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The Crisis and Socialist Strategy

Lessons from the Greek Left

Toronto — 11 June 2013.

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Michalis Spourdalakis is a founding member of Syriza and currently serves on its policy planning committee. Professor of Political Science at Athens University and current chair of the Hellenic Political Science Association, he is also on the Secretariat of Nicos Poulantzas Institute, and a corresponding editor of the Socialist Register. He is the author of many books including The Rise of the Greek Socialist Party and Party of European Socialists: Prospects and Challenges. He is a frequent contributor on Greek politics for The Bullet, and his essay “Left Strategy in the Greek Cauldron: Explaining Syriza's Success” appears in The Socialist Register 2013. Further reading: The Bullet No. 643: “Syriza's Rise.”

Moderated by Leo Panitch.

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