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From Minimum Wage to a Fair Wage

Toronto — 27 March 2015.

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This round table brings together some of the leading North American activists and scholars concerned with the situation of minimum/low wage work. It is widely known that current minimum wage legislation is grossly inadequate in raising low wage workers income out of poverty. It is from this context that a cross-national campaign has emerged to demand a living/fair wage standard be enacted and enforced. This grassroots struggle has gained considerable traction with some notable successes. However, the fight for wage fairness is a difficult one and progress has been uneven. The panelists provide an assessment of the struggles outlining its importance and future possibilities.

Moderated by Bryan Evans. Presentations by:

These presentations are part of the Alternate Routes conference “Labour Pains, Capital Gains: The Paradox of Low-Wage, No-Wage Work.”

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