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May Day 2010 - International Workers' Day

Toronto, May Day, 2010.

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April 29: Reunion of the Rank n File band – Labour has travelled a long way since workers were hanged in the Cook County Jail fighting for the Eight Hour Day, and we're not going to allow companies like VALE INCO and their political minions to undermine the gains our society has made.

Music has been one of the most powerful tools in building and sustaining our movement for social justice.

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May 1: NOII - March for Status for All!

Rising out of schools, shelters and apartment blocks from Jane and Finch to Crescent Town, our voices have reached the streets and the hallways of power. From the 2004 No One Is Illegal march from Montreal to Ottawa, to the first Toronto May Day of Action in 2006, to the take over of Yonge & Dundas square on May Day in 2009, we have worked tirelessly to create real meaningful change - stopping deportations, winning access to schools, changing federal immigration policy.

We have been on picket lines with labour unions, on barricades in solidarity with Indigenous struggles, supported people's organizations in streets and in communities.

Now, in 2010, as the Conservative government arrests and deports our friends. As they tear apart our families. As they push us in to unsafe jobs. As they call us "bogus refugees" and "illegals", and do it with a smile, we say no mas, no more.

On May 1, respectful of the history of struggle that has gone before us, and in the spirit of solidarity, strength and anger, join us.

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