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Relay #22: April-June, 2008

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Relay No. 22

Neoliberalism has been the dominant policy framework in capitalist states for some two decades now. It is clearly discredited in the eyes of the popular majority. But it continues as the social form of organizing and exercising power by the ruling classes in the face of a disorganized left, except for a few challenges around specific policy issues and the resistance of a few key countries in Latin America.

This issue of Relay explores some of the key areas where the limits of neoliberalism are being exposed. A series of authors -- McNally, Aquanno, Rude and Gindin -- debate the current credit and financial crises besetting the advanced capitalist world. Evans, Klassen, Johnson, Hu, Joya, Hrynyshyn and others look at some of the social, economic and political failings of neoliberalism in Canada and beyond. Finally, neoliberalism has been intimately connected to the new imperialism and Joshi-Vijayan and Judson examine Canada's imperialist ventures in Haiti and Afghanistan.

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