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Relay #31: Winter 2010 / 2011

The current political conjuncture is dominated by enduring struggles and new dilemmas for the Left trying to stop the bleeding. The enduring financial crisis has posed the matter starkly: is neoliberalism in terminal crisis and over, or are the ruling classes intensifying its distributive norms and its political form? The outcome of the May Federal election revealed some of the same patterns: an historical consolidation of the hard Right Conservative government of Stephen Harper, and an unprecedented electoral surge for the social democratic NDP (and however harsh one is on the nature of contemporary social democracy, it is the first time that any political party in North America who has its ideological roots in socialism has captured such a significant part of the electorate and emerged as the second party).

This issue explores some of these enduring struggles and emergent dilemmas. Palestinian solidarity work in Canada has been both. In an important contribution, Abbie Bakan reviews current debates about the usage of the term 'apartheid' and looks ahead at strategies for the BDS movement. Suzanne Weiss and Jesse Zimmerman add to the discussion reviewing recent critical interventions on Israeli apartheid in Canada and the USA. Another enduring political struggle has been the transformations in China as capitalism has been built, and a new left struggles to emerge in a radically new context. Articles by Lance Carter and John Riddell explore different dimensions of the political context in China.

In terms of emergent dilemmas, the instabilities of 'world money' as played out in national currency wars is in the first grouping of key contradictions. This is being felt strongly in Canada as the combined impact of a declining U.S. dollar and an ascendant Canadian 'petro-currency' has posed stark economic divergences between different regions of Canada. These issues are debated in essays by Paul Kellogg and Jim Stanford.

It hardly needs stressing that the radical Left in Canada – and in this the Canadian Left hardly stands alone – is facing a significant turning point. The rise in the fortunes of the NDP battling, perhaps, the most neoliberal government in the core countries will draw many social activists within its orbit, and certainly the main leadership of the union movement. This will, in turn, intensify the disorganization, marginalization and drift into even more ultra-left campaigns and strategies of many others. More of the same, only better, is hardly an option. There is need for some bold new adventures in thought and practice.

