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Relay #20: November-December, 2007

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Relay No. 20

In the new issue of Relay, David Mandel writes that the October Revolution of 1917 in Russia "was the most influential political event of the 20th century." It is the opening of a vast powerful challenge to capitalism that swept across the world. Mandel recalls the importance of these events upon their 90th anniversary, while Herman Rosenfeld reviews Moshe Lewin's monumental book, The Soviet Century, and its sweeping assessment of the Soviet experience. The challenges for anti-capitalist politics today are quite distinct. They are particularly about building anti-neoliberal campaigns and reformation of a viable left forming a 21st century socialism. This issue of Relay surveys a range of these processes and struggles in Ontario, Quebec and Canada, from the recent Ontario election and Quebec Social Forum, to current battles in the labour movement in CUPE, CAW, UNITE-HERE, and living wage campaigns. Remaking socialist politic: from rethinking our collective past, to building our collective struggles today.

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