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Relay #17: May-June, 2007

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Relay No. 17

The penetration of capitalism into all corners of the globe and into all aspects of daily life over the last decades has been both sobering and terrifying. Neoliberalism has set the agenda of commodifying everything and everyplace. This now includes turning the global atmosphere into another commodity to be traded in markets. In this issue of Relay, three of the socialist movement's most eminent thinkers – Colin Leys, Samir Amin and Prabhat Patnaik – offer their assessments of the limits of neoliberalism today and new openings for the Left.

A series of other articles provide assessments of some of the key areas of struggle under neoliberalism, where alternate agendas seem possible. Morna Ballantyne and Shellie Bird provide their take on the politics of childcare; Patrick Bond, Rehana Dada & Graham Erion, Matt Fodor and Larry Lohmann provide penetrating analysis of the Kyoto Protocol and the emerging carbon market; and Sheila Wilmott, Steve Watson, Roger Annis and Joel Harden contribute articles on union struggles against poverty, over plant closings and anti-scab legislation.

In the fight against neoliberalism, political realignment is crucial, and in this issue David Mandel and Richard Fidler provide an analysis of Quebec Solidaire and its recent electoral performance. Finally, a series of other articles cover federal and Ontario politics, the Canadian intervention in Afghanistan and the life of the eminent Marxist intellectual, Harry Magdoff.

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