a Socialist Project Review

Winter 2011

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Summer 2010 Winter, 2010/2011 (whole issue #31) Palestine, Israel and Canada; Money; Communications; China PDF
Abbie Bakan Israeli Apartheid: A Socialist View   PDF
Jim Stanford Foreign Exchange and the Canadian Dollar: A Primer   PDF
Summer 2010 Summer, 2010 (whole issue #30) Against Austerity, Workers' Assemblies, Debating the United Front, Canada and Apartheid Israel, Dutch Socialism, Neoliberalism and Ecology, Dialectics of Capitalism etc... PDF
Jane D'Arista The G20 and the Drive to Austerity   PDF
Paul Kellogg ‘Progressive’ Europe's Reactionary Stew   PDF
Ian McKay Visioning a World Without Capitalism   PDF
Sam Gindin Working Peoples' Assemblies   PDF
John Simoulidis Thinking About Capitalism: Interview with John R. Bell   PDF
Marta Harnecker The Latin American Left Today   PDF
Jan-Mar 2010 Jan-Mar, 2010 (whole issue #29) Municipal Mailaise, Openings for Toronto Workers, Crisis and Social Revolt, Emerging Left etc... PDF
Carlo Fanelli and Justin Paulson Municipal Malaise   PDF
Herman Rosenfeld New Openings for Toronto Workers   PDF
Mary Thibodeau Copenhagen and Carbon Trading   PDF
Rob Albritton Let Them Eat Junk   PDF
Oct-Dec 2009 Oct-Dec, 2009 (whole issue #28) The Dexter NDP, An Inconvenient Party, Chinese Revolution, Emerging Left, Copenhagen etc... PDF
Greg Albo and Herman Rosenfeld What Should We Do To Help Build A New Left?   PDF
Matt Fodor The Dexter NDP: Old Wine, New Bottle? HTML PDF
Julia Barnett and Carlo Fanelli Lessons Learned: Assessing the 2009 City of Toronto Strike HTML PDF
Sam Gindin On the Revival of the Working Class as a Social Force   PDF
Jul-Sep 2009 Jul-Sep, 2009 (whole issue #27) Labour & Workers' Control, Toronto Strike, Culture and Politics etc... PDF
Ross Sutherland Privatizing Health Care   PDF
Harry Glasbeek Public Sector Strikes and Democracy   PDF
Sean Smith Occupy, Resist and Pose for the Camera   PDF
Apr-Jun 2009 Apr-Jun, 2009 (whole issue #26) Impasse of the Union Movement, Auto Industry, Canadian Media etc... PDF
An Interview with Robert McChesney Media Capitalism, the State and 21st Century Media Democracy Struggles HTML PDF
Jan-Mar 2009 Jan-Mar, 2009 (whole issue #25) Financial Chaos and Emerging Resistance etc... PDF
Tammy Findlay Gendering Democracy, Democratizing Social Policy   PDF
Steve da Silva Bank Bailouts and the 2009 Federal Budget   PDF
Oct-Dec 2008 Oct-Dec, 2008 (whole issue #24) Election 2008, Credit Meltdown, The Emerging Left, The U.S. Election and the American Left etc... PDF
Peter Graefe Poor Prospects: McGuinty's Poverty Strategy   PDF
Hepzibah Munoz-Martinez The Global Crisis and Mexico: The End of Mexico's Development Model?   PDF
Michalis Spourdalakis Left Prospects in the Post-PASOK Era   PDF
Stefan Kipfer Tackling Urban Apartheid   PDF
Jul-Sep 2008 Jul-Sep, 2008 (whole issue #23) Harper's Bunker, Socialist Realignment, Labour and Anti-Poverty Struggles, Bolivia, Haiti etc...   PDF
Ingo Schmidt Visions of Class, Visions Beyond Class   PDF
Susan Spronk Mapping Regional Tensions in Equador & Bolivia   PDF
Steven Tufts Labour and (Post)Industrial Policy in Toronto   PDF
Apr-Jun 2008 Apr-Jun, 2008 (whole issue #22) Finance, Crisis and Empire; Culture Front; Haiti, China, Mexico etc...   PDF
Bryan Evans Importing Blair's Failure: Ontario's Poverty Reduction Strategy   PDF
David McNally Global Finance, the Current Crisis and Challenges to the Dollar HTML PDF
Jan-Mar 2008 Jan-Mar, 2008 (whole issue #21) Credit Crisis; Thirty Years of Market Reforms in China; Venezuela etc...   PDF
Bryan Evans, Greg Albo The Harper Government Two Years On   PDF
Fletcher Baragar The Credit Crisis in Canada: The First Six Months   PDF
Cathy Walker Unions in China: A View from a Canadian Unionist   PDF
Nov-Dec 2007 Nov-Dec, 2007 (whole issue #20) CAW and Magna; Russian Revolution
Ontario Votes; Labour and Community etc...
Bryan Evans, Greg Albo Limited Horizons: Assessing Ontario's Election HTML (updated) PDF
Gabrielle Gérin Another Quebec is Marching!   PDF
David Kidd Measuring the Miller Regime   PDF
Sep-Oct 2007 Sep-Oct, 2007 (whole issue #19) Special feature on the Ontario vote
Neoliberal Culture; Electoral Reform; SPP; Atlanta Social Forum etc...
Bryan Evans Treading Water: Four Years of Ontario's Liberals   PDF
Dennis Pilon; Besmira Alikaj; Elizabeth Rowley Ontario's Referendum on Electoral Reform (MMP)   PDF
Jul-Aug 2007 Jul-Aug, 2007 (whole issue #18) Immigration; CUPE Convention; Manufacturing Crisis
Quebec; Atlantica; The Political Poet etc...
John Clarke Raise the Rates   PDF
Justin Podur & Kevin Skerrett The Good Imperialist? Canada and the New Haiti   PDF
Stephanie Ross; CUPE Ontario Action Caucus Debating CUPE   PDF
May-Jun 2007 May-Jun, 2007 (whole issue #17) Child Care Politics; Qeubec; Minimum Wage Campaign
Beyond Kyoto; Afghanistan etc...
Roger Annis Air Canada Workers Protest 700 Job Cuts   PDF
Joel Davison Harden Unions Learn from Defeat of Anti-Scab Bill   PDF
Colin Leys Total Capitalism   PDF
Mar-Apr 2007 Mar-Apr, 2007 (whole issue #16) Continental Wage Campaign; Wheat Board; Student Movement
World Social Forum in Africa; Mexico's Free Market Crisis; Dutch Elections etc...
Yen Chu The Ugly Canadian   PDF
John Saul Development and Resistance to the Empire of Capital   PDF
Rachel Brewer and Ewa Cerda Youth Activists at the 2007 World Social Forum   PDF
Susan Spronk A Movement Towards or Beyond 'Statism'? Bolivia in 2006   PDF
Mar/Apr 2007 Hepzibah Muñoz Martínez Corn Crisis and Market Discipline   PDF
Jan-Feb 2007 Jan-Feb, 2007 (whole issue #15) Israeli Apartheid; U.S. Elections; America Sinking?
Cuba in the Coming Period; Pinochet is Gone; Democracy in Greece etc...
Ken Kalturnyk and Karen Naylor A Proposal for a Discussion on Party Building   PDF
Sedef Arat-Koc, Aparna Sundar and Bryan Evans Echoes of the 1930s   PDF
Nov-Dec 2006 Nov-Dec, 2006 (whole issue #14) Focus on Mexico: Uprising in Oaxaca; Ivory Tower Crisis
Kurdish Struggle; CUPE's Palestine Campaign; War and the Media etc...
Eric Newstadt The Knowledge-Based Society and the Crisis of Higher Education   PDF
Rogelio Cuevas Fuentes
& Lindsay Windhager
Oaxaca: The Popular Uprising Escalates   PDF
Sep-Oct 2006 Sept-Oct, 2006 (whole issue #13) Cities Issue: War on Black Youth; Lebanon
Organizing in the Somali Community; Policing; CAW Convention etc...
Yen Chu Time to Assess Toronto's Mayor Miller   PDF
Hicham Safieddine The Future Face of Policing in Montreal and Beyond   PDF
Deborah Cowen Hipster Urbanism   PDF
John Clarke Organizing Against Hunger and Poverty in the Somali Community   PDF
Saeed Rahnema Can This Be The Last Arab-Israeli War?   PDF
Jul-Aug 2006 July-Aug, 2006 (whole issue #12) Immigration Protests; Waiting for Health Care
Caledonia; Justice for Migrant Workers etc...
Pat Armstrong Waiting for Care   PDF
James C.B. Lawson The Caledonia Occupation   PDF
Evelyn Encalada Grez Justice for Migrant Farm Workers   PDF
May-Jun 2006 May-June, 2006 (whole issue #11) Emerging Euroleft; Democracy & Imperialism
Canada in Afghanistan; Hotel Workers Rising etc...
Jess MacKenzie and Ernest Tate Resistance on the Mexican “Riviera”:
The Zapatistas visit Manzanillo, Colima
HTML in pictures
Nicole Cohen Hotel Workers Rising   PDF
David Skinner Media Democracy in Canada   PDF