto Market Exchange

Occupy Toronto Market Exchange
General Assemblies at 7pm at Nathan Phillips Square - staying in touch | regular committee mtgs

Jan 6-8 - Occupy Toronto - Regrouping Weekend: "Retreat, Regroup, Reoccupy!" at 25 Cecil Street. Friday 7-10pm; Saturday 11-7pm; Sunday 11-6pm.

Jan 20-22 - Occupy Toronto - Activist Assembly at OISE. Friday 7-10pm; Saturday 12-4pm; Sunday 12-6pm.

www.occupyto.org | Facebook - Occupy Toronto | Occupy TV
6:00pm, Sunday May 1, 2011
Steelworkers' Hall, 25 Cecil Street, Toronto.

Celebration: May Day 2011: Political and Cultural Evening

May Day 2011: Political and Cultural Evening
Entertainment begins at 6:30 and includes a number of spoken word artists and musicians...

Speakers, food & refreshments and a great cultural program including:
Voces Poéticas – Maneli Jamal – Salimah Valiani – Mohammad Ali Aumeer - Charles Roach – Lisa Makarchuk – Omer Mansour

Sponsored by: United May Day Committee

JPEG poster | PDF poster | Facebook event
1:00pm, Sunday May 1, 2011
Christie Pits Park, Bloor and Christie, Toronto.

Rally: May Day

May Day
International Workers' Day Rally & March

1:00PM – Rally - two starting points:
* Queen St. W & Jameson St. (Parkdale) - ‘Status for All’ May Day of Action organized by No One is Illegal |Facebook event

* Christie Pits Park - May 1st Movement

1:30PM – March

4:00PM – converge at Dufferin Grove Park.

On the eve of the election, as the Canadian Government bombs yet another country, as communities are displaced and poisoned by mining firms, as families continue to be ripped apart by deportations, as every level of government follows through on plans to cuts social programs and privatize services, as climate change continues to cause havoc in the World… JOIN MILLIONS OF PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD ON INTERNATIONAL WORKERS' DAY!


BASICS News | May 1st Movement | No One is Illegal
6:30pm, Thursday November 19, 2009
Centre for Social Justice, 489 College Street West, 3rd floor, Toronto.

twinkle starLecture: Privatization of Public Services and Consequences for Labour

Experiences from Europe - with author and researcher Christoff Hermann, Working Life Research Centre, Vienna, Austria.

Sponsored by Centre for Social Justice, Centre for Research on Work and Society (York University), Ontario Council of Hospital Unions, Socialist Project. PDF poster
7:00pm, Friday October 2, 2009
Ryerson Student Centre, 55 Gould Street, Room 115, Toronto.

Public forum: Organizing Working Class Communities Public forum

Featuring Steve Williams Co-Director of the California based group People Organized to Win Employment Rights and co-author of the book Towards Land, Work and Power.

Williams' presentation at Building Leadership for Change (March, 2009).

Co-sponsored by Socialist Project and Centre for Social Justice.
Endorsed by Black Action Defence Committee (BADC), No One Is Illegal-Toronto (NOII) and Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) | PDF poster | Facebook
7:30pm Saturday May 2, 2009.
Eri Café - 953 Somerset Street West, Ottawa.
twinkle starJoin the Socialist Project in Celebrating MAY DAY

Rob Ryan & Friends International Songs of Struggle; Carlos Perez Poems from the struggle.

Cash Bar and Ethiopian Food available | PDF poster
7:00pm Tuesday March 10, 2009.
POD 250, 380 Victoria St, Ryerson University, Toronto.
2009 Phyllis Clarke Memorial Lecture: Still a Marxist After All: Lessons and Insights for our Time
By Leo V. Panitch - Canada Research Chair in Comparative Political Economy, York University and co-editor of the Socialist Register.
For further information contact Bryan Evans at 416 979-5000 x4199 or e-mail: b1evans@ryerson.ca.
To be broadcast as part of TVO's Big Ideas series.
PDF poster | Website | View video
7:00pm, Saturday April 28.
Victory Cafe, 581 Markham Street, Toronto.
twinkle starMay Day 2007: the red party
Join the International Socialists, New Socialist Group and Socialist Project for a May Day celebration on Saturday, April 28th. May Day is a celebration of workers struggles and victories worldwide. Hear short campaign updates from social movements involved in supporting the rights of precarious workers. Come and meet other socialists and allies who are committed to the cause of workers rights and freedom. Have a beer, win some prizes, and share ideas for a stronger revolutionary workers' movement. PDF flyer
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